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Brussels: Guided Walking Tour in Brussels – Exploring the City’s Beauty and Historical Wonders

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Brussels: Guided Walking Tour in Brussels – Exploring the City’s Beauty and Historical Wonders

If you’re visiting Brussels, exploring the city on a guided walking tour can be one of the best ways to see all its different sights. From the bars and cafes of Grand Place to the manicured parks of Ixelles and historic monuments around the city centre, this city is packed with attractions to explore.In this guide, we’ll take a look at the different guided walking tours on offer in Brussels, what each tour provides and what you can expect to learn and see when exploring the city on foot. We’ll also provide some additional tips to help you get the most out of your visit and provide a link to a website that can help you book your walking tour of Brussels.

Tips for exploring Brussels on a guided walking tour

Before we get into the details of the available tour options, here are some tips for making sure you get the most out of your guided walking tour of Brussels.

  • Book in advance: The best way to guarantee your place on a guided walking tour of Brussels is to book in advance. As tours are popular, particularly during peak tourist period, it pays to make sure you have your booking secure.
  • Bring appropriate clothing: A guided walking tour of Brussels will likely see you outside for several hours, so make sure you bring appropriate clothing. Comfort is key, but bear in mind the ever-changing weather in Brussels (it can turn quite chilly quite quickly).
  • Bring a camera: A guided walking tour of Brussels is an excellent way to see some of the city’s best sights. Make sure you bring a camera with you and take lots of photos. Not only will it keep your memories alive but it’s also a great way to show off your visit to friends and family back home!
  • Take regular breaks: Exploring a city on foot can take its toll over time, particularly if you aren’t used to extended periods of walking. Make sure you take regular breaks (particularly if you are with small children) and grab drinks and snacks along the route.

Different guided walking tours available in Brussels

Now that you know some tips for exploring Brussels on a guided walking tour, it’s time to take a look at the different options available. Here are some of the top picks when it comes to discovering this wonderful city.

Grand Place Tour

The Grand Place Tour is one of the most popular guided walking tours in Brussels and looks at some of the city’s renowned landmarks. This two-hour tour takes place early morning and covers sights such as Town Hall and the Ixelles Town Hall, as well as some of the stories that have helped shape Brussels’ history. The tour group is generally kept quite small (around 10 people) so there’s plenty of opportunity to ask questions along the route.

Galleries Tour

The Galleries Tour is a one-hour tour, which takes visitors through the opulent Salons D’israël and Jacques, as well as numerous other art galleries across central Brussels. Visitors learn about the works on display across these galleries as well as how they helped shape the city’s culture. There are likely to be quite a few crowds during this tour, as some galleries can become quite popular, but it’s certainly worth braving them for the opportunity to learn more about Brussels’ art scene.


The ROYAL Tour is a chance to explore Brussels from an entirely different perspective. This two-hour tour takes place in the evening and covers many of the city’s iconic landmarks, all illuminated for an extra magical feel. Along with monuments and iconic buildings like Parc du Cinquantenaire, Manneken Pis, and Red Light District, visitors will also be treated to panoramic views from atop Mont des Arts and other parts of the city centre.

The Bourse Tour

The Bourse Tour provides an insight into the economic investment industry in Belgium and focuses largely around Place de la Bourse (otherwise known as Stock Exchange Square). Tour-takers learn about how companies were born here – and how financial successes were bolstered or broken by market fates – as well as how this has impacted the politics and culture of modern day Belgium.

Free Tours Brussels

Sometimes, people aren’t interested in following a specific tour itinerary, but would rather follow their own individual path through Belgium’s capital. For those who don’t require a guide or an itinerary but are looking for ideas about where to go and what to see, Free Tours Brussels may be just the ticket. They offer tailored walking tours around the main sights of Brussels – such as Grand Place, Manneken Pis, Porte de Hal Gateway, Mont des Arts and lots more – without having to sign up for a set itinerary.

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When it comes down to actually booking your guided walking tour in Brussels, then GetYourGuide is one of the best directories for finding good quality tour operators. From here, you can find the right tour for you, read reviews from previous customers, compare prices and make sure that your choice is the right one. Booking through GetYourGuide also means that you can be sure of three things: firstly, that your requirements will be met by experienced guides with professionalism and expertise; secondly, that you will have access to customer service 24/7; and thirdly, that your money is safe—all payments are securely encrypted and information is kept 100% confidential. To book your perfect guided walking tour in Brussels today, head over to GetYourGuide. Whatever experience you choose—from exploring Medieval sites to modern day markets—we guarantee that you will have an experience like never before. And what’s more? You’ll come away with plenty of knowledge of this amazing European city – something that will stay with you forever!

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Brussels: Guided Walking Tour in Brussels – Exploring the City’s Beauty and Historical Wonders

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