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Everything You Need to Know About a Guided Tour of Fez Medina in Fes

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Everything You Need to Know About a Guided Tour of Fez Medina in Fes

Fez Medina is a must-see when visiting Morocco. It’s the oldest imperial city in the country, founded around the year 807 by Moulay Idriss I. There’s so much to see and explore in this vibrant city, it can be overwhelming! That’s why a guided tour of Fez Medina makes perfect sense. A guided tour can help you make the most of your time in the city and discover some of its hidden gems.

In this guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about taking a guided tour of Fez Medina. We’ll look at the different kinds of tour available and the attractions that are usually included. We’ll also provide top tips for making sure you get the most out of your tour.

What Kind of Tours of Fez Medina Are Available?

There are several kinds of guided tour available for Fez Medina, depending on what you’re looking for and how much time you have. Here are some of the most popular types of tour:

Half-Day Tours

A half-day tour is ideal for sightseers who only have a limited amount of time available. This type of tour usually lasts around four hours and will typically include several sites in the city, such as the Bab Boujeloud Gate, the Karawiyyin Mosque and University, Medersa Bou Inania, Dar Batha Museum, and Medina Souks.

Full-Day Tours

If you have more time available, why not take a full-day tour? These tours typically last around seven hours and will include more sites than a half-day tour. You can expect to be taken to all of the sites included in the half-day tour, as well as others such as Nejjarine Fountain, Seffarine Square and Hammam Bab Doukkala.

Food Tours

If you want to delve into the delectable world of Moroccan cuisine and explore the tastes, spices and aromas of Fez Medina, then a food tour is ideal. You’ll hit several hotspots along the way, such as local bakeries and traditional dinner spots, flavoured olive oil stalls and stalls full of fresh herbs like mint and cilantro. As well as exploring the flavours, you’ll also get to learn about the traditions associated with Moroccan food.

Custom Tours

If you have your own specific requirements or special interests, or if you’d simply like to customise your tour experience, some tour companies offer customised tours. This gives you more freedom to pick and choose which locations and sites you visit, as well as any activities or experiences you would like to include.

What Attractions Will I See on a Guided Tour of Fez Medina?

During a guided tour of Fez Medina, you will get to visit some of the top attractions the city has to offer. The exact attractions available depend on which type of tour you choose and how much money you want to spend, but they will generally include many of the following sites:

Medersa Bou Inania

All guided tours include visits to Medersa Bou Inania. It is one of the best examples of Marinid architecture in Morocco, with its intricate plasterwork and tilework. During your visit, you will get to admire its façade from outside as well as do a tour inside.

The Karawiyyin Mosque and University

The Karawiyyin Mosque and University are situated in the heart of Fez Medina and make for a great stop during your tour. There’s a huge range of different sites to see here, such as the great mosque itself and its renowned library. You can also have a look at some of the old lecture rooms and take in views of Fez Medina from its rooftop terraces. There’s even an old hammam nearby if you fancy winding down after your exploration!

Bab Boujeloud Gate

Bab Boujeloud Gate is one of two main gates that lead into the historic city centre. Here you will get to admire its beautiful zellij tiling and ornate decoration. It’s a great place to take photos too!

Dar Batha Museum

Culture vultures won’t want to miss out on Dar Batha Museum – located within an 18th-century palace at the entrance to Fez Medina. Its collection includes carpets, wood and stone carvings, jewelry and life-size figures wearing traditional costumes from Berber culture and the surrounding region. You will also get to explore its courtyard overlooking the garden full of orange trees.

Nejjarine Fountain

Nejjarine Fountain is definitely worth a visit if you have time. It is one of the most striking monuments in Fez Medina and was built in the 17th century. An impressive octagonal fountain with a central marble basin surrounded by twenty-four marble columns was constructed beneath it, while fourteen stone-carved benches line the fountain’s poolside walkway. It’s one the largest monumental fountains in all Morocco!

Medina Souks

Finally, no guided tour of Fez Medina is complete without visiting its vibrant souks – or markets! Haggling for items from leather goods to traditional herbs and spices is a great way to experience the local culture firsthand. Be sure to bring plenty of cash if you plan on doing any shopping!

Tips for Taking a Guided Tour

Whether it’s your first time visiting Fez Medina or you’re an experienced traveller it’s always useful to have some tips before embarking on your guided tour. Here are some of our top tips:

  • Pick a Reputable Tour Company: The quality of your experience is largely dependent on your tour guide so it’s important to pick a reputable company with high ratings from previous customers.

  • Book Early: Availability is limited so be sure to book your tour early to avoid disappointment.

  • Bring a Camera: Don’t forget to bring your camera with you – there will be plenty of photo opportunities throughout your tour.

  • Bring Cash: Cash is still king in Morocco so remember to bring enough with you for any shopping or souvenirs.

  • Don’t Overload Yourself: Get out early, take it slow and enjoy yourself – there’s no need to rush!


Taking a guided tour during your visit to Morocco is an excellent way to explore Fez Medina in depth and experience its unique culture first-hand. The different types of guided tours available mean there is something for everyone – from half-day tours that cover all the main attractions, to full-day tours that provide deeper insights into local life; there’s something for everyone! Just remember to pick a reputable company with experienced guides, book early and bring enough cash for any shopping you plan on doing!

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Everything You Need to Know About a Guided Tour of Fez Medina in Fes

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