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Can You Take a Cruise From Puerto Vallarta?

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Can You Take a Cruise From Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta is a popular port of call for cruise ships. Located in the state of Jalisco on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, this resort town is considered one of the most beautiful destinations in Mexico. With stunning beaches, vibrant shopping, and delectable seafood, Puerto Vallarta is a well-known cruise destination.

In recent years, the port infrastructure has been significantly improved, allowing more cruise ships to call on Puerto Vallarta. Whether you’re looking for a sun-soaked beach holiday, a cultural excursion inland, or simply want to dismiss some of the larger crowds of Cancun, Puerto Vallarta may be the right choice for you.

Cruise Lines That Call at Puerto Vallarta

Several cruise lines regularly call at Puerto Vallarta, most of them Mexican-based. These include Oceánica, Pullmantur, Gran Puerto Vallarta, and Royal Caribbean. Oceánica also includes sister lines, such as Princess and Riviera Cruise Lines.

You can often find a variety of themed cruises to select from when sailing from Puerto Vallarta, including romantic voyages, diving cruises, city tours, and culinary trips. Depending on the time of year, you can also book several holiday cruises from the city as well.

Besides the major cruise lines listed above, there are other lesser-known ones you may want to investigate in your research. TravelPulse offers a thorough overview of the best cruises departing Puerto Vallarta and their features.

Cruise Destinations From Puerto Vallarta

Depending on your preference and the duration of your journey, there are several pacific ports you can choose from. These include Baja California peninsula cities such as Los Cabos and Mazatlán, as well as Ixtapa, Manzanillo, and Acapulco further south. End destinations may involve longer voyages that reach along the West Coast of Mexico to Central America and the Caribbean; here you will find spots like Costa Rica, Colombia, Belize City, Cuba and Jamaica, and even the Bahamas on occasion.

Beyond Mexico, you can also find international ports of call during long-term cruises from this port of departure. Examples include islands in the Caribbean such as Guadalupe and Martinique in the Lesser Antilles; as well as Aruba, St. Maarten, and Curacao off the coast of Venezuela.

Types of Ships That Sail to Puerto Vallarta

No matter your preference in tourism, you can pretty much be certain that you’ll find the right ship for your needs in Puerto Vallarta’s port. Cruise passengers can choose between several types of ships and even decide between luxury and more moderately-priced options.

Some of the ships that visit Puerto Vallarta include top-notch luxury vessels such as the Regent Seven Seas Voyager; as well as more reasonably-priced large cruise liners such as Norwegian Star. Short cruises can even be found onboard smaller ships such as Costa Magica or smaller ocean liners such as Pacific Jewel.

What You Should Keep in Mind When Taking a Cruise From Puerto Vallarta

Cruises departing from Puerto Vallarta are quite popular this time of year; however there are some important things that passengers should consider beforehand.

For starters, remember that a valid passport plus any sort of visa is required for entry into another country (if you go beyond Mexico). Additionally, it’s important to remember that so-called “cruise deals” that sometimes appear too good to be true usually are – so be wary!

It’s also advisable that newcomers to cruising should read up on both their port’s regulations and possible amenities they may find onboard their chosen vessel (since different ships offer different services).

Tipping is also expected both onboard staff and during shore excursions; fortunately you can easily expect up-to-date tipping guidelines with your traveler’s information packet when you embark the ship.


Cruises departing from Puerto Vallarta offer passengers stunning views, interesting excursions ashore and plenty of fun onboard! With adequate preparation and knowledge about your voyage and its port regulations, you could be living what might end up being the vacation experience of your lifetime.

An Insider’s Guide to Puerto Vallarta: Uncovering Hidden Gems and Authentic Experiences

Puerto Vallarta is a charming coastal town in Mexico, known for its serene beaches, lovely weather, and vibrant culture. While the city offers several popular tourist attractions, some hidden treasures await those who are willing to explore further. In this insider’s guide, we’ll take you on a journey to discover the lesser-known corners of Puerto Vallarta and unveil some of the city’s hidden gems.

Local Attractions: Discovering Hidden Gems

While the city has several well-known attractions such as El Malecon boardwalk, the Old Town, and the Botanical Gardens, Puerto Vallarta has some lesser-known destinations that are worth a visit. The Cuale Island flea market and the people’s church at the top of the hill offer scenic views of the city. Take a trip to Colomitos Beach, the smallest beach in Mexico, or visit the Arcos de Mismaloya, a cluster of rocky islands with a mesmerizing scenic view. You can also visit Casa Kimberley, a historic villa that was once the residence of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

Dining Spots: Savoring the Local Cuisine

Puerto Vallarta is known for its savory culinary delights that reflect the city’s vibrant culture and heritage. For breakfast, head to Fredy’s Tucan for delicious chilaquiles or Cafe des Artistes for a gourmet brunch. For lunch, enjoy some fish tacos at Mariscos Cisneros or try the fruity ceviche at La Palapa. In the evening, indulge in tequila and tacos at El Barracuda or La Serenata. For a romantic dinner, visit the iconic La Leche restaurant and taste their innovative fusion cuisine.

Cultural Experiences: Embracing the Local Traditions

Puerto Vallarta is immersed in rich customs and traditions that offer a glimpse into Mexico’s vibrant culture. During your visit, participate in the local festivities like Dia de los Muertos, which is celebrated in October-November. You can also enroll in a culinary or handicrafts course to learn the local traditions and handcrafts. Attend the adventurous Rhythms of the Night ceremony that features music, dance, and theatrical performances or watch a live Mariachi performance at Garibaldi Plaza.

Local History: Unveiling Intriguing Stories

While Puerto Vallarta is known for its sunny beaches and lovely resorts, the city also holds a rich history with diverse tales of its past. Discover the city’s fascinating history by visiting iconic landmarks like the Los Arcos Amphitheater or the preserved ruins of the Pueblo Viejo. Visit the Municipal and Naval Historical Museum to learn about the city’s colorful past or explore the Old Town area and discover the architecture inspired by Spanish colonial history.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Suggestions: Exploring Authentic Experiences

When it comes to exploring Puerto Vallarta, there is more than meets the eye. To go beyond the conventional attractions, consider visiting Boca de Tomatlan, a peaceful and less crowded beach destination. Take a hike to the hidden El Salado oasis, which is a beautiful sanctuary that houses several endangered plants and animals. Attend a plantation tour and learn about the local tequila-making process, or take a sunset cruise tour to soak in the beauty of Puerto Vallarta’s coast.


In this insider’s guide, we have revealed some of the hidden gems of Puerto Vallarta that often go unnoticed by travelers. From the local attractions to dining spots, cultural experiences, history to off-the-beaten-path suggestions, there are plenty of authentic and unique experiences to enjoy in Puerto Vallarta. We hope this guide inspires you to explore the city and create everlasting memories.

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Can You Take a Cruise From Puerto Vallarta?

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