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Cologne: Guided Walking Tour to 3 Old Town Breweries – A Detailed Guide

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Cologne: Guided Walking Tour to 3 Old Town Breweries – A Detailed Guide

Are you a beer enthusiast looking for the chance to learn more about one of Germany’s most historically significant beer cities? Then you’re in luck: A guided walking tour of three old town breweries in Cologne offers a unique chance to discover the city’s craft beer history and sample some of its most popular lagers and ales. Here, we’ll look at the attractions of Germany’s fourth-largest city, the fascinating beer culture that it has to offer, and the unique features found on the guided walking tour.

What Are the Attractions of Cologne?

Cologne is Germany’s fourth-largest city and a fascinating location to visit. It has a rich history which stretches back to the Roman Empire, and its Gothic architecture has been well-preserved across its cobbled streets, town squares, and city buildings. Amongst its many attractions include the impressive Cologne Cathedral, which sits in the city’s centre, the Ludwig Museum – which is home to an extensive collection of modern art – and a number of famous old town breweries that are an essential part of the city’s identity.

Cologne is also Germany’s most populous city in the Rhine region and the region’s main cultural centre. It holds a variety of events throughout the year, including yearly Oktoberfest celebrations – which draw in a large crowd of visitors from Berlin, Munich, and beyond. It is also home to many clubbing events and Eurovision festivals, which have been scheduled in the city for many years. With this in mind, visiting Cologne gives you a unique opportunity to experience Germany’s vibrant culture as well as learn more about its rich beer heritage.

What Is Cologne Beer Culture?

Cologne isn’t just Germany’s fourth-largest city – it is also regarded as one of its most important beer hubs. The city’s breweries have been producing some of Germany’s most beloved beers for centuries and are considered to be some of the oldest and most influential in the entire country. Cologne breweries have also played a significant role in developing new beer styles, as many of Europe’s most popular beer styles – such as Kölsch – originated here.

Kölsch is a light, straw-coloured lager that has become popular not just in Germany but across Europe and beyond. It was first brewed in Cologne in the 1800s by Gaffel Kölsch brewers and it has become recognised internationally as one of Germany’s most distinctive beer styles. Outside of Kölsch, other popular beers brewed in Cologne include Altbier – a copper-coloured ale made with an unusual top-fermenting yeast – and Weizenbier (wheat beer).

What Will You Learn on The Guided Walking Tour?

A guided walking tour to three old town breweries in Cologne offers an excellent opportunity for beer fans to explore the city’s beer scene and get to know about some of the most iconic breweries in the area. Not only will you learn about the history of each brewery and their contribution to Germany’s beer culture but you will also get to sample some of the region’s most popular lagers and ales.

The tour will give visitors an intimate insight into Cologne’s beer culture, beginning with a visit to Loeprichtz Biergarten. Not only will you get to learn about Loeprichtz’s impressive 600 year history, you will be able to try some of their delicious Kölsch beers during a guided tasting experience.

The tour then continues with a visit to Malzmuehle Gaffel – one of the city’s oldest surviving breweries. During the visit, you will learn about the brewery’s fascinating history and sample some of their signature Kölsch beers.

Finally, the tour ends with a visit to Freibeuter Biergarten – another iconic brewery in Cologne. At this stage, you will get to sample Freibeuter’s various beer styles, including their popular Hefeweizen and traditional Altbier.

What Is Included on The Guided Walking Tour?

The guided walking tour includes:

  • Guided tours at Loeprichtz Biergarten, Malzmuehle Gaffel, and Freibeuter Biergarten
  • Tastings of Kölsch beers at Loeprichtz Biergarten
  • An insight into the history at Malzmuehle Gaffel and Freibeuter Biergarten
  • A knowledgeable guide who is passionate about Cologne’s beer culture

The tour lasts for approximately three hours and takes visitors on an exploration of some of Cologne’s oldest breweries and beer gardens, as well as teaching them more about the history of this amazing region.

Should You Take The Guided Walking Tour?

The guided walking tour is an ideal activity for those visiting Cologne who have an interest in learning more about the city’s vibrant beer culture. On the tour, you will have an opportunity to experience the local beer scene first hand, as well as sample some delicious German lagers and ales. If you’re looking for a unique way to explore this historic German region, then we highly recommend taking a guided walking tour of three old town breweries in Cologne.

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