Discover San Sebastián’s Craft Beer and Rich Food Scene with a Guided Walking Tour

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Discover San Sebastián’s Craft Beer and Rich Food Scene with a Guided Walking Tour

If you’re heading to San Sebastián, a tour of the city’s vibrant craft beer and food scene is an absolute must. Join a walking tour as you sample some of the Basque Country’s great brews in traditional sidrerías and eateries. Learn about the area’s traditional recipes and the sustainable herb, vegetable and fruit gardens that many locals use. Explore the city’s maze-like streets, uncover charming landmarks and observe the local culture. And of course, sample delicious snacks and other produce at each stop.

Benefits of Taking a Craft Beer Tour in San Sebastián

A craft beer tour in San Sebastián offers more than just beer tasting. Going on a guided walking tour of the city is a really effective way to discover the local scene and its incredible food and beverage.

Tours are usually conducted in small groups and typically combine general information about the city with plenty of locally-sourced treasures. This means that you can take a closer look at the markets, bars and restaurants, all while learning about the area’s fascinating culture, people and history.

You’ll also gain an insight into the craft beer scene. Compare different types of beer; learn about how it’s stored and served; understand why some styles have been so successful in this region; and of course, sample some of the best Basque produce available.

It’s also common to explore hidden places and sights along with the guided tour. Don’t forget to take your camera with you!

What to Expect From a Craft Beer Tour in San Sebastián

Craft beer tours in San Sebastián can often last several hours, depending on the type of tour that you have chosen. Usually, there are five to six stops along the route, each with their own individual focus on craft beer and gastronomy.

Begin with a stroll around Parte Vieja for an introduction to San Sebastián’s culinary culture. Along the way, you may even stumble across some traditional family-run sidrerías and hidden local markets, where you can sample a wide range of craft beer and snacks – perhaps even try some locally-made sheep’s milk cheese.

Afterwards, you can move on to explore the rich culinary history of Barrio La Bretxa and some of its iconic gourmet shops, before visiting the “pintxos’ bars in Calle Mayor. These are typically different types of pubs known for their excellent pintxos (Basque tapas). Here, you can break for a lunch of some savory pintxos accompanied by local wine or craft beer.

Next, you will explore Zabalza Berria and other urban areas to understand some of the more innovative and contemporary San Sebastián dishes. As most tours operated during the day, it is more than likely that you’ll be able to visit one of the city’s sustainability gardens to see how some of the local ingredients are grown.

Find the Perfect Craft Beer Tour in San Sebastián

There are plenty of craft beer tours in San Sebastián available for visitors of all ages, interests and abilities. Generally speaking, they all include similar content with slight variations. Some tours may offer a greater focus on specific areas such as gastronomy or sustainability; while others may be pared down versions that only last a couple of hours.

Take a look at GetYourGuide’s selection of San Sebastián walking tours. Choose one that best suits your taste and travel plans for an unforgettable experience sampling some of the best Basque craft beers as well as discovering all the ethereal flavors its diverse cuisine has to offer!

Of course if you don’t want to take part in an organized tour, you can also explore some of San Sebastián’s craft beer bars on your own – just make sure you try somesidra from traditional sidrerías instead! Either way, it’ll be a great experience!

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