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Antelope Canyon X: All You Need to Know for an Awesome Tour Experience

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Antelope Canyon X: All You Need to Know for an Awesome Tour Experience

Antelope Canyon X is one of the most breathtaking sights in the Southwest United States. Found near Page, Arizona—a small city on the border of Utah and Arizona—Antelope Canyon X is a slot canyon that is renowned for its incredibly poetic lighting and sandstone formations.

The canyon is part of the much larger Antelope Canyon area and has unique twists and turns throughout that offer a different experience than its counterpart, Antelope Canyon Upper. Even professional photographers flock here to capture its incredible red and orange hues (making a guided tour a must to get the best photos).

This article will cover everything you need to know before taking a tour at Antelope Canyon X, including information on entry tickets and different types of guided tours.

What You Need to Know About the Antelope Canyon X Area

The Antelope Canyon X area is part of the 200,000-acre Navajo Nation, which is home to the Diné people (also known as the Navajo People). Since this area is on reservation land, visitors must purchase their tickets from authorized dealers before entering. This means that visitors may not explore Antelope Canyon X on their own, barring special circumstances outlined below.

Originally created as a non commercial area, many people who visit the reservation may be unaware of the various fees associated with visiting this beautiful area. Those who don’t follow the rules and regulations can face serious fines and other repercussions.

Antelope Canyon X Entry Ticket

Each visitor entering the reservation must first purchase an Antelope Canyon X entry ticket. Currently, admission prices are set at $50 – $80 per adult, depending on tour operator, but they are subject to change without notice. Anyone aged 5 and under is admitted free but must be accompanied by an adult.

In addition to the admission fees, visitors may also need to pay for a special photography permit if they plan on snapping pics along their tour. Professional photographers who would like additional time inside the canyon should also purchase such a permit so as to have more time to take uninterrupted photographs.

Which Tour Options are avaliable?

The Navajo Nation offers guided tours through Antelope Canyon X or visitors can choose to take a self-guided tour. If visitors choose the former, they are sure to get reliable information while guiding their way throughout the canyon.

  • Upper Antelope Slot Canyon Tours: These tours run every 30 minutes and include access to the Upper Antelope Slot Canyon area.
  • Lower Antelope Canyon Tours: These tours run longer – typically two hours – and include access to both Upper and Lower Antelope Slot Canyons.
  • Special Photography Tours: If you’re serious about capturing stunning photographs, you’ll want to book one of these VIP tours. Visitors are often given more time in the canyon to move through both Upper and Lower sections with plenty of time for recording breathtaking scenery.

Are There Any Rules And Restrictions?

Due to safety reasons, all visitors must follow certain rules and regulations, including refraining from all types of violence or disruption and respecting other visitors’ privacy. Additionally, there are specific regulations in place that vary by tour type:

  • Upper Antelope Slot Canyon Tours: Tours are open to individuals aged 6 and up.
  • Lower Antelope Canyon Tours: Tours are open to individuals aged 8 and up.
  • Special Photography Tours: These tours are geared toward professional photographers and everyone aged 14 and up must either present valid photo identification or be accompanied by an adult with valid identification.

It’s important to note that pets are not allowed on any of the tours inside Antelope Canyon X. This is for visitor safety, as light and loose soil in the canyon walls can be easily disturbed by movement and animals may disrupt the fragile ecology of the area.

Also, in order to preserve cultural sensitivities inside the reservation land, it’s strictly prohibited for visitors to hike, climb or disturb archaeological objects or sites. Therefore, visitors can only explore the area via official tours.

Where Can I Book A Tour?

There are several websites where you can book your tour into Antelope Canyon X, including Get Your Guide. This service offers several options for tours within the canyon, including an introduction package, photography package and cultural heritage tour.

It’s important to book your tour ahead of time because space within the canyon is limited. Taking advantage of online booking services like Get Your Guide helps secure your spot before it’s filled up. Furthermore, online booking can save you in many cases from additional fees from the tour operator.

At Get Your Guide, you can also add extras that may not be available with traditional tours, such as early-bird access for photographers and equipment rental for special photography tours. In addition, included guides can help translate Navajo clan information and tell cultural stories that document the history of Antelope Canyon X Area in Navajo culture.


For anyone looking for a spectacular adventure through one of the most famous slot canyons in the United States, it’s important to remember that Antelope Canyon X is located on Navajo Nation Reservation Land. Therefore, it’s essential that any visitor follows the rules and regulations enforced by the reservation while exploring this unique geological treasure.

Booking a ticket ahead of time with Get Your Guide not only saves money but guarantees you a spot on your chosen tour before it gets filled up. What’s more, you can take advantage of different packages offered by Get Your Guide that contain extras – like early-bird access for photographers – that don’t come with traditional reservations. Get ready for an amazing experience through one of Mother Nature’s best creations!

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Antelope Canyon X: All You Need to Know for an Awesome Tour Experience

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