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Craft Beer Tasting Tour in Hamburg

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Craft Beer Tasting Tour in Hamburg

Hamburg is a great city for nightlife culture, especially when it comes to craft beer tasting. With its abundance of craft beer bars and pubs, the city is a great choice for beer lovers who want to explore some of the world’s most interesting beers. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best craft beer spots in Hamburg and give you an idea of what you can expect from each one.

Discovering Craft Beer in Hamburg

Craft beer is a growing trend in Germany, and Hamburg is no exception. In recent years, the city has seen an increase in the number of craft breweries popping up, along with the many bars, pubs and restaurants that serve their beers. Hamburg’s craft beer culture is unique and integral to the city’s vibrant nightlife.

Craft Beer Bars in Hamburg

Hamburg is packed with lots of great craft beer bars and pubs. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Altes Mädchen: This stylish pub in St. Georg has an eclectic range of craft beers from German and international brewers.
  • Berliner Bierhaus: It has an impressive selection of over 50 bottled beers, as well as an extensive selection of German draught beers.
  • Brauhaus Gügel: This traditional brewpub offers house-brewed beers, traditional German food and live music.
  • BrewDog Bar: For craft beer aficionados, BrewDog’s bar is a must-visit. With 32 taps, it has one of the most unique beer selections in town.
  • Brixx Bar: This cosy bar offers an extensive list of German craft beers, along with delicious food.
  • Jupiter Bar: This classic waterhole has an extensive beer menu, with plenty of German specialties.

Craft Beer Tours in Hamburg

Visiting a craft beer bar can be an enjoyable experience, but if you really want to get an in-depth experience of the city’s craft beer culture, then a craft beer tour might be what you’re looking for. There are plenty of local companies offering organized tours of various lengths.

Local Craft Beer Tour

One excellent tour company is Local Craft Beer Tours. The tour covers a broad range of topics related to craft beer in Hamburg like brewing techniques, local beer varieties and the importance of hops. They also provide an overview of the city’s craft beer scene as you visit various establishments in search of unique beers. With this tour, you can sample up to 40 different local beers at pubs and breweries in Hamburg. The tour lasts around 5 hours.

Hamburg Craft Beer Tour

The Hamburg Craft Beer Tour is another great prospect for beer lovers looking to experience Hamburg’s craft beer culture. The tour lasts around 5 hours and covers six different eateries, bars, and pubs featuring a wide range of international beers. The team takes you through sample sizes of local German lagers, as well as visiting some interesting micro-breweries for a more comprehensive understanding of classic German brewing methods.

Hamburg Local Beer Tour

The Hamburg Local Beer Tour is a great way to experience the city’s vibrant craft beer culture. The tour starts with an introduction to classic German brewing methods and ingredients, before venturing off to visit some of the city’s best craft beer establishments. The team explores local tastes embraced by the Germans and provides insight into how these beers differ from those typically found in other international locations. You will sample up to 20 different local beers as part of this 4-hour tour.

Craft Beer Tasting Events in Hamburg

If you’re looking for a more immersive craft beer experience, then you may want to consider attending one of the many craft beer events happening in Hamburg throughout the year. From craft beer festivals to pub crawls, there are plenty of events where you can taste some of the city’s best craft beers.

Hamburg International Craft Beer Festival

The annual Hamburg International Craft Beer Festival brings together some of Germany’s leading craft breweries and local pubs offering up their best selection of craft beers. The festival is a great way to sample some unique local brews, as well as networking with brewers and other craft beer enthusiasts. Attendees can expect tastings from over 90 breweries, as well as live entertainment through the course of the two-day event.  

Hamburg Pub Crawl

The Hamburg Pub Crawl is a fun-filled way to explore some of the city’s best bars offering up craft beers from Germany’s leading breweries. The pub crawl takes guests on a journey from bar to bar where they can enjoy different samples from local breweries, as well as meeting like-minded beer enthusiasts from around the world. For an even more interactive experience, guests can take part in an exclusive game to win prizes throughout the event.

By participating in any one of these events or tours, you can gain an appreciation for Hamburg’s vibrant nightlife culture and unique craft beers. Whether you opt for one of the organised tours or just explore on your own, you’re sure to have a great time discovering the world of craft beers in this vibrant city! For more information on all these tours and events please check out the Hamburg Local Beer Tour.

moritz mentges Z40sav8IYqQ unsplash scaled

Craft Beer Tasting Tour in Hamburg

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