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Bucharest’s Nightlife Scene

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Bucharest’s Nightlife Scene

Bucharest has quickly become known as one of Europe’s hottest cities for nightlife. With its vibrant entertainment, lively bars and clubs, and diverse music scenes, the Romanian capital is definitely one to watch. From underground scenes to grand rooftop bars and infamous nightclubs, Bucharest’s nightlife has something to offer everyone. Whether you are a resident looking to explore more of the city or a visitor wanting to experience the vibrant nightlife of Europe, this guide will take you through some of the best spots Bucharest has to offer.

Control Club

Control Club is the hub of Bucharest’s alternative music scene. Located in the Old Town, it offers an underground experience with events ranging from live concerts and DJ sets to parties and workshops. The environment is relaxed and welcoming, while the music selection covers many genres. With a focus on hosting quality acts and creating an all-encompassing music experience, Control Club is a great place to check out for those looking for some alternative nightlife in Bucharest. Control Club also offers a variety of food and drinks throughout the day, making it the perfect spot for day time socializing. My personal opinion: It’s a great place to experience Bucharest’s nightlife in an alternative way.


With stunning views from the roof of Athens’ Iconic Palace, Skybar offers an exclusive nightlife experience. The exclusive rooftop bar with outdoor terrace, is a perfect spot for sipping cocktails, overlooking the city below. Furthermore, Skybar is also home to some of the city’s best events including themed parties and live DJs. The bar serves a wide selection of drinks and also food which makes it perfect all day hangout spot. My personal opinion: I would totally recommend it! The rooftop terrace alone is worth a visit.

Boiler Club

Boiler Club is one of the cities most iconic nightclubs. Located in the city centre, Boiler Club puts together some of the best Hip Hop, Latin, Reggae and Soca parties in Bucharest. With multiple bars, two floors and a dedicated DJ box, this club is brings intense vibes for all guests throughout the year. The club also hosts famous resident DJs as well as international guests throughout the year. My personal opinion: A definite must-go for any nightlife enthusiast! The music selection is beautifully curated and the vibes here are always top-notch.

Fratelli Social Club

Fratelli Social Club takes partying to a whole new level with its lavish shows, gorgeous decoration, and classy interiors. This luxury nightclub is located in Unirii square in Old Town and their main attraction is the weekly live shows with spectacular dancers accompanied by international DJs throughout summer months. Behind their glamorous exterior hides a sophisticated feel that creates an unforgettable nightlife experience in Bucharest. My personal opinion: Simply breathtaking and highly recommended for anyone who wants to feel the high end nightlife experience in Bucharest.

Buena Vista Social House

A less well-known club, but no less popular with locals, is Buena Vista Social House. Located near Herastrau Park and built as a replica of an old Southern Townhouse, this is Bucharest’s only Latin themed club. Buena Vista Social House plays roots salsa and reggaeton until late and their events are always filled with great energy and dancing. Whether you are looking to enjoy the clubs unique vibe or salsa your night away, this is definitely the go-to spot. My personal opinion:The dance floor was very inviting and I had a great evening out at this place! Highly recommended!

MOOZ Rozelor

If you want an unforgettable rooftop experience while taking in breathtaking views of the city, head over to MOOZ Rozelor. Located on top of the famous Bucharest office building MO09 on Rosu Street, MOOZ Rozelor offers wide views across the skyline from its large terrace decked out with cosy couches under beautiful decorations. Whether it be its signature cocktails or its Saturday night themed parties, this place is definitely worth checking out for some unforgettable moments. My personal opinion: I love the views from here and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an evening of relaxed vibes with stunning views of the city.


B48 was created with a punk-rock ethos and still maintains that vibe today. Open until dawn seven days a week you can always find a good crowd grooving away. Various genres of music fill their two floors of fun on any given evening including Rock ’n’ Roll, Alternative and Electronic music. Boasting two bars, an outside terrace and a wide variety of drinks to sip on all night long, this place will not disappoint when looking for some great entertainment in Bucharest. My personal opinion: A great place for electric nights that always put me in a good mood!

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