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Dunn’s River Guided Hike in Ocho Rios the Complete Guide

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Dunn’s River Guided Hike in Ocho Rios the Complete Guide

For travelers who come to Ocho Rios, one exciting activity to take part in is the guided hike of Dunn’s River Falls. From beautiful cascading waterfalls to unspoiled trails, the experience of being surrounded by the natural beauty of this area, and being able to learn about the history and culture of the area, is priceless.This guide seeks to provide all the necessary information that you need to know to make the best out of your guided hike of Dunn’s River Falls. From safety tips to admission fees and attractions around there, this guide will be your ultimate guidebook when taking a guided tour of Dunn’s River Falls and its surroundings.

What Is Dunn’s River Falls & More About Its History

Dunn’s River Falls, or Dunns River Falls, is one of the most popular attractions in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. It consists of a 180-meters (590-feet) high series of terraced waterfalls and is located around three miles from the town center of Ocho Rios. Although Dunn’s River Falls has been a popular tourist spot since the late 1950’s, it was only recently that it gained its popularity as a spot to engage in an adventurous hike.The falls were named in honour of Lord Berchtesgaden Oswald Utterton Dunn, an English man who first came to Jamaica in 1720. The waterfall was declared a National Park on December 1st in 1961 and then received a World Heritage Site designation from UNESCO in 2015.

What Is There To See During a Guided Hike?

The main attraction of a guided hike of Dunn’s River Falls is the 600-foot (180 m) tall set of terraced and cascading waterfalls. This constant flow of water down the mountain fills several pools along its way, making it possible for tourists to take refreshing dips on their way up the Falls. Besides this, there are also other remarkable attractions in the vicinity such as fern gully and tour guide stops with interesting stories about the area.

What Are The Ways You Can Take A Guided Tour?

1. Group Hiking Tour

Probably the most popular option when it comes to guided hikes is the Group Hiking Tour. In this tour, you will join other tourists in their exploration of Dunn’s River Falls. With the help of your expert guide you will explore hidden paths and spots while engaging in learning moments about the area’s culture and history,. While leading the group like a true leader, your guide will provide explanations about rivers attraction and take its time to answer any questions that may arise throughout the tour. This is an excellent option for those seeking companionship during their exploration!

2. Private Tour Guides with Transportation

For those seeking an even more exclusive experience, private tour guides with transportation are available. As these tours are tailored to your preferences and itinerary, you will get the opportunity to explore Dunn’s River with a personal guide that knows your story. As well as transportation included in your package, the private guides can take you around other attractions in Ocho Rios such as Columbus Park and Dolphin Cove before or after your tour of Dunn’s River Falls. Whether you want to experience nature in a calm environment or enjoy a day full of activities, this tour will fit your vacation needs!

Safety Tips For Your Guided Tour

Taking part in a guided tour at Dunn’s River Falls requires dedication and observance of some safety measures. Taking appropriate precautions is essential for those who plan on taking these guided hikes. We’ve compiled some safety tips to help make sure you stay safe on your adventure:

  • Make Sure To Wear The Right Gear. Non-slip shoes or sandals with heel straps are necessary as well as some water gear such as a swimsuit and quick-drying clothes.
  • Listen To Your Guide”s Instructions. Your tour guide will provide important information regarding waterfall safety, i.e. how to hold onto the rocks while climbing or entering the pools.
  • Bring Along Extra Money. From souvenirs to snacks, keep some extra cash with you, but make sure not to carry everything with you at all times.
  • Rent A Locker At The Start Area. This will ensure that all your belongings don’t get lost in case you need to get into deep waters; however, only rent lockers if you are sure they have been properly locked.
  • Apply Sunscreen And Reapply. This should be done every hour during your tour for extra protection.
  • Look Out For Other People In Water. Always pay attention to what other people are doing so that you don’t hit anyone while you are climbing your way up.

Admission Fees For Your Guided Tour

The cost for a guided tour to Dunn’s River Falls ranges from $30 – $60 depending on which tour package you select. These fees usually include round-trip transportation, entrance fees and drinks but not food. Since some companies might offer different packages with additional services included, make sure to check out all your options before making your final decision so that you get exactly what you need!

Other Attractions You Can Discover After Your Guided Tour

After you have finished your guided tour of Dunn’s River Falls, there are plenty of other attractions that you can explore! The nearby Ocho Rios Marine Park is perfect for swimming, snorkeling and more water activities. Moreover, nearby gardens such as Shaw Gardens and Coyaba Gardens offer great sightseeing opportunities for those who want some cultural immersion. Besides these attractions there are lots of restaurants and bars serving up some delicious local cuisine. These attractions provide great opportunities to discover more of Ocho Rios beautiful nature!

Conclusion & Link To A Guided Tour Of Dunn’s River Falls

Whether you are seeking an opportunity to explore nature or just a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a guided tour to Dunn’s River Falls is the perfect way to do just that! We hope this guide provides all the essential information when planning your ideal guided tour at Dunn’s River Falls and don’t forget about the safety tips for a safe exploration! If you’re interested in booking a guided tour ofDunn’s River Fallswe recommend checking out GetYourGuide, offering private or group tours with transportation included!

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Dunn’s River Guided Hike in Ocho Rios the Complete Guide

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