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Everything You Need To Know About London West End Beer Tasting Pub Tours

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Everything You Need To Know About London West End Beer Tasting Pub Tours

London’s West End has long been considered one of the best places to find great pubs, but there’s more to the area than what can be found on a simple bar crawl. With a variety of tasting pub tours, London’s West End has something for even the most experienced of beer aficionados.

From learning about the history of the pubs and the story of the ales to actually sampling some of the best beers in the city, these unique pub tours offer something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in a brew master-led tour, an intimate pub crawl, or an opportunity to learn more about beer and its various flavors, London’s West End beer tasting pub tours are exactly what you need.

What to Expect on a Beer Tasting Pub Tour in The West End of London

When it comes to beer tasting pub tours in London’s West End, there are several varieties and experiences to choose from. Some might offer a more educational experience with an expert guide while others might simply involve visiting several pubs and tasting select ales. Here are some of the biggest differences between these beers tasting tours:

Brewmaster-Led Tours

For those interested in learning more about craft beer and discovering the story behind each ale, a brewmaster-led beer tasting tour is the perfect choice. Usually, a knowledgeable and experienced brew master will lead the tour and share their knowledge about the craft beer industry.

The tour will often begin with a demonstration of beer making, from fermentation to bottling. This is followed by a guided tour through some of London’s best pubs to discuss various beer styles and learn how some of the leading brewers make their beer.

Throughout the tour, a variety of craft beers will be sampled and discussed with each one being paired with food for a more complete tasting experience.

Themed Pub Crawl

If you’re looking for a more relaxed beer tasting experience, then a themed pub crawl might be the ideal option.
These tours last between 3-5 hours and generally include five pubs that have all been carefully chosen by the tour provider.

Throughout each pub, guests will get the chance to sample different beers, with each pub offering something unique to try. At each location, guests will be provided with a brief overview before they begin sampling their beer of choice.

Themed pub crawls are ideal for those looking to discover more about beer while also taking in some of London’s most popular landmarks.

Structured Tasting Experiences

For those looking for an in-depth exploration of beers from across London, then a structured tasting experience is definitely worth considering.
This type of tour sees guests visit multiple pubs and try several different beers from an extensive list of offerings.
At each stop, guests will be provided with detailed instructions on which beers to sample as well as information about why each beer was chosen for the tour.

These tours also provide guests with an opportunity to meet other people from around the world and learn more about them while they enjoy their beers. At the end of the tour, guests have the chance to explore their taste preferences further with a guided tasting session featuring additional beers.

Where To Find The Best Beer Tasting Pub Tours In West End London?

Finding the perfect beer tasting pub tour in London’s West End can be tricky but there are plenty of wonderful providers in the area that offer excellent experiences. GetYourGuide offers some amazing West End beer tasting experiences with experienced guides, ensuring that each guest receives a high quality service at all times.

Alternatively, Evolved Guide offers activities across London and has various options for beer tasting tours in the West End. These tours focus on smaller groups, allowing for more intimate experiences as well as great opportunities to connect with people from around the world.

Other options for great beer tasting experiences can be found with ViaTours, which offers several unique West End experiences including their 4-hour In The Footsteps Of Kings & Queens tour and their 4-hour Diamonds & Beers experience, both of which are perfect for anyone looking for an informative experience in London’s iconic West End pubs.

No matter which provider you choose, these beer tasting pub tours offer something amazing and unique compared to regular bar crawls and allow guests to gain insights into the amazing craft and history behind some of London’s best craft beer pubs and breweries.
For an unforgettable experience during your stay in London’s West End, book yourself on one of these incredible beer tasting pub tours today! You can find further information or book directly on GetYourGuide – but hurry; these amazing experiences book up quickly!

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Everything You Need To Know About London West End Beer Tasting Pub Tours

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