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The 7 Best Bar Hopping Tours in Bar Harbor

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The Best Pub Crawls in Bar Harbor

Welcome to Bar Harbor, where stunning natural beauty meets vibrant nightlife. This charming coastal town in Maine is not only famous for its breathtaking landscapes and outdoor adventures but also for its lively pub scene. Whether you’re a local looking for a fun night out or a traveler wanting to experience the best of Bar Harbor’s nightlife, our guide to the best pub crawls in town will lead you to the most happening spots, where you can enjoy delicious drinks, good company, and create unforgettable memories.

The 7 Best Bar Hopping Tours in Bar Harbor

  1. Savor Bar Harbor Culinary Walking Tour
  2. Savor Bar Harbor Culinary Walking Tour
  3. Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor Self Guided Driving and Walking Tour
  4. Maine Bar Harbor Culinary Walking Tour With Tastings
  5. Bar Harbor Historical Guided Walking Tour
  6. Bar Harbor Bash Scavenger Hunt
  7. Bar Harbor Historic Self Guided Walking Audio Tour Guide

The 7 Best Bar Hopping Tours in Bar Harbor

1. Savor Bar Harbor Culinary Walking Tour

Savor Bar Harbor Culinary Walking Tour is a delightful experience that takes you on a stroll through the charming town of Bar Harbor. This small group tour focuses on the local cuisine, providing you with a unique opportunity to indulge in the flavors of the region.

As you wander through the vibrant streets of Bar Harbor, your knowledgeable guide will share fascinating insights into the local food scene. You’ll learn about the culinary culture of the area, discovering hidden gems and local favorites along the way.

The tour includes tastings at various establishments around the Village Green. These tastings are carefully curated to offer a diverse range of flavors that reflect the essence of Bar Harbor’s cuisine. By the end of the tour, these tastings will have satisfied your appetite, providing you with a fulfilling lunch experience.

One of the advantages of this tour is its small group size, with a maximum of only 14 participants. This ensures that you receive personalized attention from your guide and allows for ample opportunities to ask questions and engage in meaningful discussions.

The meeting point for the tour is the Village Green, located at 9 Firefly Ln, Bar Harbor. The tour officially starts at 10:15 AM, and you’ll meet at the clock at the Village Green on Main Street, directly across from CJ Dippers Ice Cream. At the end of the tour, you’ll return to the meeting point.

For your convenience, lunch and gratuity for the tour guide are included in the package. This way, you can fully immerse yourself in the culinary delights of Bar Harbor without any additional concerns.

Confirmation of your booking will be provided at the time of reservation. Please note that this tour is not wheelchair accessible.

Embark on the Savor Bar Harbor Culinary Walking Tour and discover the flavors and stories that make this coastal town a gastronomic destination.

2. Savor Bar Harbor Culinary Walking Tour

Immerse yourself in the food culture of Bar Harbor and Mt. Desert Island on this culinary-focused tour. This small island has a bustling food scene and this small-group tour lets sample the best that downtown Bar Harbor has to offer. Listen to commentary about the local food and agriculture as you taste; a small group means you have plenty of personalized attention and the chance to ask questions.

Discover the flavors of Bar Harbor on this food-focused tour. Stroll around the Village Green and savor the culinary delights of downtown Bar Harbor. This tour is perfect for food enthusiasts who want to experience the local food scene and learn about the region’s agriculture. With a maximum of 14 people, you can enjoy a personalized experience and have the opportunity to ask questions.

Begin your tour at the Village Green located on Main Street. Meet at the clock and your knowledgeable guide will lead you on a walking tour of Bar Harbor. Discover hidden culinary gems as you taste a variety of delicious dishes. Indulge in a lunch featuring the best of Bar Harbor’s cuisine.

This activity ends back at the meeting point, so you can easily continue exploring the charming village of Bar Harbor after the tour. The tour price includes your lunch, a guided walking tour, and gratuity for your tour guide. Join this culinary walking tour and experience the flavors of Bar Harbor in a unique and immersive way.

