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A Comprehensive Guide to the Phuket All-Night Bar Crawl with Drinks & 4 Venues

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A Comprehensive Guide to the Phuket All-Night Bar Crawl with Drinks & 4 Venues

Are you looking for something special to do in Phuket, Thailand on your next holiday? The Phuket All-Night Bar Crawl with Drinks & 4 Venues is a unique and fun experience that you definitely don’t want to miss. Whether you’re traveling solo, with friends, or enjoying a getaway with family, this bar crawl is the perfect way to have a wild night out and explore Phuket’s great nightlife.

What Is A Bar Crawl?

A bar crawl is basically a pub crawl – an evening where you visit a series of bars, socializing and trying different drinks. What makes the Phuket bar crawl tour special is that it’s an all-night affair. You can start the evening in one location and then hop between spots for drinks and dancing until the sun comes up. The tour also includes free drinks at each venue, so you don’t have to worry about breaking your budget on booze.

What You Can Expect On The Tour

The tour kicks off at 8 pm with a free flow of Sangria, beer, tequila, and vodka at the GetYourGuide Welcome Bar before heading off to four other venues over the course of the night. At each location you’ll get one free drink (shots and special cocktails included) plus snacks like tacos and quesadillas throughout the evening.

You’ll also have great music as you groove along to DJs playing hits from genres ranging from hip-hop to Latin to rock, so you’re sure to have a wild time. Plus, the tour guides are good company and can be a wealth of knowledge about Phuket’s local spots.

Safety Measures

Most of all, you can rest assured that safety is taken seriously in this bar crawl. The tour provides an experienced guide who will know the best spots to make sure you have a great time without getting into too much trouble. All drinks are made with quality ingredients and the tour includes water bottles and restrooms available throughout the night.

What To Bring?

Everyone over 18 years old is invited to join the tour. Make sure to bring your passport or other form of identification as you are required to show these at every venue. As part of the tour, you will be given an official souvenir t-shirt that you can keep as a memento from your adventure.

Where To Book?

The Phuket All-Night Bar Crawl with Drinks & 4 Venues is a tour offered by GetYourGuide for guests visiting Phuket, Thailand. It’s an easy and convenient way to book an exciting evening and make sure you have a blast on your holiday in this coastal city. To learn more about this experience and book your tickets, visit GetYourGuide.


The Phuket All-Night Bar Crawl with Drinks & 4 Venues is a great way to have an unforgettable night in Phuket. From free drinks to great music, it’s one of the best ways to explore this destination’s vibrant nightlife scene. With experienced guides and all the necessary safety measures in place, you can rest assured that you will have an enjoyable evening with lots of fun. So make sure to book your tickets now and get ready for a wild night out!

Insider’s Guide to Phuket’s All-Night Bar Crawl

Phuket, situated in the south of Thailand, is a renowned destination for travelers all around the world. With its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, vibrant nightlife, and rich culture, it is no wonder that locals refer to it as the ‘Pearl of the Andaman’. This guide will provide tourists with a comprehensive journey on how to make the most out of Phuket’s All-Night Bar Crawl with 4 venues, including local attractions, dining spots, cultural experiences, local history, and off-the-beaten-path suggestions.

Local Attractions

Phuket has a lot of attractions to offer tourists. The two must-visit attractions in Phuket are the Big Buddha and Kata Beach. The Big Buddha is a 45-meter high white marble statue located on top of a hill in the southern part of Phuket. It offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the island and the ocean. Kata Beach is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and trying out exciting water sports.

For nature enthusiasts, the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park is a must-see. The park boasts untouched natural beauty and diversity including evergreen rainforests, waterfalls, and an array of exotic animals including gibbons, monkeys, wild boars, and fishing cats. The park also houses the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, which rescues gibbons from the illegal pet trade and nurtures them before releasing them back into the wild.

Dining Spots

Phuket has a myriad of dining options for tourists. The two most recommended dining places are the Suay Restaurant and the Mee Ton Poe Restaurant. Suay Restaurant is an incredible fine dining restaurant located in Cherngtalay. It offers a unique blend of French and Thai cuisine and has an excellent wine selection. Mee Ton Poe Restaurant, on the other hand, is a casual dining spot situated in the historic Old Town of Phuket. It serves up delicious local food, including their famous Hokkien-style noodles.

Cultural Experiences

Phuket has a rich culture that is worth exploring. The best way to experience it is by visiting the Phuket Old Town. Here, tourists can witness the Sino-Portuguese architecture that makes up the historical area of the town. The Old Town also offers a street art walk that tourists can follow to view stunning artworks from numerous artists.

Another cultural experience that tourists can immerse themselves in is the Phuket Vegetarian Festival. The festival is a yearly event that takes place in October. It is a nine-day religious event that involves numerous rituals and ceremonies, including walking on fire, passing swords through cheeks, and not eating meat for nine days.

Local History

Phuket has a fascinating history that dates back centuries. Visitors can take a trip to the Thalang National Museum, located in the north of Phuket. The museum houses many exhibits about Phuket’s history, from the prehistoric era to the present day. Tourists can learn about the island’s tin mining operations, the tin-mine workers who used to live in Phuket, and its various industries.

Off-The-Beaten-Path Suggestions

For tourists looking for unique and lesser-explored locations in Phuket, the Sirinat National Park is a sound option. This national park is located in the picturesque northwest coast of the island. The park has dense mangrove forests, white sand beaches, and crystal clear waters. Here, tourists can indulge in various activities like kayaking, snorkeling, bird-watching, and enjoying nature.

Another off-the-beaten-path suggestion is to visit the island of Koh Yao Noi. The island is a 30-minute speedboat ride from Phuket. Koh Yao Noi offers peaceful, pristine beaches, lofty mountains, and a rare chance to experience the rural lifestyle of the locals.

In conclusion, Phuket offers the perfect destination for tourists who are looking to enjoy its vibrant nightlife, cultural experiences, local history, and off-the-beaten-path suggestions. With the above guide, tourists will be able to make the most out of their trip and create unforgettable memories in the ‘Pearl of the Andaman’.

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A Comprehensive Guide to the Phuket All-Night Bar Crawl with Drinks & 4 Venues

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