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Discover Qatar: An Unforgettable Private Trip to Zubara Fort, Mangrove Sites and North Qatar

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Discover Qatar: An Unforgettable Private Trip to Zubara Fort, Mangrove Sites and North Qatar

Exploring Qatar can be a culturally enriching and exhilarating experience. North Qatar is home to Zubara Fort, the Mangrove sites, and many other historical sites and activities that can offer visitors an amazing insight into the culture of this country. With many of the sites in North Qatar being relatively unknown to the general public, it’s the perfect destination for a private tour. Here’s what you need to know about exploring the north of Qatar in style.

A Brief History of Zubara Fort

The fort of Zubara dates all the way back to the late 19th century. It has undergone multiple restorations and additions over the years, including a renewal at the start of the 21st century. The fort itself was constructed as a watchtower to protect against any potential invasions of pearling fleets and raiders. Zubara Fort is now home to two museums and a number of galleries that offer visitors insight into local fishing and pearling industries, historical battles and archaeology. In the outer courtyard, visitors can find displays of ice-making machines and archaeological finds, while the inner courtyard contains a number of sculptures and artwork.

Mangroves in North Qatar

The Mangrove sites located in North Qatar are home to a number of rare species and are also a great spot for kayaking and bird watching. The Mangroves are part of an incredibly diverse ecology that is unique to this region. This ecosystem includes mangrove trees, mangrove swamps, cooling mudflats and emergent marshes – all of which are home to a variety of species. The mangroves provide protection from cyclones and erosion while maintaining good water quality. They also act as nurseries and homes for various species including ducks, birds, finfish, and crabs. Mangroves are an important natural defense system, protecting shorelines from storms and floods. They also provide habitat for other animals such as crocodiles, turtles, and mudskippers.

How to Make the Most of Your Private Trip

When it comes to making the most of your private tour in North Qatar, here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind.

Book Your Trip in Advance

It’s important to book your private tour in advance to get the best experience. Booking through a company like GetYourGuide means you can get advice from experienced local guides about the best places to visit and activities to do. Local guides can give you exclusive access to certain sites too so be sure to book your trip ahead of time if you want all the bells and whistles included in your journey.

Know Where You’re Going

Make sure you know which sites you want to visit during your private trip before you go. Zubara Fort, the Mangroves and North Qatar’s other sites are worth exploring on their own, but it’s helpful to make a plan one which treks or path you would like to take before you go. You can also book museum tours or other activity-based tours with GetYourGuide – whichever suits.

Pack Appropriately

Be sure to pack appropriately for your tour of North Qatar. Make sure you have enough warm clothing for any colder days, as well as plenty of sunscreen for sunny days. Be sure you bring plenty of water with you too, especially during hikes and more active excursions that may require energy drinks.


End your time in North Qatar with an unforgettable private tour experience! With sites like Zubara Fort and the Mangrove Sites around every corner, you’re sure to get an experience that’s tailored to your specific interests. Why not try searching private tours in North Qataron GetYourGuide to find some amazing possibilities? Experience first-hand what makes this part of Qatar so special!

An Insider’s Guide to Exploring Qatar: Beyond Tourist Spots

If you are planning to visit Qatar, there are a lot of things to do and endless sightseeing options. However, there are hidden gems that aren’t on every tourist’s itinerary, but are worth exploring. These are the places that the locals know and love and you won’t find them on every travel blog or website. Here’s our guide to some of Qatar’s best-kept secrets.

Discover Hidden Gems

The Souq Waqif is a popular tourist spot, but the nearby Al Wakra historic village is a hidden gem. The streets are lined with traditional-style houses with wind towers dating back to the 18th century. The ancient village has a beautiful mosque, multiple small cafes, and wonderful sea views. You can stroll through the narrow alleyways and enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Indulge in Traditional Cuisine

If you are looking to experience the authentic flavors of Qatar, head to Lwzaar Seafood Market. This is a traditional seafood market with numerous restaurants, where you can handpick your favorite seafood from a wide variety of live fish and crabs. The food is prepared in front of you and served with some delicious, hearty bread. Qatar’s cuisine is influenced by its Arabian heritage, Persian and Indian spices, and you can taste the fusion at Lwzaar.

Immerse Yourself in the Culture

Are you interested in learning about Qatar’s art and culture? The Museum of Islamic Art is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit. It has the largest collection of Islamic art in the world, with pieces from Spain to India. You can take a guided tour or explore the museum at your own pace; there is something to intrigue every history or art lover. Don’t be fooled by the museum’s exterior, it is a maze of historical and practical knowledge inside.

Dive into the Country’s Fascinating History

The northern town of Al Zubarah is a UNESCO World Heritage site and provides a glimpse into Qatar’s rich history. It was once a thriving pearl fishing and trading town. You can wander through the abandoned streets or explore the restored Qatari Fort, which was built-in 1938. The fort offers mesmerizing views of the Persian Gulf and a chance to step back in time to an era of pearl diving and early trading.

Try something out of the ordinary

Looking for something truly unique in your Qatar itinerary? Head to the middle of the desert and embark on a sand dunes adventure with camel rides and traditional food in a Bedouin camp. Engage in ancient desert activities like falconry, watch traditional dancing under the starry sky, and dress like a local. A desert safari is the perfect way to experience Qatari culture and customis without leaving any significant carbon print.


Qatar has so much more to offer than the towering skyscrapers, malls, and luxury hotels of the city. If you crave unique experiences and insider knowledge, there are plenty of places and experiences that await you. By venturing off the beaten path, you’ll get a different perspective on Qatari culture, traditions, and history. Hope this guide helps you to have an authentic, unforgettable trip to Qatar!

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Discover Qatar: An Unforgettable Private Trip to Zubara Fort, Mangrove Sites and North Qatar

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