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Active Things To Do In London

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Active Things To Do In London

London is one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world, and it has something to offer for every kind of traveler. Whether you’re looking for culture, history, art, food, or outdoor activities, London has it all. From its ancient monuments to its modern art galleries and museums, the city is full of energy and offers plenty of opportunities for exploration.

There are countless ways to experience London, from its traditional markets to its diverse neighborhoods. But if you’re looking for an active and engaging adventure, there are tons of activities to choose from that will keep you busy and entertained throughout your stay. From outdoor activities to historic tours, here are some of the best active things to do in London.

Explore London on a Bicycle

Bicycling is one of the best ways to explore London. Not only is it an eco-friendly way to get around, but it’s a great way to see the city at your own pace. There are plenty of bike rental companies in London, so you can easily rent a bike for the day and explore the city.

The best part about biking in London is that it’s incredibly easy to get around. The city is full of bike lanes and paths that make it easy to traverse the city without worrying about traffic. Additionally, many of London’s famous sights are within easy biking distance. For example, you can easily bike from Buckingham Palace to the Tower of London in less than an hour.

If you want to explore more of London’s neighborhoods, you can join an organized bike tour. These tours are led by experienced guides who will show you the best sights and attractions. You’ll get to explore some of the city’s most beautiful parks and gardens, as well as visit some of London’s most interesting neighborhoods.

Go Kayaking on the Thames

If you’re looking for an exciting and active way to experience London, then kayaking on the River Thames is a must-do. The River Thames is a historical river that winds through the heart of London and has been an important part of life in the city for centuries.

Kayaking on the Thames is a great way to get a unique perspective on the city. From your kayak, you’ll be able to see some of the city’s most famous landmarks, including the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London, and St Paul’s Cathedral. As you paddle along the river, you’ll also be able to see some of London’s hidden gems, such as quaint neighborhoods and picturesque parks.

There are plenty of kayaking tours available that will take you through the heart of London. These guided tours will provide you with all the necessary equipment and a knowledgeable guide who will teach you about the history and culture of the city.

See London from Above on the London Eye

The London Eye is one of the most iconic attractions in London and offers a breathtaking view of the city from above. This giant Ferris wheel is located on the banks of the River Thames and offers an incredibly unique view of London. From the top of the wheel, you can see some of London’s most famous landmarks such as Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

The London Eye is an incredibly popular attraction, so it’s best to buy your tickets in advance to avoid long lines. Once you board your capsule, you’ll be able to take in 360-degree views of London as your capsule slowly moves up and down the wheel.

The London Eye also offers unique experiences such as champagne flights and private capsules for special occasions. You can also experience the London Eye at night for a completely different view of the city illuminated by colorful lights.

Take a Walk Through Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of London’s oldest parks and one of its most popular attractions. This sprawling park is filled with picturesque gardens, lakes, ponds, and monuments. It’s a great place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and explore some of London’s nature.

The best way to explore Hyde Park is by taking a leisurely walk through its winding paths and trails. You can take a stroll through Kensington Gardens or explore some of Hyde Park’s secret gardens tucked away from sight. You can also take a boat ride on the lake or have a picnic in one of its many grassy areas.

Hyde Park also has plenty of activities for kids, such as playgrounds, pony rides, and petting zoos. It’s also home to some of London’s most famous monuments, including Marble Arch and Speakers Corner where anyone can give a speech on any topic they like.

Book a Jack The Ripper Tour

If you’re looking for a more unique activity, consider booking a Jack The Ripper Tour in East London. This eerie tour takes you through some of East London’s darkest corners and dives into the mystery surrounding Jack The Ripper, one of history’s most notorious serial killers who terrorized this part of town in the late 1800s.

This highly-rated tour takes place at night and lasts for 90 minutes as you explore some of East London’s hidden streets with an experienced guide who will teach you about Jack The Ripper’s victims and help unravel some of his secrets. You’ll visit some of his former hideouts and see where he committed his gruesome murders as well as learn about some of his victims who were connected to him in mysterious ways.

Booking a Jack The Ripper Tour is an exciting way to explore East London and uncover its dark history. It’s sure to be an unforgettable experience!

Join a Harry Potter Tour

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, then consider joining a Harry Potter Tour in London! This popular tour will take you through some of London’s most famous Harry Potter locations such as King’s Cross Station, Diagon Alley, and Platform 9 3/4. You’ll also get to explore some of the city’s lesser known sites that inspired JK Rowling when writing her beloved books such as Leadenhall Market and St Paul’s Cathedral.

Your experienced guide will teach you all about Harry Potter Trivia while taking you through some of London’s most historically significant sites and introducing you to facts about each area that inspired JK Rowling when creating her magical world. You can even buy some Harry Potter souvenirs at certain locations!

This tour is perfect for Harry Potter fans of all ages who want to experience a magical adventure in one of the world’s most famous cities!

Book a Sightseeing Cruise on the Thames

If you want to experience all that London has to offer without having to move around too much, then consider booking a Thames Sightseeing Cruise! This cruise will take you on a journey down one of England’s most iconic rivers while giving you a unique view of some of the city’s most iconic sites such as Big Ben, The Houses Of Parliament, The Tower Of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, and more!

This tour will provide you with an experienced guide who will teach you about each sight along the way while giving you interesting facts about each location. You’ll also get stunning views from your boat as you cruise down one England’s most majestic rivers!

The Thames Sightseeing Cruise is perfect for anyone looking for an easy way to experience all that London has to offer without having to move around too much!

Go Climbing at The Castle Climbing Centre

The Castle Climbing Centre is one of London’s most popular climbing centres offering indoor climbing walls suitable for all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced climber looking for more challenging routes, this centre has something for everyone!

The centre is staffed by friendly instructors who are happy to help out even if it’s your first time climbing. They’ll provide basic safety instructions as well as tips on how to improve your technique while climbing up its walls. They also have instructional classes for those who want to learn more about rock climbing or improve their skills.

The Castle Climbing Centre provides a fun and safe environment for climbers of all levels to enjoy climbing indoors without having to worry about bad weather or dangerous terrain outdoors!

Visit Camden Market

Camden Market is one of London’s most popular markets with over 1,000 stalls selling anything from vintage clothing to handmade jewellery, artworks, antiques, food, books, craft items, and much more! It’s an incredibly vibrant place filled with energy that is perfect for anyone looking for a unique shopping experience in London!

The market is open seven days a week with over 1 million visitors each year so it can get quite crowded during peak times so it’s best to go early or during off-peak hours if possible. There’s also plenty of food stalls offering international cuisines so be sure to sample some delicious dishes while there!

Camden Market is an amazing place full of energy where visitors can find unique items and experience something truly unique in one of England’s most vibrant cities!


London has tons of activities for visitors looking for an active and engaging adventure. From cycling through the city’s streets to kayaking down the River Thames or exploring its hidden gardens and monuments on foot, there are plenty of ways to experience this vibrant city in an active way. And with so many iconic attractions like The London Eye or Jack The Ripper Tours, there’s no shortage of things to do when visiting this amazing city!

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Active Things To Do In London

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