Everything You Need to Know About Chasing Northern Lights in Minnesota in July 2022

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Everything You Need to Know About Chasing Northern Lights in Minnesota in July 2022

The Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, is a spectacular natural light show that occurs in the polar regions. Northern Minnesota is one of the best places in the world to witness this incredible phenomenon. Most people believe that the Northern Lights can only be seen in the winter, but the truth is, you can see them in July too. In this blog post, we will discuss why Minnesota is an excellent place to chase Northern Lights in July 2022.

What are Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon caused by the collision of electrically charged particles from the sun with particles in the Earth’s atmosphere. The colors that you see in the Northern Lights depend on the types of gases that are colliding. Green, yellow, pink, and violet are usually the most common colors.

Why is Minnesota an Excellent Place to See Northern Lights?

Minnesota is located near the Earth’s magnetic north pole, making it one of the best places in the world to see Northern Lights. In addition, the state has a relatively low level of light pollution, which means you can see the lights more clearly. The Northern Lights can be seen in Minnesota all year round, but the best time to see them is from December through March. However, you can still witness this magnificent display in July too.

What is Happening in the Sky in July 2022?

In July, the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing the summer solstice, which means that it’s the time of the year when the Northern Hemisphere is tilted towards the sun. During this time, the days are longer, and the nights are shorter. However, in northern Minnesota, it never gets completely dark during July due to its high latitude. This is what’s known as the “midnight sun.” It may seem counterintuitive, but having light in the sky can actually make for better Northern Lights vistas because the contrast between the night sky and the lights is more pronounced.

Where to See Northern Lights in Minnesota?

The best places to see Northern Lights in Minnesota are those that are far away from city lights. Voyageurs National Park, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, and Lake of the Woods are among the most popular places to see the Northern Lights in Minnesota. These areas offer little to no light pollution, and you can enjoy the beauty of the Northern Lights without any distraction.

What Is the Best Time to See Northern Lights in Minnesota in July 2022?

The best time to see the Northern Lights in Minnesota in July 2022 is during the darkest hours of the night. In general, between 11 PM and 3 AM is the optimal time to see the Northern Lights because the sky is at its darkest. Moreover, clear and cloudless skies are best for viewing the Northern Lights.

How to Prepare for Northern Lights Viewing in Minnesota?

If you plan to see Northern Lights in Minnesota in July 2022, you should prepare accordingly. Here are some tips to help you have a memorable experience.

  • Check Aurora Forecast: Before heading out, check the Aurora forecast to ensure that the geomagnetic conditions are ideal for viewing the Northern Lights.
  • Dress Appropriately: Wearing warm clothes and footwear is essential to stay comfortable during the nighttime excursion.
  • Some Handy Equipment Can Be Useful: Bring along a tripod, headlamp, and extra batteries for your camera to take amazing shots of the Northern Lights.
  • Be Patient: Chasing Northern Lights can be unpredictable; sometimes, you may need to wait for a few hours before the show begins. So, be prepared for some waiting time.
  • Tour Guides: Hiring a tour guide can be quite helpful as they are knowledgeable about the best viewing spots, the optimal time to watch the lights, and tips to capture the best shots.
  • Have Fun: Watching the Northern Lights is an awe-inspiring experience, and it’s vital to enjoy the moment.


Chasing Northern Lights in Minnesota in July can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, it’s crucial to plan for the best conditions and follow the above tips to have a memorable time. Pack warm clothes, bring a camera, and hire a tour guide to ensure that you get the most out of the experience. Remember always to check the Aurora forecast before heading out, and most importantly, have fun.

An Insider’s Guide to Duluth, Minnesota

Located in northern Minnesota, Duluth is a hidden gem that boasts an array of attractions, dining spots, and cultural experiences. Known as the gateway to the North Shore, Duluth serves as a portal to stunning Lake Superior and some of the most beautiful state parks in the Midwest. Below is an inside guide that will help you explore Duluth like a local.

Local Attractions

While Canal Park and the Aerial Lift Bridge are stunning sites to visit, they tend to be overrun with tourists. For a quiet escape that still offers incredible views of Lake Superior, head to Park Point Beach. This long, sandy peninsula is the world’s longest freshwater sandbar and provides a tranquil spot to watch some of the best sunsets in the Midwest. Another hidden gem is Enger Park, a hilltop park with gardens, panoramic views of Duluth, and a 80-foot tower modeled after an old Norwegian Castle.

Dining Spots

Northern Minnesota is known for its hearty cuisine, and Duluth is no exception. A local favorite is Duluth Grill, which serves up farm-to-table breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Try their state-fair-winning BBQ pulled pork with their homemade BBQ sauce or their wild rice hot dish. If you’re looking for something a bit more upscale, head to Lake Avenue Restaurant & Bar that offers stunning views of Lake Superior. Not only are their seafood dishes locally sourced, but their cocktails are also crafted with locally distilled spirits.

Cultural Experiences

Duluth is rich with a combination of Native American and immigrant cultures. Visit the Spirit of the North exhibit at the Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center to learn more about the Ojibwe people who once resided in this area. Then, take a tour of Glensheen Mansion, home of the Congdon family, only the richest family in Minnesota history and learn about their contributions to Duluth society. Complete your cultural experience by attending the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra. The 100-year-old orchestra is well-regarded for hosting performances in various locations in the city.

Local History

The Zenith City is full of historical landmarks and stories. During prohibition, criminals used the Lakewalk underground tunnel running beneath Duluth for smuggling. You can explore these same tunnels on a brewery and history tour with The Duluth Experience. Another fascinating story Duluth claims is during World War II, Duluth produced 95% of the ships that sailed the great lakes that would later be used. Visit The SS William A. Irvin Museum to learn more about the city’s remarkable shipping history.

Off-The-Beaten-Path Suggestions

If you’re looking for something truly unique, head to Bent Paddle Brewing Company for a “paddle and a pint,” where you can kayak or canoe on Lake Superior before enjoying one of their signature beers. If you want to explore the North Shore, take an exciting scenic drive along Highway 61 that offers sweeping views of the lake and has many waterfalls and state parks to stop at. Lastly, don’t miss THE best burger in town at the Anchor Bar. A staple in Duluth for over 50 years, this neighborhood bar is famous for its hearty beef patties, onion rings, and of course, its unique “Juicy Lucy” stuffed with cheese.

Duluth offers visitors a wide range of activities and experiences and has a perfect mix of outdoors and city life. Whether chasing the Northern Lights, exploring its cultural landscapes, savoring the local cuisine, or taking in the city’s history, first-time visitors are sure to fall in love with Duluth and make unforgettable memories.


Everything You Need to Know About Chasing Northern Lights in Minnesota in July 2022

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