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Catamaran with Lunch and Snorkel in Cartagena: Everything You Need To Know

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Catamaran with Lunch and Snorkel in Cartagena: Everything You Need To Know

Are you looking for an adventure that can take you sailing on the gorgeous Rosario Islands around Cartagena, Colombia? If so, then a catamaran with lunch and snorkeling trip might just be what you need for the perfect day out! Cartagena is a beautiful beach destination where you can get out of the city and explore the stunning natural landscapes of the Caribbean Sea.

A catamaran with lunch and snorkeling trip is an exciting way to explore the region’s diverse marine life and enjoy the panoramic views from a unique perspective. This type of adventure often includes visits to different cays, some of which might have lunch provided on board the catamaran. A typical Catamaran with Lunch and Snorkel in Cartagena itinerary includes a 4-6 hour tour, where passengers can take time to discover colorful coral reefs, aquatic wildlife, mangroves and white sand beaches.

The phrase “Catamaran with Lunch and Snorkel in Cartagena” has become almost synonymous with this particular tour package, so when researching this kind of holiday, it is important to know what is included in a typical itinerary. In this guide, we will be looking at the details of this experience, so that you can see if this is the right activity for your South American holiday.

What Does the Catamaran with Lunch and Snorkel Tour Include?

The Catamaran with Lunch and Snorkel tour is an excellent way to explore the Rosario Islands near Cartagena. Catamarans are two-hulled boats that provide stable and comfortable rides around the islands. They come fitted out with modern facilities and are perfectly suited for discovering what each island has to offer. From spacious decks to comfy outdoor seating, your trip should be nothing but enjoyable.

During your tour, you can expect to visit anywhere from four to seven of the Rosario Islands, including Choloncito, Baru, Tierra Bomba, Playa Blanca or Isla del Pirata. You will spend an average of twenty minutes at each island stop. The tour typically also includes a delicious seafood-style lunch prepared onboard the catamaran, served either as a buffet or set-style meal.

The right tour may also include snorkeling gear, which you can use to explore the shallow waters around each of the islands. The operator will usually assign a professional, bilingual guide to accompany passengers throughout the entire tour, providing interesting facts and useful information about each island along the way.

Benefits of Travelling by Catamaran

Catamarans are exciting vessels that provide an awesome way for visitors to explore the Rosario Islands near Cartagena. The two-hull design offers superb stability, even in choppy waters, making them perfect vessels for hosting activities. What’s great about catamarans is that they provide sufficient space for both indoor and outdoor seating areas – ideal for gathering beneath a sunshade during your lunch break!

Passengers from any background can explore the islands onboard a catamaran. Whether you prefer a luxury cruise-style vessel for that VIP feeling or opt for basic transportation, there’s something for everyone on offer. With comfortable conditions onboard and plenty of tasty morsels to enjoy during lunch times, passengers can expect nothing less than excellence during their stay with us.

Finally, catamarans are extremely fuel-efficient vessels ( due to their low draft ). This helps to keep your costs down while not having any negative environmental impact on our fragile ecosystem.

What To Bring on Your Catamaran Tour

When planning your travels to Cartagena, below are some of the items you’ll need to bring along on your Catamaran with Lunch and Snorkel tour:

– Sunscreen — to protect you from UV rays

– Mosquito spray — to protect yourself from pesky bugs

– Drinking water — to rehydrate yourself in between activities

– A hat — for extra sun protection

– A towel — for drying off after hopping into the water

– Snorkeling gear — if you don’t have any equipment available

– A basic first aid kit — just in case of minor injuries

– Camera — for capturing amazing memories of your trip

– Swimsuit — for when those gorgeous islands come into view!

– Cash or credit card — just in case some items aren’t provided onboard.

Tips For Enjoying Your Catamaran With Lunch and Snorkel Tour

The Catamaran with Lunch and Snorkel tour is a great way to explore the stunning Caribbean Sea by boat. To help you get the most out of your experience, we’ve compiled some tips on touring with us:

– Make sure you check-in on time — late arrivals may not be allowed onboard

– Learn as much as you can from the guide about the marine life — they know the area best!

– Drink plenty of water while out on the tour — keep hydrated to help beat any sea sickness

– Take regular breaks — this is an all-day adventure so be sure to take time rests and gentle strolls around

– Fit in time to take some photos — have your camera ready to capture those picture-perfect moments

– Follow instructions carefully — always listen out for instructions from your guide to ensure you stay safe

– Dispose of all your trash after finishing each activity — help us keep our tours eco-friendly

Booking a Catamaran with Lunch and Snorkel Tour

Now that you know what to expect from a Catamaran with Lunch and Snorkel in Cartagena tour, why not book your journey today? We recommend using GetYourGuide, who offer a great selection of tour options along with convenient online booking facilities. Here you can find exciting catamaran tours near Cartagena for travellers of all budgets – so get planning today if you want to explore those Caribbean islands!

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