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A Detailed Guide to the St Kitts Speedboat and Snorkel Tour in Basseterre

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A Detailed Guide to the St Kitts Speedboat and Snorkel Tour in Basseterre

Going on a Speedboat and Snorkel Tour in Basseterre is an excellent way to get a full experience of the Caribbean Sea and explore a unique area of the region. Located on the southeastern edge of St Kitts, Basseterre offers visitors a stunning array of sights and activities to explore, from snorkeling to boat tours. In this guide, we’ll explore exactly what’s included in the St Kitts Speedboat and Snorkel Tour, from the itinerary and duration to the cost and what’s included. We’ll also provide helpful tips and insider advice to make sure your excursion is as enjoyable and safe as possible. So grab your snorkel and let’s explore this one-of-a-kind tour on the Caribbean Sea.

What Is Included in the St Kitts Speedboat and Snorkel Tour in Basseterre?

The St Kitts Speedboat and Snorkel Tour in Basseterre is a three-hour excursion that takes you around the beautiful coastline of St Kitts and into multiple snorkeling spots. You’ll board a 26-foot speedboat and set off from Basseterre Port, navigating around some of the most popular islands in the area. The tour includes stops at Monkey Island, Turtle Point, and Shipwreck Island, where you can find plenty of opportunities for snorkeling, spotting marine life, and taking in breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea.

What Is the Price for the St Kitts Speedboat and Snorkel Tour?

The St Kitts Speedboat and Snorkel Tour is excellent value for money: prices start from just $51 per adult, or $25 per child. There’s also an option to upgrade to a private tour for an extra $120, which gives you more flexibility with your schedule and a private guide and boat.

What Is the Itinerary and Duration?

The tour takes approximately three hours with plenty of stops along the way. You’ll depart from Basseterre Port at 9:30am and sail around some of the most beautiful islands in the area, including Monkey Island, Turtle Point, and Shipwreck Island. During this time, you’ll have plenty of chances to jump into the sea and go snorkeling as well as explore these unique places and take in the stunning views. The tour will then return to Basseterre port at 12:30pm, giving you plenty of time to enjoy lunch or explore some of the other local attractions afterwards.

Are There Any Special Requirements?

Before participating in the St Kitts Speedboat and Snorkel Tour there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • This tour is suitable for all ages, although children under 4 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • You should wear comfortable clothing and footwear suitable for beach activities
  • It is strongly recommended that participants wear sun protection (hat, sunscreen etc)
  • Bring a towel, water bottle and snacks
  • All snorkeling gear is provided on board.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

In addition to what’s mentioned above, here are some additional tips for making the most out of your St Kitts Speedboat and Snorkel Tour:

  • If you plan on taking photos or videos while on the tour, make sure to bring waterproof equipment.
  • Bring a pair of polarized sunglasses – they help reduce glare from the sun reflecting off the water so you can easily spot sea life.
  • If you plan on taking some souvenirs home with you, be aware that some islands in St Kitts have strict rules about collecting shells and other marine life.


The St Kitts Speedboat and Snorkel tour is an excellent way to explore the Caribbean Sea in style. You’ll get a chance to snorkel in some amazing places and spot amazing marine life that you won’t find anywhere else. From Monkey Island to Shipwreck Island there’s plenty of things to see and do. With prices starting from just $51 per adult, it’s also great value for money. So if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience on your next holiday, then don’t miss out on this amazing tour. To book now, head over to GetYourGuide.

An Insider’s Guide to Basseterre – Beyond the Tourist Trail

As the heart of St. Kitts, Basseterre is where you’ll find the most cosmopolitan mix of cultures, cuisine, and history. While the city is renowned for its natural beauty, such as the white sand beaches, oceanic reefs and lagoons, picturesque colonial architecture, and luxurious shopping centers, there are still some hidden gems that many tourists miss. Here are some of my insider tips on how to explore Basseterre like a local.

Local Attractions

Most visitors to Basseterre flock to the popular spots, like Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, the St. Kitts Scenic Railway, and the UNESCO-recognized Citadel Fort. However, there are also several off-the-grid destinations that are equally (or even more) compelling.

One such spot is the Wingfield Estate, a former sugar plantation that has been converted into a historical and cultural park. Here you can explore the 17th century ruins, learn about the island’s sugar production history and taste some authentic rum at the distillery.

Moreover, a visit to the Caribelle Batik factory is a must. This art studio and fabric shop allows visitors to learn more about the traditional Indonesian dyeing method known as batik, view some of the works and even buy some souvenirs for loved ones.

Dining Spots

St. Kitts has always boasted of a rich culinary culture. Apart from the traditional seafood and Afro-Caribbean cuisine, there are several exceptional restaurants that serve up international dishes. Try the fresh seafood dishes at the chill and laid-back Circus Grill or dine like a local at the authentic seafood haven, Carambola Beach Club. You must also visit Yaya’s Creperie for some mouth-watering crepes and coffees.

Cultural Experiences

The Kittitian people are immensely proud of their unique cultural traditions and festivals, making cultural experiences one of the city’s most attractive draws.

For instance, National Carnival is a lively annual event that takes place for two weeks around Christmas and New Year’s. The carnival showcases music, dance, costumes, and food that acquaint visitors with the island’s Afro-Caribbean heritage. Moreover, the island’s music scene, which draws influences from both British and African music, is a force to be reckoned with. The largest cultural festivals are the St. Kitts Music Festival and Blues Festival.

Local History

Basseterre has a rich and illustrious history influenced by European, African, and Caribbean cultures. For instance, there’s the St. Kitts Heritage Trail, winding through the ruins of the island’s former sugar plantations, providing a raw but intriguing window into the past. Also, the St. George’s Anglican Church is one of the most visited attractions and is picturesque with stained-glass windows, high ceilings, and extensive wooden carvings.

Off-the-beaten-path suggestions

For a one-of-a-kind experience, venture into the rustic countryside village of Cayon, where you can see the Tea Factory established in 1903, a tea plantation, a sugar plantation site, a waterfall as well as the simple way of life. The trek to Timothy Hill is another exciting adventure; on one side, you can enjoy looking at the calm, golden beach and on the other, see the lush green mountains stretching across.

Basseterre’s charm is in the hidden gems waiting to be discovered on a leisurely traveler’s itinerary. When you come to St. Kitts, set aside some time to explore some of these ideas to truly soak up Basseterre’s unique flair.

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A Detailed Guide to the St Kitts Speedboat and Snorkel Tour in Basseterre

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