Enjoy a Romantic Paris Day or Sunset Cruise with Delicious Drinks, Ice Cream, and Desserts

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Enjoy a Romantic Paris Day or Sunset Cruise with Delicious Drinks, Ice Cream, and Desserts

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Enjoy a Romantic Paris Day or Sunset Cruise with Delicious Drinks, Ice Cream, and Desserts

If you’re looking for a romantic way to spend your day or night in Paris, why not embark on a cruise along the Seine River? There are plenty of options available, featuring indulgent and tasty drinks, ice cream, and desserts. In this guide, we’ll share an overview of the different day and sunset cruises in Paris, outline all the extras such as drinks and desserts, show the related fees and costs, suggest the best cruises based on reviews from prior passengers, and provide helpful tips for making the most of your excursion.

Overview of Cruises in Paris

Whether you’re looking for an afternoon trip around Paris or a dreamy nighttime sail as the City of Light twinkles around you, there is a fantastic selection of day and sunset cruises to choose from. Many of the cruises are temporarily unavailable due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but some are operational and you can look forward to refreshing drinks, comforting desserts and ice creams, and awesome music to set the ideal ambiance for your romantic adventure along the Seine. Most day cruises feature a leisurely tour along the river at a relaxed pace, although some incorporate live music aboard the boat. A spectacular sunset cruise is definitely one of the most romantic ways to explore Paris, when dazzling lights from the city’s emblematic buildings come alive against the backdrop of dusk. You can expect beautiful views of world-renowned monuments such as Notre Dame Cathedral, The Louvre Museum, The Eiffel Tower, The National Assembly, and other famous sights.

What Is Included in a Cruise?

Most cruises in Paris offer a mix of refreshing drinks that may include champagne, craft beer, wines, tea, coffee, pastries, desserts, and delectable treats such as ice cream or macaroons. You can also look forward to snacks such as olives or toast even though food menus may vary according to the tour you pick. Many cruise packages may also include hop-on hop-off access passes for you to explore additional attractions in the area. These could include complimentary access to charming monuments such as The Louvre Pyramid or The Eiffel Tower. When selecting a cruise it’s important to read what’s included and excluded before you book in order to get an accurate representation of the journey.

Fees and Costs

The prices for cruises in Paris often vary depending on whether you opt for an hour-long tour around the river or a longer excursion with extra features such as admission tickets or food. Day cruises could range between 35EUR and 75EUR per person if you’re planning a private or small group charter. However, mostly you’ll find tours priced at around 45EUR per person depending on amenities included. Night cruises offer some of the most unique experiences aboard ships illuminated by hundreds of lights. These might include dinner served on board during a multi-hour tour of Paris with company drinks included in most cases. Prices depend on a variety of factors including location (indoor or outdoor seating), year-round availability (seasonal), length (1-3 hours), time (daytime or nighttime), and entertainment (live music).

Best Cruise According to Reviews

If you’re looking for the perfect option to enjoy your beloved one in an intimate setting while admiring iconic monuments as they sparkle at night around you, then “Special Evening on The Seine River Cruise with Wine Tasting & Food” might be a great fit. This 2-hour sunset cruise features sweet and salty nibbles such as pastries and olives plus takes you to some of the city’s most dazzling landmarks. With high ratings from prior passengers for its lovely staff and delicious food selection, this is a fantastic option for couples wanting to celebrate an anniversary or special celebration in Paris.

Tips for Making The Most of Your Cruise

Now that you’re familiar with some of the best Paris cruises offering enticing treats such as coffee, pastries, ice cream and wine, let’s review some helpful tips to make the most of your trip:

  • Confirm bookings and check pickup points: it’s important to reconfirm tour times and verify pickup times.
  • Pack comfortable clothing: be sure to wear comfortable clothes comparable with weather conditions.
  • Remember camera and binoculars: if you want to capture breathtaking views of landmarks don’t forget your camera!
  • Have fun: whether you’re taking an afternoon day tour or a night jaunt with drinks don’t forget to relax and enjoy your time.


Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or just wanting to admire spectacular views of Paris from a luxury cruise ship with delicious ice cream, drinks and desserts, there are plenty of incredible options that will suit both different tastes and budgets. Tours range from short 1-hour excursions to more elaborate 3-hour nighttime cruises inclusive of wine tasting and delightful nibbles. Make sure to read related reviews before selecting a cruise for yourself and above all else enjoy making beautiful memories with your partner in Paris! If you’re ready to book your special cruise now, we’ve got you covered. Check out this Paris Day or Sunset Cruise with Drinks & Ice Cream, offering an unforgettable experience onboard a luxury cruise ship with delightful refreshments. Bon voyage!

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Enjoy a Romantic Paris Day or Sunset Cruise with Delicious Drinks, Ice Cream, and Desserts

Book Your Experience Today and Get Ready for a Journey Like No Other!