A Guide to Turin – Discovering the Mystique of Italy’s Northernmost City

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A Guide to Turin – Discovering the Mystique of Italy’s Northernmost City

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A Guide to Turin – Discovering the Mystique of Italy’s Northernmost City

If you’re planning to visit Italy, you shouldn’t pass up the tranquil city of Turin. Located in the northwestern region of the country, Turin is both historically and culturally significant, as well as being a great place to enjoy the Italian lifestyle. To get all the details about this amazing city and find out why it’s the perfect Italian backdrop for your next vacation or business trip, read on for our guide to Turin.

History of Turin

Turin has a rich, storied past that dates back to before it even had an official existence. During prehistoric times, people living near what would eventually become Turin gathered along the banks of the nearby river and traded with each other, making it a hub of activity. It was also a center of Celtic culture in the region, with several ancient settlements located in and around the area. In the late 4th century CE, Turin was conquered by the Romans and became part of Cisalpine Gaul, then a province of the Roman Empire. In the 6th century CE, it was a part of the kingdom of Lombards, then in 843 CE, it became part of the rule of the Savoy family – a noble line that would continue to control Turin until 1861, when it was annexed by the Kingdom of Italy. From then on, Turin quickly developed into a modern city and is now a favorite for northern Italian tourists.

The Culture of Turin

The culture of Turin is heavily influenced by its past, and it’s this influence which gives the city much of its charm and appeal. As well as proudly broadcasting its Roman and Lombard backgrounds, with many landmarks from this period still visible to this day, Turin is known for its innovative cuisine, vibrant nightlife and bustling street markets. From an art standpoint, Turin is home to countless galleries and museums, as well as one of Italy’s most respected universities. The city also prides itself on being forward-thinking and progressive, reflected in its commitment to sustainability initiatives and its ambition to become Europe’s “green capital’.

Top Attractions in Turin

If you’re looking for things to do in Turin, you’ll certainly be spoiled for choice! Here are just a few of the must-see spots around the city:

  • Mole Antonelliana: This iconic 19th-century building is one of Turin’s top attractions, built as a synagogue but now home to the National Cinema Museum.
  • Basilica di Santa Domenico: You don’t want to miss this 17th-century church which is regarded as one of the most important Baroque structures in all of northern Italy
  • City of Stars Museum: A more modern landmark based on the Piazza San Carlo, featuring unique interactive exhibits.
  • PalaOltrevano: The most popular ice skating rink in the area.

Whether you’re here to get lost in history, absorb the vibrant culture, discover hidden gems or just indulge in turinese food, you’ll be sure to find something special during your visit to Turin!

Eating Out in Turin

Turinese cuisine showcases Italy’s new-meets-old approach to food; traditional recipes reimagined with modern techniques and flavour combinations. As such, it’s no surprise that Turin is home to some outstanding restaurants and eateries! Here are some of our top picks:

  • Ristorante Pampalinda: A popular bistro serving up classic Italian dishes with a contemporary twist.
  • Barba Laura: A family-run trattoria renowned for its homemade pasta dishes.
  • Mangiare Bere Torino: Enjoy quintessential Piemontese cuisine such as bagna cauda (a warm vegetable dip) or vitello tonnato (veal with tuna sauce) in this charming bistro.
  • Frantoio Marlo: Sample some of Turin’s finest olive oils at this unique oil tasting emporium.

No matter where your culinary tastes take you during your trip to Turin, you won’t be disappointed!

A Final Word About Visiting Turin

Turin is one of those cities that has it all – from culture and history to modern creativity and innovation – and is ideal for anyone looking for an Italian holiday experience that offers something truly special. No matter what your interests are or what type of experience you’re looking for, you won’t be disappointed when you visit this beautiful city in Italy’s northwestern region!

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A Guide to Turin – Discovering the Mystique of Italy’s Northernmost City

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