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Dublin Coastal Craft Beer & Seafood Trail – Your Complete Guide to Ireland’s Best Beer & Seafood Experience

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Dublin Coastal Craft Beer & Seafood Trail – Your Complete Guide to Ireland’s Best Beer & Seafood Experience

If you are looking for an extraordinary beer and seafood experience in Dublin, Ireland, then you are in the right place! Dublin’s Coastal Craft Beer & Seafood Trail is an unforgettable experience that will take you through some of the best pubs and restaurants in Dublin. During your journey, you’ll discover the richness of Ireland’s best seafood and craft beer while you explore the local pubs and other charming spots in the city.

This guide will provide you with all the information you need to know to make the most of your trip along the Coastal Craft Beer & Seafood Trail. You’ll learn about the different stops along the route, the best seafood and craft beer to try, what kind of activities you can try, and even find out about where to stay during your visit. So sit back, relax, and let us take you on a journey into Dublin’s most delicious craft brews and seafood delicacies.

What is the Dublin Coastal Craft Beer & Seafood Trail?

The Dublin Coastal Craft Beer & Seafood Trail is a great way to explore the best of Ireland’s coastal towns and villages. It’s a scenic trail that winds from Dublin’s buzzing city centre to the quiet coastal towns, visiting pubs and restaurants along the way where guests can sample the region’s best seafood and craft beer. On your journey, you’ll also have time to explore coastal castles, historic monuments, beaches, and more.

The trail consists of several stops that each provide something unique. At each location along the trail, you’ll get the chance to try some of South Dublin’s most prized seafood delicacies and sample the region’s best craft beer. What’s more, you’ll have plenty of time to explore attractions like Clontarf Castle and Dollymount beach, or get up close and personal with marine wildlife at the National Sealife Centre, a 40-hectare sanctuary for seals, seabirds, and dolphins.

What Craft Beer Tastings Can I Expect On The Trail?

Along your journey on the Dublin Coastal Craft Beer & Seafood Trail, you can expect tastings at seven of the most reputed craft breweries in Ireland. Your journey begins in Dublin with a visit to The Porterhouse pub. Here, you’ll have the chance to sample some of their signature stout beers that have won awards at several international competitions.

At Porterhouse Bray, you’ll be treated to a special selection of craft beer favourites like their Porterhouse Classic Lager and a Porterhouse IPA. For a more family-friendly setting, Joe’s Brewpub serves up a selection of excellent craft lagers, imperial stouts, cask ales, and fruity ciders. Here, you can also enjoy some delicious pub grub like Joe’s famous craft beer-battered cod & chips.

From here, hop on a train to Greystones and visit The 9th Lock Brewery. They specialize in richly hopped West Coast-style IPAs which are packed full of fresh pine and citrus aromas. Enjoy their Rye Stout which has won gold medals at several international competitions and their multiple GABF (Great American Beer Festival) award-winning beers like their premium Kolsch and Redrock Double Hefeweizen.

At the next stop, shop in style at White Hag Brewing Company where they have an ever-changing list of bold new beers including sours and juniper-infused kettle sours. Try one of their experimental brews or stick with a classic like their Pilsner or American pale ale. You can even grab some merch as a souvenir!

Continuing along the route, stop over in Kilcoole for a sample of Ireland’s first craft lager at Dungarvan Brewing Company. Try one of their core range Irish lagers or opt for a seasonal offering like the classic Irish Red Ale or their modern fruit-flavoured IPAs. After this, head over to Wicklow Wolf Brewing Co which offers an array of sumptuous stouts as well as one-off specials like their spiced pumpkin ale that has recently been awarded Gold at several international competitions.

Finally, as a fitting end to your coastal craft beer journey, take a trip into Dun Laoghaire where the Brass Monkey Brew Pub serves up their unique take on classic Irish beers like Oatmeal Porter or their nutty chocolate India Pale Ale.

What Seafood Experiences Can I Expect?

The Dublin Coastal Craft Beer & Seafood Trail is the perfect opportunity for seafood lovers to experience some of Ireland’s best offerings. On your journey along the route, be sure to try some of Dublin’s renowned seafood dishes like fish “n’ chips at Walsh’s Fish & Chip Shop in Dun Laoghaire or stop off in Greystones for McHugh’s fish restaurant which offers up an extensive menu including oysters served natural or baked with garlic butter and lemon.

One of the most popular places to stop off during your trip is The Happy Pear in Greystones; it’s known for its vegan cuisine but it also offers an array of seafood dishes as well. Try their Langoustine Croquettes or share an impressive seafood platter that includes mussels mariniere, smoked mackerel tartare, garlic prawns, squid fingers and chorizo.

If you’re looking for something a little further afield then we recommend heading over to Howth Peninsula for a spot of seafood-related sightseeing. Here you can embark on a seafood walking tour with Gráinne Healy from Irish Seaweed Kitchen and explore the area’s coastline where locals hand-pick wild mussels every morning for sale in Bray seafood market. After your tour, enjoy a meal at The Lodge at Howth; it offers up excellent seafood dishes such as freshly shucked oysters from Galway Bay and tempura Irish prawns.

What Other Activities Can I Enjoy During My Trip?

In addition to trying some of Dublin’s finest seafood dishes and craft beers, Dublin Coastal Craft Beer and Seafood Trail provides plenty of other exciting activities to take part in during your stay. For starters, why not get involved in some water-based activities? From kayaking around Clontarf Castle to sailing lessons around Dublin Bay, there’s something here to suit all levels of ability, whether you’re a pro or a first-timer.

There’s plenty of land-based activities on offer too such as taking in some stunning coastal views via landscape walks or guided tours around Ireland’s coastal towns and villages. You can also take part in bike tours around Bray Head or take on one of Dublin’s most famous tourist attractions – The Guinness Storehouse – for a fun look at Irish culture. And what better way to kick off your evening than by joining one of Dublin’s renowned food tours where you’ll get to experience delectable tastings from some of Dublin’s best eateries while learning about the city’s history at the same time?

Where Can I Stay During My Trip?

Dublin is full of accommodation options so finding somewhere convenient should be incredibly easy! There are plenty of hotel choices in city centre locations such as Temple Bar or if you’re looking for something further out there’s a wide range of hostels and B&Bs in Dun Laoghaire or Greystones that offer more affordable rates whilst still being closeby to all the action. There are some great Airbnb options around this area too so do check out what’s available before booking anyplace else.


The Dublin Coastal Craft Beer & Seafood Trail is a great way to check off all the things on your list when visiting Ireland’s beautiful city – camping on beaches, exploring heritage sites, sampling craft beers, feasting on local cuisine – it couldn’t be better! So book your trip today with GetYourGuide so you can get ready for an unforgettable day out exploring Ireland’s best seafood and craft beer!

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Dublin Coastal Craft Beer & Seafood Trail – Your Complete Guide to Ireland’s Best Beer & Seafood Experience

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