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Berlin Pub Crawl Guide: Explore the Diverse Bar Scene

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Berlin Pub Crawl Guide: Explore the Diverse Bar Scene

Berlin has so much to offer, from historical and architectural sites to eclectic culture and new experiences. Even if you’re usually the type to hang around at home, you must plan a tour of the city’s diverse bar scene – and what better way to do it than with a pub crawl? This guide will take you through some of the best spots for a late-night adventure, offering an unforgettable night of drinks, food, and memories.

Starting Your Pub Crawl in Berlin

Your pub crawl should begin at Zollpackhof. This legendary bar was once a café bar offering cultural aspects and aesthetics throughout the 17th century. This iconic location might be pricey, but you can catch a glimpse of what life used to look like in Berlin. What defines this pub crawl spot is its ancient beer taps, wooden furniture, and an outstanding selection of lagers. There’s even a dancefloor which is heated during winter months!

This is a great spot to get your night started, whether you just want to grab a few beers or dance to the old-school house music with friends. The atmosphere is excellent and the drinks are strong, definitely something for everyone in here. Personally, I’d definitely visit again when I’m back in Berlin!

Next Stop on Your Pub Crawl – Fuchsbau

Continue your pub crawl by heading over to Fuchsbau, situated in Berlin’s famous Mitte District. This spot has become an essential stop for tourists and locals alike, especially if you’re ready for a full night of partying. As you might have guessed based on the name, expect to find extravagant fox touches inside – there are stuffed foxes perched on almost every corner of the bar and even furniture resembling the animal!

Fuchsbau is open until 5am on weekends and features great DJ sets which are both diverse and unique. The main reason why putting this spot on your pub crawl route is imperative is because there’s a little bit of something for everyone – you can come here to have some amazing drinks and socialize, or almost turn it into a mini club with its amazing tunes. I must admit that this spot did not disappoint me and I’ll visit again when I’m next in Berlin!

Stagger Around Next to Chelsea Bar

Your next stop should be one of Berlin’s oldest bars – the Chelsea Bar Berlin. This joint was established many years ago and was mostly known for its rich clientele and fascinating clientele who were regulars at the establishment since day one.

Although this has changed a tad in recent years, Chelsea Bar still offers a luxurious time with its wood-paneled walls, classic sofas, chandeliers, and historical photos decorating the walls, while they also serve delicious food items all night long and plenty of unique drinks both alcoholic and not. Furthermore, you can also make full use of their exceptional beer selection if you feel like it!

I can’t deny that I felt an old-school vibe while there and if you’re looking for something exclusive while pub-crawling in Berlin then this could be one of your best options. The drinks are reasonably priced and the atmosphere is great – I’d definitely come back if I get another chance.

Fortune Bar Is One Spot You Don’t Want to Miss

Heading on further into your pub crawl route you should end up at Fortune Bar, a place which defies all expectations of a typical bar in Berlin –this spot is known for its neo-bauhaus style which looks stunning during nighttime escapes. Aside from its amazing design which stands out from other bars in the city, Fortune Bar offers one-of-a-kind drinks with some excellent top-shelf spirits, loads of craft beer options both bottled and on tap, and plenty more surprises behind the bar.

What makes this place special is its friendly staff who will guarantee an enjoyable time every meeting – whether it’s home-made frozen caipirinha or ice-cold whiskey on the rocks! Furthermore, this spot is additionally opened until 4am on weekends, so go on ahead and indulge in drinks as late as you’d like – don’t even worry about closing time! In my opinion, Fortune’s Bar brilliant mix of great services, extensive alcohol selection and friendly vibes makes it a must-visit spot while pub-crawling around Berlin.

Final Pub Crawl Stop – Ritter Butzke Club

The sixth pub crawl spot you shouldn’t miss out on is the Ritter Butzke Club, which stands out due to its stunning combination of great techno music, delicious drinks and an unforgettable clubbing experience overall – this place is known as one of Berlin’s best night clubs!

As you might have guessed from its name, this club was previously a horse stable where it got its pieces from along its way to becoming one of Berlin’s top clubs. With exquisite cosmetic wealthings such as sculptures, lamps and furniture that reminds us of typical antique shops, this spot isn’t one which should miss out on your pub crawl list – especially if you’re in the mood to dance until the morning sunrise!

One thing that pretty much sets Ritter Butzke Club apart from other clubs in Berlin is its variety. Here you can listen to genres ranging from ambient melodies to Hip Hop beats at times when most clubs would rather play the more conventional House Music – so if you’d like to enjoy something different while still having the chance to bust all your favorite moves then this venue should be your number one option! I had an awesome time here and I’d come back given the opportunity.


All in all, Berlin is home to a variety of excellent bars, pubs and clubs which form part of any pub crawl’s itinerary. Whether you’re looking for more traditional spots such as Zollpackhof or more idiosyncratic ones like Fortune Bar, there’s something suitable for every taste. The key is to do your research before hitting the streets and make sure you talk with staff and locals to find out about their personal recommendations – after all, any successful pub crawl begins with proper preparation!

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Berlin Pub Crawl Guide: Explore the Diverse Bar Scene

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