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Caminito del Rey Guided Tour in Province of Málaga​

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Caminito del Rey Guided Tour in Province of Málaga​

Are you planning to visit Costa del Sol & Málaga and want to experience the beauty and grandeur of the historic Caminito del Rey? If you answered yes, you’re in luck! This ancient and spectacular walking route stretching along the steep walls of El Gaitan gorge allows you to view some of the majestic sites of Andalusia. The classic and beautiful province of Málaga has much to offer, and a guided tour through the Caminito del Rey is an experience that’s a must-do for both experienced hikers and casual wanderers alike.

What is the Caminito del Rey?

The Caminito del Rey is a spectacular walking route in the province of Malaga, following a path along the steep walls of the El Gaitan gorge in the Sierra de los Gaitanes Nature Reserve. There are more than seven kilometres of paths, boardwalks, viaducts, bridges, and staircases at heights of more than 100 metres offering visitors stunning views of both the Spanish countryside and the Mediterranean Sea. The walk was originally created in 1905 by King Alfonso XII, hence its name, Caminito del Rey (the King’s Little Path). This route was initially used by workers in the hydroelectric station of Presa de Chinche to transport machinery and materials across some of the most accessible parts of the canyon.

History of Caminito del Rey

The route was conceived between 1901 and 1905, when Alfonso XII commissioned a project to be conducted by the Ministry of Development and designed by engineer Eduardo Torroja. It included the construction of the Caminito del Rey along with two viaducts and a railway line.

The construction, realised with rudimentary methods and lacking adequate safety measures, was extremely dangerous. At its peak, Caminito del Rey included stone columns, guard walls, and metal wedges fixed directly into the rock. Its final length was over 6 kilometres, stretching up to 670 m in altitude between the towns of Ardales, Antequera and Álora.

During this time, the route had become a popular spot among hikers, cyclists, and mountaineers alike. However, by 1999 it was closed due to security issues. It was reopened in 2015 after extensive renovation work on both the route itself and its safety measures (as required by the international protection standards set out by the ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance certification). The current path has 674 platforms (termed “vaults”) stretching along 2 sectioned accesses, one from El Chorro station and one from Ardales area. The new Caminito del Rey follows pretty much the same route as before but with improved safety features including nets that can be attached to trees or rocks for greater safety along some sections.

What You Can Expect On A Guided Tour

On a Caminito del Rey guided tour, you can expect a memorable adventure that will take you through some of Andalusia’s finest sites. You will:

  • Hear stories of the area’s fascinating history
  • Explore nature’s exquisite beauty
  • Trek over bridges and viaducts suspended 100m above the canyon floor
  • Gain a greater appreciation for life’s precious gifts
  • Gain an unforgettable experience

A guided tour is a great way to make sure that you get the most out of your visit to Caminito del Rey. You’ll be expertly guided by an experienced guide who knows all about the history and culture that make up this stunning location. You’ll also receive insider tips on how to make the most of your trek. Most importantly, though, you’ll get to enjoy an incredible journey without ever feeling unsafe or unknowing of where to go next. This can be especially reassuring for those who may not feel completely confident exploring such an ancient and imposing place on their own.

Practical Information For A Successful Trip

Before setting off on your journey, here’s some essential information to ensure that you have a successful trip:

  • Age & Fitness: As with any physical activity, it’s important to consider your age and fitness levels before embarking on a guided tour of Caminito del Rey. While this trail is suitable for all ages, it is fairly physical so make sure that you’re suitably prepared for it.
  • Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit Caminito del Rey is during springtime or early summer when temperatures are cooler and views are at their best. The optimal months to visit are April through to June.
  • Time Required: Allow between four and five hours for your trip. Take plenty of water as temperatures can be high during summer months.
  • Travelling Light: You don’t need any extra equipment or special clothing for this tour as everything you need is provided during the tour experience.

Reasons To Book Your Guided Tour With GetYourGuide​

GetYourGuide is one of the best places to book a guided tour of Caminito del Rey. They offer multiple packages ranging from half-day to full-day trips for various numbers of people. All their tours provide visitors with an amazing experience that is sure to leave them with lasting memories. To make things even better, they also have trained professionals who are familiar with the area’s route and can provide expert advice throughout your trip. Other reasons to book your guided tour with GetYourGuide include:

  • Safety: The tour guides provided by GetYourGuide have been trained in safety procedures so you can feel assured that your trip will be safe. Each guide is also an expert on the area and can provide you with tips on how to stay safe throughout your hike.
  • Hassle-Free Experience: You don’t need any extra equipment or special clothing for this guided tour. Everything you need is provided for you including pick-up and drop-off from your accommodation.
  • Value For Money: The packages provided by GetYourGuide are great value for money when compared to other providers.
  • Excellent Support Team: GetYourGuide has an excellent support team who are always available to answer any queries you may have.
  • Book Online Securely: You can book your guaranteed spot with GetYourGuide online securely with major credit cards or PayPal.

If you’re looking for an experience that will leave you with lasting memories, then look no further than GetYourGuide’s guided tours at Caminito Del Rey in Málaga. With its unique combination of stunning scenery and thrilling adventure, it’s the perfect way to explore this historic Andalusian province! So don’t hesitate, book your trip today – secure your spot here!.

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Caminito del Rey Guided Tour in Province of Málaga​

Experience Adventure Like Never Before: Book Your Tour Today!