Accommodation Costs in Tokyo

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Accommodation Costs in Tokyo

by | Mar 29, 2023 | Tokyo, Travel

Is Tokyo Expensive To Visit?

Visiting Tokyo, Japan’s capital city, is one of the most incredible experiences in the world. There is something truly special in the city’s combination of traditional East Asian culture and modern ingenuity. But, before you book a trip to the city, you may be wondering – is Tokyo expensive to visit?

The short answer is – it can be! Tokyo is Japan’s most expensive city and it ranks highly on lists of the world’s priciest cities. Depending on where you are traveling from, you may notice a difference in the price of goods, services, and accommodations. But, with a bit of planning and budgeting, you can absolutely have a memorable time in the city without breaking the bank.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive overview of what you can expect when it comes to budgeting for a trip to Tokyo. Outlined below is an overview of costs for accommodation, transportation, food, shopping, and activities.

Accommodation Costs in Tokyo

If you are looking for a place to stay on a budget, there are some great options available. A room in a shared hostel dorm can cost anywhere from $20-$45 USD per night. Private rooms in hostels and budget hotels can cost anywhere from $60-150 USD per night and come with basic amenities like a toilet and shower. For more comfort and amenities, you can rent a room in a mid-range hotel for around $150-$200 USD per night or splurge for a room in a luxury hotel for around $250-500 USD per night or more.

In addition to staying in hotels or hostels, visitors can also rent private accommodations through places like Airbnb. Private rooms can range from $50-$150 USD per night and apartments will cost anywhere from $100-400 USD per night or more.

Transportation Costs in Tokyo

Getting around Tokyo is fairly easy and inexpensive. An excellent way to get around is by riding the subway lines that interconnect throughout the city. A one-way ticket on the subway will cost around 160 yen or $1.50 USD. You can also purchase a Suica card which will store your tickets so you don’t have to purchase them each time.

Taxis are also available in Tokyo and while they can be more expensive than riding the subway, they are a great option late at night. If you have your luggage with you, you will be charged an extra fee of 520 yen or $5 USD.

Food Costs in Tokyo

Eating out in Tokyo will cost different amounts depending on where you go and what you order. Fast food items at chain restaurants like McDonald’s and KFC can cost around 500 yen or $5 USD and up. Simple dishes at food stalls across the city can start at around 500 yen or $5 USD.

For a full meal at an izakaya (casual Japanese pub), you will typically pay an average of around 2,000-3,000 yen or $18-$30 USD per person. A sit-down meal at a mid-range restaurant can cost anywhere from 4,000-$8,000 yen or $38 – 80 USD per person. And if you are feeling more luxurious and want to dine at an upscale restaurant you should expect to pay an average of 8,000-15,000 yen or more per person.

Shopping Costs in Tokyo

Shopping in Tokyo can be inexpensive or expensive – it all depends on the type of products that you are looking for. In places such as the district of Shinjuku or Akihabara electric town, shoppers can purchase electronics from brands like Canon or Sony at reasonable prices. There are also great shopping malls located in Tokyo where you can find a variety of items from clothes and makeup to souvenirs. Prices will vary based on the quality and brand of the items that you are looking for.

In addition to traditional malls and electronics stores, there are also numerous markets located throughout the city where shoppers can purchase secondhand clothes, antiques, and other goods at great prices. Famous markets include the Tsukiji Fish Market and many flea markets throughout Tokyo such as Koto No Ha no Mori in Koto Ward and Shibuya 109 Shopping Mall in Shibuya ward.

Activity Costs in Tokyo

The activities that you choose to do in Tokyo will greatly affect your budget as well. However, visiting popular sites like Sensoji Temple in Asakusa or Imperial palace is free of charge! As long as you are not paying for a guided tour, most sites and museums are quite inexpensive to visit or completely free.

For visitors who would like to explore more of Tokyo as part of a guided tour, prices typically start at around 3,000-$6,000 yen per person or $27-54 USD per person depending on how long your tour will be and what type of activities are included on the itinerary. Some activities that may add to your budget include sightseeing tours, biking and walking tours, sushi-making classes, and visits to samurai villages! For those looking for a bit of fun during their stay in Tokyo, Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour in Shibuya Go Into the Deep Indoor Food Alley of is an exciting tour that takes visitors on a journey into some of the city’s best bar districts to explore local culture and try unique Japanese drinks!

Final Thoughts on Visiting Tokyo

Overall, there is no denying that Tokyo can be an expensive city – lodging and eating out can be pricier than in many other destinations around the world. But with savvy budgeting and planning (and maybe some good luck!), visitors don’t need to break the bank when visiting this amazing city. Just make sure to take advantage of all that Tokyo has to offer – whether that be free attractions like temples and museums or incredible food tours – there is something to be experienced by each visitor!

So if you were wondering if Tokyo is expensive to visit – now you know! With careful budgeting, planning and choosing activities wisely – it is entirely possible to have an amazing time visiting this incredible city without breaking the bank! And remember – when visiting Tokyo – if you’re looking for some fun – don’t forget to check out Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour in Shibuya Go Into the Deep Indoor Food Alley of!

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Accommodation Costs in Tokyo

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