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A Complete Guide to Night Walking Tours of Tbilisi’s Old City

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A Complete Guide to Night Walking Tours of Tbilisi’s Old City

With an ancient fortress overlooking a modern backdrop, Tbilisi is an enchanting place like no other. Rich in culture and history, the capital city of Georgia calls all brave travelers to explore it’s many soul-stirring sites. From museums to churches and more, Tbilisi’s immersive attractions will get your adrenaline pumping. One of the best ways to discover the city’s many hidden wonders is by embarking on a night walking tour of Tbilisi’s Old City. This much sought-after service allows you to explore and simply wander the historic streets of Tbilisi at a leisurely pace, under the brightly illuminated night sky for your own delight.

What Will You Get Out of a Night Walking Tour

A night walking tour of Tbilisi’s Old City offers visitors a unique perspective in which to explore the Georgian capital. You’ll get an insider look at one of Europe’s most underrated cities spot the many magical views immediately overlooking the famous “Juvenile Sea’ (Kura River).Night is the best time to show off Tbilisi’s beauty to its fullest. That’s why a night walking tour of Old City is an ideal way to take in everything the city has to offer. As you wander around the city’s cobblestoned streets, you will get a better understanding of why Georgian people are so proud of their culture and history, and appreciate why tourists flock to this vibrant capital every year.

Tbilisi’s Most Visited Places During a Night Walking Tour

Tbilisi is full of extraordinary places to explore. Choosing what sights to visit within a short amount of time could be a tough decision. Don’t worry though! A night walking tour will help you visit the most important parts of Tbilisi in no time. Here are some places you may visit during a night walking tour:

  • Narikala Fortress – A royal castle and one of the oldest attractions in Tbilisi.
  • Sioni Cathedral – An iconic Georgian church dating back to 6th century.
  • Metekhi Church – An imposing 13th century church on a hilltop.
  • The Bridge of Peace – A modern marvel unsurpassed in beauty.
  • Chreli Abano (Sacred Spring) – A naturally therapeutic thermal bath.
  • Friendship Monument – An iconic symbol of unity between Georgia and Russia.
  • The 9th Fort Monument – A monument dedicated to Georgian soldiers who died during WWII.

Must-See Monuments During a Night Walking Tour

Monuments are existent everywhere in Tbilisi and are one of the main things tourists come to see in the city. Taking a night walking tour will help you visit some of these monuments with ease, without having to miss out on other important attractions. Here are some monuments you must see during your tour—including some lesser known ones you may have not heard about:

  • The Monument of Rose Revolution – The memorial dedicated to the peaceful mass protest that led to the change in government in 2003.
  • The Monument of King Vakhtang Gorgasali – The founder of Tbilisi (Ditto Hill).
  • Martyr’s Monument – The memorial located to honor those who fought for Georgia’s independence.
  • Avlabar Monument – The symbolic flame marking site’s importance in modern Georgian history.

Fun Activities During a Night Walking Tour

Apart from taking in the sights of Old City, enjoy some fun activities that await you during your night walking tour. Follow along with your local guide as he takes you to each destination and maximize your Georgian experience! Here are some more activities you should try:

  • Enjoy Traditional Music & Song – Get mesmerized by the local sounds of traditional Georgian music.
  • Learn Unique Georgian Folk Dance Steps – Get taught various folk dances specific to different regions within Georgia.
  • Taste Delicious Local Cuisine – Sample various traditional Georgian dishes and feel free to get creative!
  • Explore Popular Local Markets – Try finding unique souvenirs and curious pieces all made with love by local artists and artisans.

Where Can I Get Started on my Night Walking Tour?

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A Complete Guide to Night Walking Tours of Tbilisi’s Old City

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