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Complete City Segway Tours in Bratislava – A Definitive Guide

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Complete City Segway Tours in Bratislava – A Definitive Guide

Are you looking to explore the heart of Bratislava, Slovakia in an unique and unforgettable way? If so, then a Complete City Segway tour of the city is an opportunity you do not want to miss out on. Using a Segway allows you to experience the city in a way that can’t be matched by walking or driving. So, it’s no wonder why so many travelers flock to Bratislava to try out a Segway tour. But, with so much to see and so many tour companies to choose from, it’s hard to know which tour suits your needs. That’s why we have put together this definitive guide to Complete City Segway Tours in Bratislava.

If you have never ridden a Segway before, then we have you covered. Get up-to-date information on what to expect and essential safety tips before setting off on your Segway adventure. We have also included a comprehensive list of all the major attractions that are found on a typical Complete City Segway Tour in Bratislava. Plus, we reveal our top tip for those who wish to rent a Segway in the city.

What is a Complete City Segway Tour in Bratislava?

A Complete City Segway Tour in Bratislava is a fun and efficient way to discover all of the major highlights of the city. Spanning over 2-3 hours, these guided tours take you through some of the best attractions in the Slovak capital and even let you explore the lesser-known gems of Bratislava. Depending on the tour that you select, the list of attractions can vary. However, all of these tours are designed with the same intention of showing you the highlights of the city through an exciting and informative sightseeing adventure.

What to Expect on a Complete City Segway Tour in Bratislava?

During a Complete City Segway Tour in Bratislava, your knowledgeable guide will lead you through the main routes of the city and make sure you soak up all of Bratislava’s major attractions in one go. The route may vary depending on the tour company that you book with, but typically the tour will take you along some sections of the Danube riverbank and iconic landmarks like Glorius Square, St Martin’s Cathedral and Saint Michael Hill.

You can also expect to discover many hidden gems of the city such as peaceful parks and romantic waterfalls. By the end of the tour, you will be left with an understanding of Bratislava’s history, culture and attractions – giving you a full and complete Segway experience.

Cruising Through Riverside

As previously mentioned, a major component of a Complete City Segway Tour Bratislava is cruising along the Danube riverbank. Here, you can experience stunning views of Kamzik TV Tower and make stops at River Park (Dunajsky Park). If you’re lucky, you may even witness popular water activities such as paddleboarding and kayaking. As a whole it is an undiscovered part of the city that is often lacking from other tours – making it a must-do for traveling enthusiasts looking for a secluded adventure.

Exploring Old Town Castle Hill

After cruising through Riverside, you will be ready to explore Old Town Castle Hill –most certainly one of the most beautiful places in all of Bratislava. Not only will you be able to experience stunning views of the skyline from the top, but Castle Hill is also teeming with rich history and remains a true symbol of Slovak identity. Containing monuments such as St Martin’s Cathedral (dated back to 13th century), Slovak National Theatre (1885) and many others – Castle Hill offers an immeasurable amount of sights and activities for guided Segway Tours.

Safety Tips Before Your Complete City Segway Tour in Bratislava

Before booking onto your Complete City Segway Tour in Bratislava, it is essential that you read and understand the safety guidelines listed by each tour company. Fundamentally, it is important that you always keep two hands on your handlebars for added control and wear closed-toe shoes for safety reasons. Likewise though, make sure to stick alongside the crowd, listen to the instructions of your guide and don’t veer off-route too much – or risk ending up lost in an unfamiliar part of town!

Major Attractions Found On A Complete City Segway Tour in Bratislava

  • Glorious Square (Slovak: Námestie Slobody)
  • Riverside Park (Slovak: Dunajsky park)
  • Slovak National Theatre (Slovak: Slovenské národné divadlo)
  • St Elizabeth’s Church (Slovak: Kostol svätej Alžbety)
  • St Martin’s Cathedral (Slovak: Dómsky kostol svätého Martina)
  • Grassalkovich Palace (Slovak: Palác Grassalkovičov)
  • Justitia Palace (Slovak: Palác Justície)
  • Statue Of Maximilian II Emil (Slovak: Socha Maximiliána II Emila)
  • Michael’s Gate (Slovak: Michalská brána)
  • New bridge (Slovak: Nový most)

Top Tip: Rent A Segway In Bratislava

If your aim is simply to explore on your own rather than join an organized tour then renting your own Segway might be an option worth considering. Thanks to e-scooter rental services such as Lime or Tier, you can now rent a machine at a discounted rate throughout much of Bratislava for as long as you like – perfect for independent sightseers who still want to experience the city on two wheels.


We hope this guide has enabled travelers to get up-to-date information about Complete City Segway Tours in Bratislava. From essential safety tips before embarking on your journey through Bratislava’s main streets to discovering lesser-known hidden gems such as Riverside Park – a Complete City Segway Tour is perhaps one of the most unique and efficient ways of exploring this beautiful Slovak city. For those who are more independent travelers, we would also recommend renting your own e-scooter if you wish to take some time off from group tours and explore Bratislava at your own pace.

That concludes our guide on Complete City Segway Tours in Bratislava – if you are looking to book now then click here Book Your Bratislava Complete City Segway Tour Now.

toa heftiba EZRxdCJTKB4 unsplash

Complete City Segway Tours in Bratislava – A Definitive Guide

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