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Berlin Breakfast Guide

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Berlin Breakfast Guide

If you’re looking for the best breakfast spots in Berlin, you’ve come to the right place! Berlin is a vibrant city with many exciting places for visitors to explore, and there is no better way to start your day than with a hearty breakfast. This Berlin breakfast guide will provide some of the best breakfast places in the city, covering all the different styles of breakfast from traditional German breakfast pubs to modern vegan cafes. Each spot will be located in the central parts of Berlin and have a website or online portfolio listed to further showcase what they have to offer. From hearty traditional German meals to fresh, locally-sourced produce, this guide will make sure your morning meal is as good as it can be.

Hagelsberger Cafe

Hagelsberger Cafe is the perfect spot for anyone looking for a traditional German breakfast experience. Located in the upscale Prenzlauer Berg district, this small cafe serves up some of the city’s tastiest breakfast dishes. The menu offers German favorites such as Rührei mit Toast, Spiegelei mit Toast and Knusperlaibchen mit Butter, as well as a selection of cheese, meats and salads. Many of the dishes are cooked using local, organic ingredients and are generously sized. This cafe is a great place to go for a traditional but still unique Berlin breakfast, with a welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff.

Hagelsberger Cafe is definitely worth a visit and makes for a pleasant start to your day.

Graue Industrietage

Graue Industrietage is a modern cafe and restaurant which opened in 2017 in Neukölln, formerly an industrial district and now one of the city’s trendiest neighborhoods. The cafe offers an exciting blend of Asian-inspired and locally sourced dishes, including traditional breakfasts such as bao buns, dumplings and congee. For those looking for something a bit more unusual, Graue Industrietage also serves a selection of vegan breakfasts and smoothie bowls. The atmosphere here is incredibly relaxed and the interior is colorful and quirky, making it the perfect spot for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Berlin while still enjoying some delicious food.

For an exciting and unique breakfast experience, Graue Industrietage is an excellent choice.

Kaffeebar Mitte

Kaffeebar Mitte is one of the most popular cafes in Mitte, located conveniently close to Hackescher Markt S-Bahn station. It opened in 2014 and since then has been serving up delicious coffee and homemade brunch dishes made from organic and local ingredients. From healthy smoothie bowls to indulgent pancakes, Kaffeebar Mitte has something for everyone. The cafe also serves up its own specialty coffee blends, known as “Kaffeebar Signature Blends,” which are guaranteed to ensure a pleasant start to your day.

For a delicious brunch with some of the city’s best coffee, Kaffeebar Mitte is an excellent place to go.

Cafe an Ullrich Klein

Cafe an Ullrich Klein is a cozy cafe located in Berlin’s Friedrichshain district. It is known for serving classic German breakfasts, such as müsli with yoghurt, boiled eggs with butter and rolls and cheese platters with freshly-baked bread. The atmosphere here is relaxed but cosy, with plenty of seating and a warm welcome from its friendly staff. The prices are also reasonable, making it an ideal spot for anyone looking for a cheap but high-quality breakfast experience in Berlin.

If you’re looking for a classic German breakfast at an affordable price, Cafe an Ullrich Klein is definitely worth checking out.

Die Mumu

Die Mumu is a stylish cafe for those looking for something more modern. Located in the Prenzlauer Berg area, this cafe has a light and airy interior design and serves up some of the city’s tastiest vegan fare. Die Mumu’s menu offers breakfast dishes such as vegan waffles, pancakes and muesli as well as more classic options such as a full English fry-up. The quaint cafe also offers some creative dishes such as hummus toasties and chickpea salads, helping ensure you get all the nutrients you need to kickstart your day.

Die Mumu is perfect for those looking for a vegan-friendly cafe with great something great tasting food. For an out-of-the-box experience, Die Mumu offers an excellent selection of plant-based dishes.

All these cafes provide excellent options for everyone looking to have an enjoyable start to their day in Berlin, no matter what type of breakfast you’re looking for! From hearty German specialties to modern vegan fare, this Berlin breakfast guide should have more than enough options for the most discerning diner – just remember to check out the websites before you go to check availability and opening times!

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