Confirmation will be received at time of booking. Please note that this tour may not be suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions or food allergies. Please inform the tour operator at the time of booking if you have any specific dietary requirements.

3. Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor Self Guided Driving and Walking Tour

Embark on an unforgettable self-guided driving and walking tour of Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor. With the flexibility to choose any day and time, this tour is perfect for those looking to explore at their own pace. Plus, you don’t have to worry about paying for each person in your group – just purchase one ticket per car and save compared to a bus tour.

Start your journey with the convenience of an app on your phone. Download the Tour Guide App by Action and enter the provided password to access your tours. The app is easy to use, with the stories playing automatically as soon as your GPS is activated. You can even get assistance by calling, chatting, or emailing any time of the day.

During the tour, you’ll pass by notable sights such as Hulls Cove Visitor Center and Park Loop Road, immersing yourself in the natural beauty of the surroundings. With a total of 28 stops, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to discover the park’s hidden gems.

It’s important to note that this tour is not wheelchair accessible. However, it is near public transportation, making it convenient for those without their own vehicles. Additionally, there’s no need to worry about internet access as the app works offline.

So why wait? Experience the wonders of Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor on this incredible self-guided tour. Book your tickets now and get ready for an adventure like no other!

4. Maine Bar Harbor Culinary Walking Tour With Tastings

Immerse yourself in Bar Harbor’s culinary scene during this 3-hour guided walking tour. Savor an array of local flavors at various stops along the tour while learning about the local history from your local guide.

As you sample the fare at the various stops the establishment owners will reveal the history behind their industry and what goes into making their specialties.

This tour is a fairly short walk around the Village Green and the beautiful harbor with plenty of food stops for lunch.


  • Tour with professional guide
  • Samples from multiple local eateries
  • Local taxes and fees
  • Face masks

Not suitable for:

  • People with mobility impairments

5. Bar Harbor Historical Guided Walking Tour

Begin this 2-hour guided walking tour at LaRochelle Mansion, where your knowledgeable local guide will take you on a journey through the history of Bar Harbor and the Gilded Age. Explore this fascinating historic town as you stroll along West Street, where tourism in this coastal gem first began.

Listen to captivating stories of rum running and learn about the influential townspeople who shaped the development of Bar Harbor. Walk through the cemetery and visit the civil war monument, while hearing tales of John D. Rockefeller, the Great Fire of 1947, and many more intriguing anecdotes.

Conclude the tour in the beautiful Agamont Park, enjoying panoramic views of the ocean. This guided walking tour includes a visit to LaRochelle Mansion, a comprehensive overview of the town’s history, a professional interactive tour experience, and all applicable local taxes and fees. Please note that food, beverages, and tips are not included.

6. Bar Harbor Bash Scavenger Hunt

After you’ve explored the gorgeous trails of Acadia National Park, discover the beauty of Bar Harbor during an exciting scavenger hunt. This pedestrian-friendly town on Maine’s coast is an ideal setting for a fun-filled day of clue-solving. Play the game directly from your phone, visiting sites around town both indoors and outside. Use the busy summer tourist season to your advantage and ask locals on the street for help solving trivia questions.

Interact with a live remote host ready to assist you as you explore Bar Harbor’s historic sites along the Narrow’s shoreline. This activity is a perfect teambuilding opportunity for friend or coworker groups. Strollers, wheelchairs, and pets can all access this family-friendly activity.

What’s Included:

  • Future company alumni discounts
  • Digital Scavenger Hunt Document
  • Choice to extend the hunt for free

Meeting And Pickup Information:

Meeting point: 240 Main St, Bar Harbor ME 04609 USA

Begin outside in front of the starting location.

End point: This activity ends back at the starting point.

7. Bar Harbor Historic Self Guided Walking Audio Tour Guide

Explore the oceanside town of Bar Harbor at your own pace with an audio guide. Dive into the Gilded Age history of some of America’s wealthiest families and admire the town’s lavish and beautifully preserved Gilded Age architecture.

