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Do Oxford Students Get Discounts?

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Do Oxford Students Get Discounts?

Oxford students can benefit from a plethora of discounts on goods and services around the world. These discounts are available to all students, from undergraduate to postgraduate, from any country. Knowing what discounts are available, and how to take advantage of them, can help students save money and make the most of their Oxford University experience.

One of the most significant ways for Oxford Students to save money is by taking advantage of the various discounts available to them from the retailers themselves. From clothing to consumable goods, many companies have student-specific discounts or even exclusive offers for Oxford University students through designated student portals or other special deals. Examples of popular discounts for Oxford students include 10% reductions on online orders at ASOS, 25% off food orders with Uber Eats, 15% student discount on Apple products, 10-20% student discounts on PC hardware and software, and a host of other options.

The university also offers students access to a range of discounts in the city and beyond. These range from reduced prices on flights to student-only deals on meals, events and attractions. For example, students can buy tickets to the Oxford Playhouse or Eagle and Child pubs at discounted rates or access free museum entry through their Membership Services programme. In addition, countless bars, cinemas, shops and other attractions offer reduced student prices or special deals in recognition of being part of the Oxford University community.

On top of all this, there are multiple travel opportunities for Oxford University students. The university has links with operators like STA Travel and Cheapflights.com which can provide ac Learners with discounted flights, tours and other travel solutions. The university also hosts several travel fairs throughout the year where operators such as STA Travel offer exclusive discounts only available to Oxford university students.

Overall, there are plenty of ways for Oxford University students to save money with both retail discounts and university-sponsored deals. Knowing what these deals exist and how to take advantage of them can help save money and make the most of the Oxford University experience.

Visit this page on the official website of the University of Oxford to find detailed information about student discounts and other deals currently being offered.

Insider’s Guide to Oxford

Oxford is a city located in the county of Oxfordshire, England. It is famously known for its prestigious and world-renowned Oxford University, but there is so much more to this city than just the university. In this insider’s guide, we will give you a comprehensive overview of the city including local attractions, dining spots, cultural experiences, local history, and off-the-beaten-path suggestions.

Local Attractions

Oxford is rich in history, education, and exploration. Here are some of the top attractions that you should not miss:

– Oxford University: This is the most famous attraction in Oxford. The university comprises a group of picturesque colleges with their unique history and architecture. You can take a guided tour to explore the inside of these colleges or stroll along the cobblestone streets of the university to marvel at the beautiful architecture.

– The Bodleian Library: This library is famous for being one of the oldest libraries in Europe. Its grandeur is sure to leave you in awe. You can take a guided tour of the library or explore it on your own.

– Oxford Botanic Garden: This garden is the oldest botanic garden in Britain, founded in 1621, and is home to a vast array of plants, flowers, and trees from around the world.

– Oxford Castle and Prison: This is a fascinating historical landmark that has been transformed into a tourist attraction. You can explore the ancient castle and the eerie prison, and even climb up to the top to enjoy stunning views of the city.

Dining Spots

Oxford has a fantastic culinary scene with a variety of restaurants, cafes, and pubs that cater to all tastes and budgets. Here are some of the top dining spots that you should check out:

– The Eagle and Child: This pub is famous for being the favorite drinking spot of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. It is a perfect spot to enjoy some traditional British pub food with a pint of ale.

– The Rickety Press: This is a stylish gastropub that serves some delicious dishes with a modern twist. It has a cozy and relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy some great food and drinks.

– The Big Bang: This is a unique and quirky restaurant that specializes in sausages. You can choose from over 20 different types of sausages, with a range of toppings and sides.

– Gee’s: This stunning restaurant is housed in a conservatory, surrounded by plants and trees. It offers a seasonal menu with a range of dishes from around the world.

Cultural Experiences

Oxford has a rich cultural heritage and a thriving arts scene. Here are some of the top cultural experiences that you can enjoy in Oxford:

– Ashmolean Museum: This museum is the oldest public museum in Britain, and it houses a vast collection of art, archaeology, and natural history. You can explore the exhibits on your own or take a guided tour.

– Oxford Playhouse: This is a famous theater that hosts a wide range of productions, from classic plays to modern dramas. It is a great place to catch a show and enjoy some entertainment.

– Oxford Literary Festival: This festival celebrates literature and brings together some of the world’s most famous authors, poets, and journalists. It takes place annually in the spring and is a must-visit for all book lovers.

Local History

Oxford has a fascinating history that spans over a thousand years. Here are some of the top historical landmarks that you can explore in Oxford:

– Oxford Castle: This castle was built in the 11th century and has served as a Norman castle, a royal palace, and a prison. You can explore the castle and learn about its history through the exhibits and tours.

– Christ Church Cathedral: This cathedral is part of Christ Church College, and it has a long history dating back to the 12th century. It is a stunning example of Gothic architecture and a must-visit landmark in Oxford.

– The Oxford Martyrs Memorial: This memorial commemorates the three protestant martyrs who were burned at the stake in Oxford during the reign of Queen Mary I in the 16th century.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Suggestions

If you have some extra time and want to explore some off-the-beaten-path places, here are some suggestions:

– Angel and Greyhound Meadow: This is a beautiful and peaceful meadow located close to the city center. It is a great spot to relax and enjoy a picnic or a stroll.

– Oxford Covered Market: This market is a hidden gem, located in the heart of the city. It is a historic market that sells a range of food, drink, clothing, and souvenirs.

– Port Meadow: This is a vast expanse of meadowland that is located on the edge of the city. It is perfect for a long walk or a bike ride and offers stunning views of Oxford’s skyline.

In conclusion, Oxford has so much to offer, and this insider’s guide only scratches the surface of what you can explore in this beautiful city. Whether you are interested in history, culture, or just want to relax and have some great food, Oxford has something for everyone.

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Do Oxford Students Get Discounts?

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