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A Guide to Goa’s Epic Anjuna Pub Crawl

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Are you looking for an unforgettable night out? Look no further than the Anjuna Pub Crawl in Goa, India. This is a fun-filled evening that takes you to some of the best clubs, bars and pubs the city has to offer, with the added bonus of partying with a friendly and helpful guide. It’s an experience that won’t soon be forgotten, and in this guide, you’ll find all the details far as how to book your own pub crawl adventure.

Goa is renowned for its vibrant nightlife, fuelled by alcohol and a healthy dose of tourist revelry. Anjuna Pub Crawl will take you to some of the best spots in the city, exploring different theme bars and nightclubs along the way. You’ll get access to exclusive drinks offers, see some of the best DJs in action and make some new friends!

What to Expect on an Anjuna Pub Crawl?

The Anjuna Pub Crawl typically begins at 8pm and runs until 2am. It’s typically held on weekend nights so make sure to check the schedule in advance. From the start point, you’ll be guided around town to five or more different bars and pubs, potentially including gigs and other events on view depending on the night.

You don’t need to worry about getting around either, as there’s a set transport included which will take you around town. Whether its bikes, rickshaws or cabs, it makes the experience that bit more enjoyable knowing that you don’t have to worry about costly transport!

You can also expect a discount on drinks at each venue, plus some freebies too. The guide is there to ensure everybody has a good time and that you all make it back safely, as getting lost in a foreign city at night can be dangerous – even more so when alcohol starts to flow!

What You Should Bring on an Anjuna Pub Crawl

Passport (for ID)
Comfortable Shoes
Phone Charger

These are just a few things you should bring along with you on your pub crawl, however there are a few things you should leave behind. Don’t bring large bags as they may not be allowed into the venues by security staff, expensive items like jewelry or watches as theft does occur in some areas and most of all don’t bring any drugs or weapons!

Places Visited on Anjuna Pub Crawl

Playboy Cafe
Mum’s Kitchen
Cubana Bar
Viva-Goa Bar

The Anjuna Pub Crawl unlike many other pub crawls does not run the same route each time and changes the locations depending on what’s happening and what places are recommended at that time. They scout out the hot spots with help from local insiders and bill it as “people’s choice’ – and also aim to include some of the very best bars in Goa. The only way to guarantee your night is not too be filled with tourist traps is going with an experience local like Anjuna.

How Much Does an Anjuna Pub Crawl Cost?

The cost for an Anjuna Pub Crawl currently stands at just 800 INR (12 USD/10 GBP) per person. This fee gets you entrance to all venues visited during the pub crawl, transport around town and discounts on drinks throughout the night. As such, it represents excellent value for what you get and in comparison to other pub crawls in the area, this one stands out as being one of the cheapest currently running.

Book your Goa pub crawl journey now here.

Should I Go on an Anjuna Pub Crawl?

Absolutely! The Anjuna Pub Crawl is a safe and fun way to explore Goa’s buzzing nightlife and make some new friends along the way. It saves time getting from bar-to-bar, knowing that you’ll have transport included plus discounts on drinks at each venue. Plus, everyone’s having such a good time – it really is one of the best ways to really get into the spirit of things! Prices are cheap too – so there’s no excuse not to join in on the fun!

Goa’s nightlife scene is one of he most vibrant in India – if not south-east Asia – so take advantage of it by joining Goa’s famous Anjuna Pub Crawl and see what all the fuss is about! With so much to see and experiences that come as part of this tour – it’s one of those experiences you must complete while in Goa!
So don’t wait any longer – book your Goa pub crawl journey now and be prepare to have a wild and unforgettable night out.

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emma dau gC4XULDBAq4 unsplash scaled

A Guide to Goa’s Epic Anjuna Pub Crawl

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