Enjoy a tour developed by local guides and narrated by professional voice artists. Learn how this little town went from a remote outpost to a vacation destination.

Explore Bar Harbor with your app that will function as your personal guide audio tour and map all in one. Enjoy animated videos that allow you to see snapshots from different centuries and interior rooms that you otherwise would not be able to see.

The tour includes a link to download the Action Tour Guide app and a unique password for your tour(s). It provides an audio guide location-aware map and storyteller — all in one mobile app tour.

Our mission is to explore the world and its many stories. Join this immersive audio tour experience and uncover the rich history of Bar Harbor.

Excellent value: This tour offers great convenience and affordability as you only need to purchase one tour per car, avoiding the hassle of “per person” bus tickets.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Pub Crawls in Bar Harbor

Welcome to Bar Harbor, a charming town in Maine known for its scenic beauty and vibrant nightlife. If you’re planning to experience the local bar scene, a pub crawl is a perfect way to explore the town’s various establishments. To help you make the most of your pub crawl experience, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about pub crawls in Bar Harbor. Read on to find all the answers you need!

1. What exactly is a pub crawl?

A pub crawl is a social activity that involves visiting multiple pubs or bars in a particular area. Participants move from one venue to another, enjoying drinks, socializing, and experiencing the unique atmosphere of each establishment. It’s a fantastic way to sample different drinks, meet new people, and explore the local nightlife scene.

2. How does a pub crawl in Bar Harbor work?

In Bar Harbor, pub crawls are usually organized by local tour companies or groups of friends. These crawls are carefully planned routes that take participants to a selection of popular pubs and bars in the area. Typically, you’ll meet at a designated starting point, receive a wristband or some other form of identification, and then proceed to visit each venue on the crawl. At each stop, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a drink or two, socialize with other participants, and soak in the lively atmosphere.

3. How long does a typical pub crawl last?

The duration of a pub crawl can vary depending on the organizer and the number of venues included in the itinerary. In Bar Harbor, pub crawls usually last around 3 to 4 hours. This timeframe allows participants to visit a reasonable number of establishments and spend enough time at each one to fully enjoy the experience.

4. How many bars are typically included in a pub crawl?

The number of bars included in a pub crawl will depend on the specific tour or organizer. In Bar Harbor, pub crawls generally include around 3 to 5 bars. This ensures that participants have a diverse range of experiences without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

5. Are drinks included in the pub crawl ticket price?

No, the price of the pub crawl ticket usually does not cover the cost of drinks. Participants are responsible for purchasing their own drinks at each venue. However, some pub crawl organizers may offer special discounts or deals at certain bars as part of the package. It’s always a good idea to check with the organizer beforehand to understand what is included in the ticket price.

6. Is transportation provided during the pub crawl?

In most cases, pub crawls in Bar Harbor do not provide transportation between venues. The pubs and bars included in the crawl are typically within walking distance of each other, making it easy to navigate the itinerary on foot. It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes and dress appropriately for the weather, as you may be walking outdoors between locations.

7. Can I join a pub crawl if I’m not a big drinker?

Absolutely! Pub crawls are not just about drinking; they’re also about socializing and experiencing the local nightlife. You can still participate and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere even if you choose not to consume alcohol. Most bars offer non-alcoholic beverage options, and the focus of the pub crawl is ultimately on having a good time with fellow participants.

8. Are pub crawls suitable for solo travelers?

Yes, pub crawls can be a fantastic option for solo travelers. They provide an opportunity to meet new people, make friends, and experience the local nightlife scene in a safe and friendly environment. So don’t hesitate to join a pub crawl, even if you’re traveling alone!

9. Are pub crawls safe?

Pub crawls organized by reputable tour companies in Bar Harbor are generally safe. However, it’s always important to exercise caution and make responsible choices during the crawl. Pace yourself with your alcohol consumption, stay hydrated, and be aware of your surroundings. If you ever feel uncomfortable or unsafe, inform the tour leader or event organizer.

