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A Comprehensive Guide: The Best Barcelona Bar Crawl Experiences

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A Comprehensive Guide: The Best Barcelona Bar Crawl Experiences

Are you planning a visit to Barcelona and looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience? A Barcelona bar crawl is the perfect way to explore Europe’s most vibrant city. Whether you’re in the mood for eclectic DJ bars, open-air terraces, or traditional Spanish tapas bars, you’ll find it here.

From classic cocktails to local craft beers and live entertainment, the selection of watering holes in Barcelona is unbeatable. So why not take an evening to explore them? In this guide, we’ll take a look at the best Barcelona bar crawls, including where to find them, what they include, and more.

Why Should I Go on a Bar Crawl in Barcelona?

Visiting a city is all about discovering something new. Few experiences offer the opportunity to explore a destination like a bar crawl. Unlike rushy sightseeing tours where you’re constantly running from one place to the next, a bar crawl allows you to move at your own pace and savor amazing drinks, tapas, and atmosphere.

Plus, you’ll get a unique insight into the city’s culture and nightlife, making friends along the way. So what are you waiting for? Let’s explore some of the best Barcelona bar crawls.

Where Should I Look for Barcelona Bar Crawls?

The main places to find bar crawls in Barcelona are online tour booking websites and through third-party marketing companies that organize bar crawls for groups or individual travelers.

Online Tour-Booking Sites

There are many online tour-booking sites on which you can book popular Barcelona bar crawls. These range from VIP experiences with celebrity DJs to evening tours of famous bars from local tour guides. Here are some of our favorite sites offering Barcelona bar crawls:

  • Viator: Viator is an industry leader in offering extensive trip planning services around the world, including local tour packages and personalized experiences.
  • GetYourGuide: GetYourGuide offers a range of experiences in Barcelona, including all-inclusive bar crawls and VIP nightlife experiences.
  • Airbnb Experiences: Airbnb Experiences does offer bar crawls in Barcelona, but the selection is limited.

Additionally, there are numerous third-party companies who provide fun and unique bar crawl experiences for both small groups and large groups. For example, Barcelona Bar Crawls has been offering fun-filled and hassle-free bar crawl packages since 2013 and PajarraCotours offers customizable bar crawls with local guides who can provide insightful information about each of the bars you visit.

Person-to-Person Experiences

If you prefer to see what the nightlife in Barcelona is like organically and with fewer restrictions, arrange a person-to-person experience. You can contact local bars or restaurant owners directly to organize a formal or informal tour of their venue and its offerings.

You can also find locals who offer their services as nightlife/bar tour guides. These guides have typically been living in Barcelona for many years and can offer an inside look into the city’s best bars and clubs.

What Is Typically Included in a Barcelona Bar Crawl?

The main attraction of attending a Barcelona bar crawl is all the amazing drinks that are offered along the way. Many popular bar crawls include free shots or free drinks at each venue they visit, while some also include complimentary tapas, a VIP entrance to popular nightclubs, or even Disney karaoke singing competitions. While each tour provider’s offerings vary, some of the most popular offerings you may encounter on a Barcelona bar crawl include:

  • Complimentary welcome shots at various venues
  • Complimentary drinks (also known as open bars) at various venues
  • VIP entrance tickets to popular nightclubs
  • Guest dj appearances
  • Sangria tastings
  • Karaoke competitions

Additionally, when booking through a third-party company like Barcelona Bar Crawls or PajarraCotours, you may also receive discounts on beverages purchased at particular venues along the tour’s route as well as exclusive access to VIP spaces not available to general customers.

What Are Some of the Best Barcelona Bar Crawls?

There are many amazing Barcelona bar crawls available in the city. Here are some of our favorites:

The Wildest Bar Crawl

This 2-hour stroll through downtown Barcelona includes 7 venues with 5 complimentary drinks (including beer, sangria, shots of tequila, vodka, or mojitos) along with snacks and surprises along the way. Afterward, you’ll gain VIP entrance to one of Barcelona’s most iconic nightclubs without wait times at the door.

VIP Nightlife Experience Tour

This private tour allows you to explore downtown’s most happening nightlife spots like secret bars and elite clubs some with existing VIP packages for your special occasions or corporate events with priority entry and bottle service available upon request. Plus you’ll get complimentary drinks and entertainment from celebrity DJs along with food pairings from local restaurants.

Barcelona City Centre Bar Crawl with Complimentary Shots

This exciting 1.5-hour bar crawl takes you to five different establishments located in Catalonia’s famed Passeig de Gracia neighborhood where you’ll get complimentary drinks (including shots), snacks, party on a rooftop terrace with breathtaking views of Barcelona’s skyline, listen to live music from emerging DJs, and take part in fun drinking games like beer pong and flip cup!

Barcelona Laser Tag Bar Crawl Tour

Take your Barcelona nightlife experience up a notch with this unique combination of laser tag battles and pub games followed by 10 complimentary drinks at some of the city’s top bars! This unforgettable 3-hour tour heads through some of Barcelona’s most beloved neighbourhoods and includes stops for laser tag followed by beer pong and flip cup competitions in various lounges before you’re guided to a special craft beer bar to finish off your night!

Tips for a Successful Barcelona Bar Crawls

Planning a successful Barcelona bar crawl requires preparation and understanding of the attractions and amenities available on each tour route so let’s take a look at some helpful tips to get the most out of your festivities:

  • Pack Lightly: The last thing you want is to carry heavy items while enjoying your night out so be sure to pack small necessities like medication and cell phones but leave bulky items such as backpacks behind.
  • Arrive Early: Arriving early to join your group helps ensure everyone meets on time so you don’t miss any opportunities or lose out on experiences due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Bring Cash: Although your Barcelona bar crawl may include complimentary drinks certain venues may not accept credit cards so it is important to be prepared with some cash just in case.
  • Stay Hydrated: To ensure an enjoyable evening avoid overindulgence by drinking enough water between alcoholic beverages.

Finally, we suggest finding out if there are any local laws or customs related to alcohol consumption before attending any Barcelona bar crawl as regulations regarding public drunkenness or underage drinking may differ city to city or even venue to venue!

Now that you know all about the best bar crawls in Barcelona what are you waiting for? Book one of these amazing tours today and let us help you discover all that the bright lights of this amazing city have to offer!

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A Comprehensive Guide: The Best Barcelona Bar Crawl Experiences

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