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Capuchins Crypt Entrance Ticket: A Glimpse Into Vienna’s History

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Capuchins Crypt Entrance Ticket: A Glimpse Into Vienna’s History

Vienna is a city marked by its rich history and cultural heritage, so it’s no surprise that thousands of tourists flock there each year to experience it for themselves. If you’re someone who’s planning to visit this beautiful city, it’s likely that you have a few questions about what to see and do while you’re there.

What is the Capuchins Crypt?

The Capuchins Crypt, also known as the Imperial Crypt, is a unique historical site located in the heart of Vienna. This crypt was the final resting place for the Habsburg rulers and their families for over 400 years. It’s situated below the Capuchin church and monastery, and the entrance ticket offers visitors a glimpse into the powerful Habsburg Empire’s fascinating history. If you’re interested in learning about Austria’s rich cultural heritage, the Capuchins Crypt is a must-see.

What are the highlights of the Capuchins Crypt Entrance Ticket?

The Capuchins Crypt Entrance Ticket has plenty of exciting highlights that are sure to impress visitors who enjoy history and culture. When you book a ticket, you’ll get to see the burial places of Emperor Franz Joseph and his famous wife, Empress Elisabeth, among others. With over 140 coffins and urns, including those of Habsburg rulers and members of their court, this is a fantastic opportunity to walk through 400 years of Austrian and European history.

What can you expect to see on your visit to the Capuchins Crypt?

Visitors to the Capuchins Crypt will see a vast complex of burial chambers with ornate tombs and chapels. The crypt is organized into several chambers, each with its own unique character and atmosphere. The highlight of the crypt and the reason many visitors come is the Chapel of the Holy Cross, where you’ll find the remains of Emperor Franz Joseph I, Empress Elisabeth, and other Habsburg members. Visitors can also explore a section dedicated to the Habsburgs who were married into European royalty, including Napoleon’s second wife, Empress Marie Louise. If you’re keen to learn about the fascinating history of Austria and the Habsburg dynasty, then the Capuchins Crypt is well worth adding to your itinerary.

Why should you book the Capuchins Crypt Entrance Ticket?

Booking an entrance ticket to the Capuchins Crypt is an excellent way to get a glimpse into Vienna’s rich history and culture. During your visit, you’ll learn about the powerful Habsburgs, see where they were laid to rest, and explore a site steeped in history. The crypt is an awe-inspiring location and an excellent opportunity for photography enthusiasts to snap some incredible shots. The knowledge you’ll gain adds to your appreciation of Vienna’s beautiful architecture, with the Capuchin church and monastery above serving as a beautiful backdrop.

How do you book the Capuchins Crypt Entrance Ticket?

Booking an entrance ticket to the Capuchins Crypt is straightforward. Head to GetYourGuide and book your tickets online. They offer a range of ticket types, including a tour guide or an audio guide, which can help you to learn more about the crypt’s history and significance. To book, just click on the following link and select the options that work best for you.


The Capuchins Crypt Entrance Ticket allows visitors to explore Vienna’s vibrant history and culture through the lens of a powerful dynasty. By exploring the burial places of the Habsburgs, including Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth, visitors can experience the historical roots of Vienna. If you’re keen to learn about Austria’s cultural heritage, the Capuchins Crypt is well worth adding to your itinerary. So why not book your tickets today and see for yourself all the crypt has to offer?

An Insider’s Guide to Vienna: Beyond Tourist Hotspots

If you’re planning a trip to Vienna, you likely have a long list of popular landmarks and attractions on your itinerary. While places like St. Stephen’s Cathedral and Schönbrunn Palace are undoubtedly worth a visit, don’t neglect the hidden gems that make Vienna such a fascinating city to explore. As a local, here are my top recommendations for experiencing Vienna like a true insider.

Local Attractions: Hidden Gems

If you’re looking for something off the beaten path, consider visiting the Kunst Haus Wien. This impressive structure was designed by the legendary Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The multi-story building contains a gallery of Hundertwasser’s works, as well as temporary exhibits by other contemporary artists. Another hidden gem is the Vienna Sewer System Tour, which takes visitors through the depths of Vienna’s underground tunnels and teaches you about the engineering marvels that make it all possible.

Dining Spots: A Culinary Adventure

Vienna’s cuisine is a manifestation of its history, with influences from neighboring countries and longstanding traditions. You cannot miss indulging in a Wiener Schnitzel or Tafelspitz. For traditional Viennese cuisine, venture to Gasthaus Pöschl for a classic dining experience. For a lighter fare and a hip atmosphere, go to Ulrich which has been a favorite amongst locals for their brunch offerings and exceptional cocktails. But Vienna is not just about traditional fine dining; explore the Naschmarkt, Vienna’s most vibrant open-air market, for various international street food options, spices, and produce to bring back home and some of the best food memories.

Cultural Experiences: The Heart of Vienna

Vienna is a city that is full of culture; music, art, and history all have a place within its city limits. A visit to the Belvedere palace is a must for art lovers as it holds a wealth of Austrian art ranging from the Middle Ages to the modern-day. The building’s Baroque architecture, manicured gardens, and impressive fountains offer just as much appeal as the masterpieces housed within. Take a walk down Karmelitermarkt, a popular market in a trendy neighborhood, to experience the Viennese urban lifestyle. Vienna has a special place in classical music; a trip to one of the many operas or concerts performed in the prestigious venues such as the Staatsoper, Wiener Konzerthaus or Musikverein should be on your list as well. And don’t leave the city without settling in with a nice cup of Wiener Melange, a flavorful coffee that is uniquely Viennese.

Local History: Stories of Times Past

Vienna is a city whose history is deeply intertwined with Europe’s. The city’s tumultuous past informs its current culture and is instrumental to its timeless allure. Don’t forget to check out the Liechtenstein City Palace where, in the 18th century, the famous duo, Mozart and Beethoven, performed, and the palace has since become a monument to their magnificent work. The Jewish Museum of Vienna showcases the rich and tragic history of Jewish life in Vienna, with artifacts and exhibitions that provide insight into the community’s struggles in the city over the centuries.

Off-the-Beaten-Path: Making Memories

For an extraordinary experience, head to the Prater amusement park. Here, you won’t find typical rides but one of the oldest surviving Ferris wheels in the world, built in 1897. A ride on this giant wheel gives a genuine free-fall sensation and offers stunning views of Vienna. During summer months, go for a swim in the Danube at Old Danube Beach, a popular destination for locals. The vineyards nestled in the hills surrounding Vienna are a hidden treasure for their beauty, scenery, and wines, it’s worth taking a day to sample some Austrian wine with family and new friends alike.

Vienna is a city with timeless appeal; rich attractions, stunning culture, and endless charm will make any traveler fall in love. Be sure to make some time for the hidden gems, to savor the delicious food and wine, to embrace the culture, and to appreciate the deep history that has made Vienna a top destination for many for years to come.

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Capuchins Crypt Entrance Ticket: A Glimpse Into Vienna’s History

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