10. Can I customize my own pub crawl in Bar Harbor?

While there are organized pub crawls available, you certainly have the option to customize your own experience. Bar Harbor has a wide variety of pubs and bars to choose from, each offering a unique atmosphere and drink selection. Research popular establishments, create your own itinerary, and explore the town at your own pace.

How to Do Pub Crawls in Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor, located on Mount Desert Island in Maine, is a charming town known for its beautiful coastlines, delicious seafood, and vibrant nightlife. One of the best ways to experience the local bar scene is by embarking on a pub crawl. In this guide, we will provide you with clear step-by-step instructions on how to plan and execute an unforgettable pub crawl in Bar Harbor.

Step 1: Research Bar Harbor’s Pub Scene

Before diving into the pub crawl planning, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with Bar Harbor’s pub scene. Research the various bars and pubs in the area, taking note of their themes, ambiance, drink options, and any special events they may offer. This will help you curate a well-rounded pub crawl experience.

Step 2: Determine the Pub Crawl Route

Mapping out your pub crawl route is crucial to ensure you visit the best bars without wasting time and energy. Consider factors such as proximity, opening hours, and the number of people in your group. Aim for a route that allows you to walk comfortably between establishments, maximizing your time for enjoyment.

To simplify the planning process, here are five popular bars in Bar Harbor that you can include in your pub crawl route:

  1. Bar Harbor Beer Works: Located on Cottage Street, this brewpub offers a wide selection of craft beers, delicious food menu, and a lively atmosphere.
  2. The Barnacle: Situated on Main Street, The Barnacle is known for its diverse drink menu, including specialty cocktails and local brews.
  3. Side Street Cafe: This cozy pub on Rodick Street is a local favorite, serving up excellent pub fare, craft beers, and live music.
  4. Leary’s Landing Irish Pub: As the name suggests, this pub on West Street offers an authentic Irish pub experience with a large selection of Irish whiskeys and traditional dishes.
  5. Paddy’s Irish Pub: Located on Eden Street, Paddy’s Irish Pub features a friendly atmosphere, an extensive beer menu, and occasional live performances.

Step 3: Plan Your Schedule

Once you have your pub crawl route in place, it’s time to plan your schedule. Consider the opening and closing times of each establishment to ensure you make the most of your time. Additionally, check if any bars have happy hours or nightly specials that may influence the order in which you visit them.

Here’s a sample schedule to give you an idea:

Time Bar
6:00 pm Bar Harbor Beer Works
7:30 pm The Barnacle
8:45 pm Side Street Cafe
10:00 pm Leary’s Landing Irish Pub
11:30 pm Paddy’s Irish Pub

Step 4: Establish a Budget

Pub crawls can quickly become expensive, especially if you’re visiting multiple establishments. Decide on a budget for your pub crawl and allocate an estimated amount for each bar visit. Be mindful of drink prices, cover charges (if any), and whether you plan to order food as well.

Step 5: Pub Crawl Safety

While enjoying the pub crawl, it’s crucial to prioritize safety. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Assign a designated driver who will remain sober throughout the pub crawl.
  • Consider using cab services or public transportation to get to and from Bar Harbor.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking water between alcoholic beverages.
  • Keep an eye on your belongings and practice responsible alcohol consumption.
  • Know your limits and stop drinking if you feel unwell or intoxicated.

Step 6: Capture the Memories

A pub crawl in Bar Harbor is a memorable experience. Consider capturing the memories by taking photos throughout the night. However, be respectful of other patrons and always ask permission before photographing strangers. Cherish the moments and create lasting memories with your friends or fellow pub crawl participants.

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Embarking on a pub crawl in Bar Harbor is an excellent way to explore the local bar scene and immerse yourself in the town’s vibrant nightlife. By following these steps, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and plan necessary to have a fantastic pub crawl experience. Remember to drink responsibly, have fun, and enjoy the unique atmosphere and offerings of each bar you visit. Cheers!

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The 7 Best Bar Hopping Tours in Bar Harbor

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