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Airboat Tour and Wildlife Show in Everglades City

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Airboat Tour and Wildlife Show in Everglades City

Nestled in between Miami and Naples in South Florida, Everglades City is the gateway to some of the most breathtaking, and at the same time endangered, wildlife in the nation. On a trip to the Everglades, taking the time to enjoy an airboat tour with a wildlife show should be one of the “must-dos” for the experience.

Experience the Everglades With a Stunning Airboat Tour

An airboat tour is simply the fastest and most efficient way to see the vast Florida Everglades. Many tour companies offer various packages and levels of service depending on what someone is looking for on a particular trip.

Different tours can include a variety of different features and activities. Commonly, guests will be treated to a tour guide that provides entertainment and also details about the history and wildlife of the area. For example, some tours offer passengers “up-close” views of alligators and other wildlife, and may even provide a hands-on learning experience with wildlife in the wetlands. Guests should expect to go from dry lands to interior wet-lands during the tour.

The airboat tours usually offer an option of nighttime tours, so guests have the opportunity to witness one of the most spectacular sights that this area has to offer: billions of beautiful, bright stars above and water below!

The Wildlife Show

The Everglades are brimming with wildlife, and any good Everglades tour will feature a glimpse of some of these animals. On an airboat tour, visitors may be able to view hawks, eagles, and several other endangered bird species flying above them. Moreover, alligators are a common sight in this unique habitat, as are many amphibians and reptiles, some even unique to this area.

Moreover, there is a show such as this one from Get Your Guide which combines the airboat experience with a fun and informative wildlife show—it is truly an endeavor one cannot miss! The show includes engaging educational moments as well as brief venomous snake shows by approved animal handlers. The ride itself lasts about an hour and for an additional fee, one can even buy food to feed the alligators. It’s something neither children nor adults will soon forget!

What to Bring

On a hot Florida day, time should be taken to consider sun protection such as broad hat or sunscreen. As guests are sure to be outdoors on a boat tour in sunny Florida (which can feel even hotter because of the humidity), being protective of skin is key! Additionally, bug spray should also be used.

Also worth mentioning here is what not to bring – which is anything valuable as there will be no means to secure it during the boat ride. There will also likely not be an opportunity for stopping; therefore, it is not recommended that guests bring food for the tour unless it can be safely secured against winds on board. Additionally, alcohol is forbidden in most cases around the Everglades National Park due to its preservation mandate.


Taking an airboat ride on an Everglades City tour is truly an experience that everyone should have! There is something for everyone – from beautiful wildlife to educational entertainment as well as majestic night skies lit up with bright stars for nighttime tours. Although sun protection and bug spray are a must, please leave behind anything valuable as there may not be a way to secure it onboard or take breaks along the tour. Buy tickets here now to have an unforgettably fun experience while contributing to preserving this fragile sanctuary of exotic wildlife!

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