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Enjoy the Amazing View at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in Vancouver

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Enjoy the Amazing View at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in Vancouver

If you’re looking for an unforgettable outdoor adventure in Vancouver, the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is definitely one of the best places to be. It has been a popular tourist attraction for over a hundred years and the views from the bridge are simply breathtaking. But what is the entry ticket price for the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park and where can you get it? Read on to find out more.

What to Expect at the Capilano Suspension Bridge?

The Capilano Suspension Bridge has been a popular tourist attraction ever since it was built back in 1889. It is a 146-meter long suspension bridge that hangs 70 meters above the Capilano River. It is the longest suspension bridge in Canada and visitors come from all over the world to take in the stunning views and feel the adrenaline rush of crossing it.

The bridge is situated in a lush rainforest and visitors can also explore several treetop walks, carved totem poles, First Nations artworks, and also learn more about the local history, culture and environment.

Entry Ticket Prices to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

The entry ticket to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park will vary depending on whether you are an adult, student, senior or youth.

  • Adults (16+): $50 CAD per person
  • Students (with valid student ID): $45 CAD per person
  • Seniors (65+): $45 CAD per person
  • Youth (7-15 years old): $25 CAD per person

It’s also important to note that children under seven years old can enter for free when accompanied by an adult ticket holder.

The Best Deal for Entry Tickets to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

If you are interested in visiting the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, buying your tickets in advance is definitely recommended as it will save you some time and money. You can purchase tickets on GetYourGuide.com. The price is currently $50 CAD per adult ticket which is cheaper than if you were to buy it at the door.

You can also save some money by purchasing a day-pass which will allow you to visit multiple attractions within 24 hours (including admission to Capilano Suspension Bri

Insider’s Guide to Vancouver for Tourists

Vancouver is a beautiful city nestled between mountains and the ocean in British Columbia, Canada. With its diverse population, world-class cuisine, and plenty of outdoor activities, Vancouver is a must-visit for any traveler. Here’s an insider’s guide to experiencing the best of Vancouver.

Local Attractions

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is just one of the many attractions in Vancouver that offers breathtaking views. Other popular attractions include:

1. Stanley Park- a 1,000-acre park situated between downtown Vancouver and the ocean. Rent a bike or stroll along the seawall to take in the stunning views of the city and the mountains.

2. Granville Island- a unique shopping and dining destination with a public market, art galleries, and a brewery.

3. Science World- an interactive science museum with fascinating exhibits for all ages.

4. Vancouver Aquarium- a world-renowned aquarium with over 50,000 animals to explore.

Dining Spots

Vancouver is a foodie’s paradise with a diverse range of cuisines to choose from. Some must-try spots include:

1. Miku- a Japanese restaurant that specializes in sushi and offers a stunning waterfront view.

2. Vij’s- an Indian restaurant that has won numerous awards for its creative dishes and warm atmosphere.

3. Tacofino- a taco truck turned restaurant that serves up delicious Baja-style tacos and other Mexican-inspired dishes.

4. Japadog- a hotdog stand that adds Japanese flavors to classic hotdogs. A must-try for any food lover.

Cultural Experiences

Vancouver is a melting pot of different cultures, with significant Asian and Indigenous populations. Here are some ways to experience the city’s unique cultural offerings:

1. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden – a peaceful oasis in the heart of the city that showcases traditional Chinese architecture and culture.

2. Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art- a museum dedicated to showcasing the art and culture of Indigenous peoples from the Northwest Coast.

3. Chinatown- the third-largest Chinatown in North America, it is a vibrant neighborhood with shops, restaurants, and cultural events.

Local History

Vancouver has a rich history that goes back thousands of years, from the Indigenous peoples who have lived in the area for centuries to the city’s development in the 19th and 20th centuries. Some ways to learn about the city’s history include:

1. Museum of Anthropology- a museum that showcases the art and culture of Indigenous peoples from around the world, with a focus on the First Nations people of British Columbia.

2. Vancouver Maritime Museum- a museum that explores the history of Vancouver’s seafaring and shipping industries.

3. Stanley Park Horse-Drawn Tours- a tour that takes you through Stanley Park in a horse-drawn carriage and tells stories of the park’s history.

Off the Beaten Path Suggestions

If you want to explore Vancouver beyond the usual tourist hotspots, here are some off-the-beaten-path suggestions:

1. Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge- a free suspension bridge and hiking trail that offers similar views to Capilano Suspension Bridge but without the crowds.

2. Queen Elizabeth Park – a beautiful park with botanical gardens and a conservatory that offers stunning views of the city.

3. Commercial Drive- a colorful, eclectic neighborhood with vintage shops, restaurants, and cafes.


Vancouver is a fascinating city with something for everyone. From the stunning Capilano Suspension Bridge Park to the city’s diverse neighborhoods and rich cultural history, there is so much to explore in this Canadian gem. Use this insider’s guide to plan your trip and make the most out of your time in Vancouver.

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mike stezycki rGoejmMF1Uk unsplash

Enjoy the Amazing View at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in Vancouver

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