Can You Bring Alcohol On an Airplane to Nadi?

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Can You Bring Alcohol On an Airplane to Nadi?

Imagine packing for a long flight to Nadi, the third-largest island in Fiji, only to realize you’ve forgotten to check whether you’re allowed to bring your favorite bottle of scotch with you. The good news is that the Fiji Airways limits passengers to bring their favorite alcoholic beverages to Nadi, following specific regulations. The bad news is that you must follow a few rules and regulations to pack and transport them safely, ensuring that you sail smoothly through the security checkpoints.

Alcohol Limitations on Airplanes to Nadi

The travel regulations for bringing alcohol aboard the plane differs for each airline company, and Fiji Airways is no exception. Therefore, passengers should familiarize themselves with the Fiji Airways liquor limitations on flights to Nadi. The airline allows each passenger to bring a single-case of commercial Alcohol, consisting of nine liters or less, in their carry-on luggage, allowing them to entirely skip the luggage carousel at Nadi International Airport. However, if you’re carrying alcohol in your checked-in luggage, ensure that it weighs no more than 5kg, and that the liquid is safely packed in the manufacturer’s original packaging or properly concealed in a plastic or foam container with sealed taped lids.

Moreover, the 5kg only applies to passengers who are 18 years and older, and the airline imposes a limit of two liters of alcohol per passenger. Fiji Airways prohibits any alcohol with an alcohol content of more than 70%, flammable substances like beer, wine, and spirits in cans, and homemade alcohol or alcohol packaged in bottles larger than 1 liter. If your alcohol collection doesn’t comply with the Fiji Airways regulations, the airline holds the right to discard or refuse the package, meaning you’ll lose your prized possessions.

The Cost of Bringing Alcohol to Nadi

You must also consider the cost implications of bringing alcohol with you to Nadi. Fiji applies a duty and tax on all imported liquor, including duty-free from the aircraft. If you are carrying any alcohol above the 2-liter limit, you must pay the excise duty, which usually ranges from FJD15 to FJD60 per liter of alcohol. However, if you are buying duty-free alcohol to bring to Nadi, you are allowed to bring goods worth FJD1000, where the first FJD500 is exempted from duty and VAT, with the remainder subject to a calculated duty and VAT rate.

The Consequences of Breaking the Rules

As we have seen, there are specific regulations governing the transportation of alcohol aboard Fiji Airways planes. Besides, as with any regulation, breaking one comes with its own risk levels. If Fiji Airways security discovers you have more than the prescribed 2-litre alcoholic limit or that the liquids are exceeding the weight limits, you may face an expensive fine, denial of boarding, or even a severe penalty, including imprisonment, under Fiji’s and international aviation laws.


In conclusion, while Fiji Airways permits a specific quantity of alcohol aboard its planes when flying to Nadi, passengers must follow specific rules to avoid facing any legal repercussions. Be sure to review the regulations concerning alcohol transportation and their limits, weight limits, and duty payments. You should pack and seal the Alcohol appropriately in their original packaging or sealed plastic containers, ensuring they are within the allowed limits. By following these regulations diligently, you can enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverages while exploring the sunny beaches and stunning resorts of Nadi without any worry or hassle.

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