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A Guide to Rome-Irish Spa Rituals in Zurich

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A Guide to Rome-Irish Spa Rituals in Zurich

Anyone venturing to Zurich may have already heard of the various hot springs around the city. Zurich itself is proud to offer a unique experience in spa treatments and spiritual healing, the Rome-Irish Spa Ritual. Guests of the city can enjoy this ancient spa ritual, set amid stunning lakes and landscapes, to elevate the mind and spirit to a new level of wellbeing. In this guide, we’ll dig deeper into the history of this ritual, why it’s popular in Zurich, and where to find a spa offering Rome-Irish spa treatments.

What is the Rome-Irish Spa Ritual?

The Rome-Irish Spa Ritual is a treatment developed in Rome approximately 2,000 years ago. It was only available to members of the Roman aristocracy and the ancient Irish bards, who were highly regarded for their spiritual insights. This ritual includes several ancient practices and techniques, allowing the user to reach a more spiritual understanding of their wellbeing.

The ancient Romans were said to have discovered this treatment as when they conquered Celtic lands they discovered that Irish bards regularly used this unique spa ritual to reach a heightened level of understanding. Today, Rome-Irish Spa Rituals still exist as luxurious treatments that one can enjoy in Zurich.

What Are the Benefits of the Rome-Irish Spa Ritual?

Though this ancient spa treatment is still quite rare, it has become increasingly popular over time. Treatment commonly includes massage with essential oils, hot and cold stone therapies, reflexology and other holistic treatments. Each spa differs on exact offerings, but all treatments aim to bring about physical, mental, and spiritual healing through its many practices.

The idea here is that by treating the body from all angles (emotional, physical and spiritual), users can reach a heightened level of wellbeing. A spa treatment should not just be a nice relief from stress, but an opportunity to heal and grow spiritually even during the trip in Zurich. It is worth noting that this spiritually focused treatment is different from the many other spa experiences available in Zurich.

Where Can I Find a Rome-Irish Spa in Zurich?

Now that you know more about what the Rome-Irish Spa Ritual is and its potential benefits, you might be wondering which spas offer these treatment in Zurich. We’ve compiled a list of spas that offer some version of this unique experience as part of their catalog:

  • The Palace Spa at The Dolder Grand Hotel –
  • Aqua Vitae Day Spa –
  • Happy Days body care –
  • Les Thermes Marins –

Each spa offers its own version of the Rome-Irish spa ritual, adapted to its clientele’s needs and preferences. This means that while they all include massage with essential oils and some version of reflexology and hot/cold stone therapies, they may also offer additional services as part of their treatments.

While most spa services allow guests to customize their experience according to their needs, it’s always advisable to ask more details before booking a service. That way you can make sure you are selecting the right experience for your desired outcome.

Final Thoughts on Rome-Irish Spa Rituals in Zurich

This guide has hopefully given you a better understanding on which spas offer Rome-Irish Spa Rituals in Zurich and what exactly this ritual entails. If you’ve been considering a spiritual getaway in Zurich and are looking for an experience unlike any other, consider this ritual as part of your trip!

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A Guide to Rome-Irish Spa Rituals in Zurich

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