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Barcelona Original Pub Crawl With Free Shots

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Barcelona Original Pub Crawl With Free Shots: A Comprehensive Guide For Tourists

Spanish culture is renowned for its vibrancy and warmth, and Barcelona is no exception. When visiting this stunning Mediterranean city, there is no better way to experience it than through the lens of its electrifying nightlife, and taking part in a pub crawl is the perfect way to do that. In this article, we’ll explore why you should consider joining a Barcelona Original Pub Crawl with free shots and what to expect when participating.

What Is A Pub Crawl?

A pub crawl is a type of event where people (typically tourists) visit a number of different bars and pubs in one night. It is usually done on foot, although in some cities, pub crawls may be organized using an open-top bus or small van. The main aim of a pub crawl is to experience a variety of local bars, clubs, and pubs in one night, discovering new drinks and immersing yourself in the city’s culture.

What Makes A Pub Crawl Special in Barcelona?

Barcelona has a notoriously exciting nightlife scene, and the city is filled with a huge variety of bars and clubs. Joining a pub crawl in Barcelona allows you to explore several different bars in a single night while partaking in fun activities and sampling lots of different drinks along the way.

One of these pub crawls is the Barcelona Original Pub Crawl, where you can join in with free shots! These free shots are offered at certain points throughout the night and usually consist of a variety of popular Spanish drinks such as Estrella beer or Jägermeister mixed with lemon-lime soda. As the night progresses, you’ll visit a variety of local bars (each chosen for its unique atmosphere and selection of drinks) and finish up in one of Barcelona’s world-renowned clubs. It’s a great way to socialize, have fun, and get to know Barcelona’s nightlife scene.

What to Expect on a Barcelona Original Pub Crawl With Free Shots

Barcelona Original Pub Crawls offer several distinct advantages compared to other tours of Spain’s most vibrant city. Firstly, they provide you with an experienced tour guide who will be with you at all times to ensure your safety and make sure you have the best time possible. They also feature the aforementioned free shots, which are served at certain points throughout the night.

The pub crawl starts out in Museum Bar with welcome drinks, before progressing on to lively bars such as Oveja Negra and Chupitos. From there, it moves onto the music venue Vaca Brava and finally to Club Pacha – one of Barcelona’s most popular nightclubs. Throughout the night, you’ll be able to sample traditional Spanish drinks such as Estrella beer and enjoy music ranging from rock and roll to techno.

In addition to providing a comprehensive introduction to Barcelona’s nightlife culture, the Barcelona original pub crawl with free shots offers several other benefits. You can take advantage of exclusive discounts at each bar on the tour, making it a great value night out. They also provide a souvenir cup so you can take home a little piece of Spain with you wherever you go!

Why Should You Participate In The Pub Crawl?

The Barcelona original pub crawl with free shots is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the buzzing Spanish culture, meet other travelers, enjoy some unique drinks, and explore complexes such as Vaca Brava and Club Pacha. It’s an exciting experience filled with fun activities and plenty of surprises!

You won’t have to worry about extra costs either – entry fees are already included in the price of the tour, so all you need to do is show up ready for a night of excitement! Tickets also include a free shot at each bar (for those over 18 years old) along with exclusive discounts on drinks at certain locations.

How Do You Sign Up For The Barcelona Original Pub Crawl?

If this sounds like something you would like to take part in, finding out how to sign up for the pub crawl is easy! All you need to do is head over to Get Your Guide, where you will find all the information you need about this fantastic event. From there, you can book tickets in advance – that way you can make sure you don’t miss out on experiencing this incredible tour for yourself!

Other Experiences To Enjoy On Your Trip To Barcelona

In addition to the Barcelona original pub crawl with free shots, there are plenty of other experiences that make visiting Barcelona so special. From its Mediterranean beaches to its world-renowned food scene, there are plenty of things that make this city unique and unforgettable.

If you’re looking for something outdoorsy with a touch of culture, then why not take a day trip to Montserrat Monastery? This beautiful mountain range offers some incredible views of the skyline and will give you insight into the history and heritage of Catalonia. Or why not discover some of Barcelona’s hidden local gems on a private food tour? There are plenty of amazing restaurants dotted around the city that offer truly delicious Catalan cuisine – a must-experience when in the area!

Finally, escape from your daily life and reward yourself by relaxing at the spa in Barcelona. After all that sightseeing any tourist would appreciate some pampering – what better way than to indulge yourself in some luxurious spa treatments such as massages and facials?

If you want to experience all that Barcelona has to offer during your stay, then join in on the original pub crawl with free shots – it won’t disappoint! You can find more information about this incredible event on Get Your Guide.

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Barcelona Original Pub Crawl With Free Shots

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