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Crystal Ice Cave Day Tour in Northeastern Region from Jökulsárlón: A Guide

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Crystal Ice Cave Day Tour in Northeastern Region from Jökulsárlón: A Guide

Are you looking to explore one of the most stunning natural wonders located in Northeastern Iceland? The Crystal Ice Cave, located in Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, is an awe-inspiring glacier jewel and one of Icelandic’s most visited sites. Discovered in 2000 and gradually becoming increasingly popular, the cave tour provides visitors with a unique and breathtaking experience they won’t soon forget.

This guide will cover all the essential information you need to know before embarking on the journey to this breathtaking destination. From transportation to packing, touring and safety tips, you’ll be prepared to experience one of the world’s most memorable adventures.

Getting There

The Crystal Ice Cave is located near the south coast of Eastern Iceland, about 50 kilometers from the large highway connecting Jökulsárlón to Vatnajökull National Park by southeast. The closest cities, Vik and Skaftafell, are two hours away by car.

If you’re coming from Reykjavik or Keflavik International Airport, there are a couple of possibilities for getting to the glacier lagoon. If you are able to rent a car for the duration of your trip, you can easily drive along Iceland’s ring road which will take around 4 hours. As an alternative, there are day tours available that offer pickup in Reykjavik and can take you in to Jökulsárlón – these usually last around 12 hours and start bright and early.

What to Expect at the Ice Cave

Once you’re at Jökulsárlón, your tour guide will begin the crystal ice cave trip by answering any questions you may have about the site itself and giving safety instructions for your upcoming adventure. Make sure you bring along plenty of warm clothing, as temperatures within the cave are often quite low.

To reach the cave itself, you’ll have to take a boat trip across the magnificent blue glacial waters of the lagoon. The boat ride gives visitors stunning views of the surrounding area and nearby glacier split by deep crevasses. Once at the edge of the Glacier Lagoon, it’s time to begin the trek up onto the glacier itself.

Your guide will lead your group through the crevasses and up onto the glacier, pointing out key features on the way. Once you reach the ice cave opening, you’ll be in awe of its beauty! Sunlight filters through the ice and creates beautiful blue hues that adorn the walls of this magnificent structure.

Your guide will be on hand throughout to explain some of the more interesting features that form a part of this unique environment. From glacial streams to pockets of air dispersed through the ice, your guide will be able to offer an educational narrative to enhance your experience.

After exploring for an hour or two, you’ll then return back down onto land before making your way back toward town.

Tips for Making Your Ice Cave Tour Most Enjoyable

Although this is a once in a lifetime experience and one that everyone should explore at least once, there are several tips worth considering to ensure that you have a fun and safe time in this frozen paradise:

  • Wear Proper Clothing: It’s imperative that visitors pack appropriate winter clothing before embarking on the ice cave tour. Thick gloves, a quality jacket and sturdy winter boots are all recommended choices when it comes to preparing for your tour.
  • Keep it Short: While there is much to explore and see within the ice cave landscape, it can get a little tiring after a while, so make sure you only stay for an hour or two rather than an entire day.
  • Bring a Camera: The Crystal Ice Cave is an absolute visual wonder and provides some of the most awe-inspiring and unique photo opportunities imaginable. Don’t forget to document your experiences with photos so you can later share your adventure with others.

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mike stezycki rGoejmMF1Uk unsplash

Crystal Ice Cave Day Tour in Northeastern Region from Jökulsárlón: A Guide

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