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A Guide to Prehistoric Temples of Malta Tour

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A Guide to Prehistoric Temples of Malta Tour

Malta is a sunny mediterranean island situated in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, renowned for its spectacular archaeological sites and ancient culture. One of the most iconic attractions on this stunning island is the Prehistoric Temples of Malta Tour, which takes visitors to seven of the most impressive and ancient monuments in Malta. In this guide, we will provide comprehensive information regarding what to expect during the tour, what to pack before visiting, and more.

What is a Prehistoric Temples of Malta Tour?

The Prehistoric Temples of Malta Tour is an educational and cultural experience that takes visitors to seven of the oldest and most impressive temples in Malta. This tour provides an insight into the various civilizations that settled on this ancient island and the various cultures that flourished here for thousands of years. During the tour, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the ancient artifacts, architecture, and structures of these temples, which offer an in-depth look into Malta’s ancient history.

What sites are included in the tour?

The tour includes visits to seven amazing sites. These include:

  • Hagar Qim Temples
  • Mnajdra Temples
  • Ggantija Temples
  • Tarxien Temples
  • Bahar ic-Caghaq Temple
  • Ix-Xagħra Temple
  • Ta’ Hagrat Temple

At each site visitors will have the opportunity to explore and find out more about the history and culture that surrounds each intriguing temple.

What can visitors expect during the tour?

Visitors can expect to learn more about Malta’s prehistoric past while being guided through some of the oldest temples in Malta. The tour includes visits to these seven astonishing site which are over 5,000 years old. During the tour in-depth information will be provided regarding the civilizations, cultures and architectural structures that flourished here at that time. As visitors explore they will be able to find out more about the history behind each temple in addition to exploring the grounds and structures that are still standing there.

What should visitors bring before going on the tour?

Before going on a tour of the Prehistoric Temples of Malta, it is important to pack a few essentials. These include:

  • Comfortable shoes – The tour will involve a lot of walking so it is important to wear comfortable shoes.
  • Sun protection – Make sure to bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunblock as this tour will require guests to spend long periods of time outdoors.
  • Camera – Don’t forget to bring a camera so you can capture some of the breathtaking views you will encounter along your journey.
  • Snacks/water – It could be a long day so make sure to bring snacks and plenty of water as refreshment is not always available along the way.

It is also important to dress appropriately for outdoor activities as temperatures can be extreme during the summer months.

Is the Prehistoric Temples of Malta Tour worth it?

The Prehistoric Temples of Malta Tour is a must-visit activity while on holiday in Malta Especially if you’re passionate about history and culture. Not only will you get to explore some incredible sites with stories that stretch back thousands of years, but you will also get to experience some breathtaking views along your journey. The tour provides an experience that can’t be replicated elsewhere and is definitely worth checking out.

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An Insider’s Guide to Malta’s Prehistoric Temples Tour

Malta is well-known for its historic and cultural significance. The prehistoric temples of Malta, in particular, are a must-visit for those interested in exploring the rich history of the Mediterranean island. But, as a local, I know that there’s more to Malta than just its ancient temples. Let’s explore some hidden gems, local cuisine, cultural experiences, histories, and unique off-the-beaten-path suggestions that will make your visit to Malta even more memorable.

Local Attractions: Hidden Gems

While Malta is famous for the Blue Lagoon, Valletta, and Gozo, there are hidden gems that are less crowded, yet equally stunning. Visit the Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra temples, which are prehistoric temples that date back to 3600 BC. The temples have preserved their structure and present fascinating aspects of Maltese history and culture. Take a stroll along the Dingli Cliffs and enjoy panoramic views of Malta’s stunning coastline and green countryside. Mdina, the ancient city of Malta, is another hidden gem that you do not want to miss. The old town is a maze of narrow streets and medieval buildings, with an impressive history that has made it one of Malta’s top attractions.

Dining Spots: Local Cuisine and Culture

Malta is a melting pot of different cultures, and its cuisine reflects this diversity. Try the traditional Maltese platter, which includes ġbejniet (local cheese), Bigilla (bean dip), and Maltese sausage. We also have a unique tradition of ritually consuming imqaret, a sweet pastry filled with dates. These treats are still made by traditional bakers in Rabat and Qrendi. Visit Ta’ Kris, a traditional Maltese restaurant in Sliema that serves authentic Maltese dishes. The restaurant is located in an old bakery and has a cozy atmosphere that will transport you back in time.

Cultural Experiences: Discover Malta’s Traditions

Malta is a vibrant country with a rich cultural heritage. Visit the Malta Jazz Festival, which usually takes place in July and showcases local as well as international Jazz artists. Participate in Carnival; the Maltese version is celebrated one week before Ash Wednesday, and the most flamboyant celebrations take place in Valletta and Nadur. Be sure to visit the Hypogeum Hal Saflieni, an ancient underground temple considered one of Malta’s most significant archeological sites.

Local History: Fascinating Stories from the Past

In 1565, the Great Siege of Malta was a crucial event in Maltese history, with the Knights of St. John successfully repelling the Ottoman’s invading forces. To commemorate this event, visit Fort St. Elmo in Valletta, which now houses the National War Museum. For something a little lighter, visit the Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum in Mdina, which offers a glimpse into an aristocratic family’s life from the 15th to 20th century.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Suggestions: Unique and Memorable Experiences

Take a dip in the crystal-clear waters at Ghar Lapsi, a secluded rocky beach located in Siggiewi. For an unforgettable experience, take a fun dive into the Blue Hole’s dark depths in Gozo and encounter barracudas and lobsters. Visit Silent City Attractions, Qrendi, where you’ll discover hidden underground passages and the oldest water cisterns in Malta.

In conclusion, this insider’s guide to the Prehistoric temples of Malta Tour demonstrates that Malta has much to offer beyond just the conventional tourist spots. Although everything from the cuisine to the festivals to the historic sites is worth experiencing, Malta’s best-kept secrets might be hidden in plain sight.

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A Guide to Prehistoric Temples of Malta Tour

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