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Everything You Need to Know About a West Coast Beach, River Mangroves Lagoon and Wildlife Boat Tour in Colombo

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Everything You Need to Know About a West Coast Beach, River Mangroves Lagoon and Wildlife Boat Tour in Colombo

Are you thinking about taking a boat tour on theriver Mangroves lagoon in Colombo, visiting a beach on the West Coast and enjoying the wildlife that inhabits Colombo’s sought-after Sri Lankan biodiversity? Well, you’re in luck! This definitive guide will tell you absolutely everything you need to know about a river Mangrove lagoon, West Coast beach and wildlife boat tour in Colombo so you can plan and book the perfect, unmissable experience.

Where Can You Find the Best Tour?

The best way to find a tour that meets all your expectations, is to take your time to research them online. One of the companies offering exceptional boat tours with river Mangroves lagoons, West Coast beaches and wildlife sightseeing, is GetYourGuide. GetYourGuide is certified by an independent quality body, so you can rest assured that the tour you select to book will be of the highest standards.

What Can You Expect to See?

The West Coast beaches are particularly attractive, with their long stretches of powdery white sand, vibrant colour spectrum from the Indian Ocean and exotic atmosphere from the trees and wildlife. River Mangrove lagoons in Colombo can include sightings of local birds, turtles and monitor lizards. You and your guide might also come across many species of monarch butterflies that gather in the nearby trees. From the boat, you will be able to look out for reptile and fish species that inhabit Sri Lankan waters.

Are There Different Routes?

Yes — there are different routes that you might like to explore. Depending on the company you book your tour with and the tour option you select, you could explore one of five different routes:

  • River Batticaloa and Duruwila
  • Ratgama Lake
  • Chilaw Estuary
  • Uda Walawe National Park
  • Marine Wildlife Park of Mirissa

What’s Included in the Tour?

The tour itself usually takes around three to four hours; however, exact tour lengths may differ depending on the company or route that you pick. The tour may include up to four of the following activities:

  • Enjoyment of West Coast beaches
  • Guide’s commentary on history and biology
  • Several stops along your route to enjoy the wildlife
  • Time to explore scenic sights on foot
  • Opportunities to take amazing wildlife photos

At most tour companies providing this experience, equipment and snorkeling equipment is included in the tour price. You may even be provided with a traditional Sri Lankan lunch or snacks.

What Should You Wear/Bring?

It’s important that you dress appropriately for your tour and bring with you any essentials that may make your experience more comfortable. It is recommended to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes that have light colors, as well as comfortable shoes that can get wet whilst the boat is moored. It’s also a good idea to bring sunscreen, sunglasses and even a wide-brimmed hat if you’re particularly sensitive to sunburn. Depending on your company’s terms, you may be required to bring swimming equipment if you’d like to take part in any water activities.

What Is the Cost?

Booking a West Coast beach, river Mangrove lagoon, wildlife boat tour in Colombo doesn’t have to break the bank!! Prices may vary depending on what is included in the tour, but they can start at around $ 30 per person and upwards. Don’t forget that some companies may offer discounts or group deals if you join their tour with friends or family members!


Taking a West Coast beach, river Mangrove lagoon and wildlife boat tour in Colombo is an excellent way to explore some of nature’s most beautiful sights in one go and enjoy the natural surroundings of Sri Lanka’s coastline. This activity is perfect for everyone who wants to experience something truly special and make unforgettable memories. If this sounds like something for you, don’t miss out — book your perfect wildlife boat tour today here.

Insider’s Guide to Colombo: A West Coast Beach, River Mangroves Lagoon and Wildlife Boat Tour

Colombo is the bustling capital of Sri Lanka, but it’s also a city of hidden gems that only locals know about. Whether you’re interested in cultural experiences, local cuisine, off-the-beaten-path suggestions or local history, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city.

Local Attractions: Hidden Gems

When most people think of Colombo, they picture the crowded marketplaces and busy streets. However, there are some hidden gems that are worth a visit. One such place is the Mount Lavinia Beach. Far less crowded than Galle Face Green, this beach is home to a post-colonial hotel built in the early 19th century. Another hidden gem is the Wolvendaal Church. Built by the Dutch in 1749, this beautiful church is a testament to the city’s rich colonial past.

Dining Spots: Local Cuisine and Stories

Colombo is a city of foodies, and it’s no surprise that local cuisine is rich and delicious. The locals’ favorite dish is Kottu Roti, a dish made of chopped roti and vegetables, often served with spicy curry. One must-visit spot for Kottu Roti is the Galle Face Green food court. This food court is a culinary melting pot, with street food vendors of all kinds. For a more upscale dining experience, The Ministry of Crab is a popular seafood restaurant founded by two former Sri Lankan cricket players.

Cultural Experiences: Traditions and Festivals

Colombo is a city rich in culture, with a long history of arts, music, and customs. One of the most popular cultural experiences is the Viharamahadevi Park, a beautiful green space with a statue of Queen Victoria. Another unique experience is to visit the Gangaramaya Temple, which has a vast collection of Buddhist art and artifacts. The city also has its share of festivals, with the most popular being the Kandy Perahera, a ten-day festival held in August, featuring vibrant dancers, elephants, and religious ceremonies.

Local History: Stories from the Past

Colombo has a fascinating history, with tales of pirates, war, and colonization. The Old Dutch Hospital, built-in 1681, is a beautiful building that still stands today. It was once used to treat soldiers and sailors during the Dutch colonial era. Another interesting historical spot is the Colombo National Museum. Built-in 1877, this museum houses a vast collection of ancient Sri Lankan artifacts and art.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Suggestions: Unique Experiences

If you’re looking for something unusual, Colombo has plenty to offer. The Amaravati Buddhist Monastery and meditation retreat center offer peaceful havens and meditation courses. For a visual feast, the Dehiwala Zoo, established in 1936, brims with rare and exotic animals, a must-visit spot for animal lovers.

In conclusion, Colombo is a city full of surprises, with an incredible range of things to do and see. From hidden gems to local cuisine, cultural experiences to local history, and off-the-beaten-path suggestions, Colombo has something for everyone.

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Everything You Need to Know About a West Coast Beach, River Mangroves Lagoon and Wildlife Boat Tour in Colombo

Experience Adventure Like Never Before: Book Your Tour Today!