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Experience the Art of Traditional Vietnamese Foldable Lantern Making in Hoi An

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Experience the Art of Traditional Vietnamese Foldable Lantern Making in Hoi An

Are you planning to visit Hoi An, Vietnam, and wondering what unique activities you can partake in? Look no further than the Vietnamese Foldable Lantern Making Class! This is a golden opportunity to delve into Vietnam’s rich cultural heritage while acquiring a new skill.

What is the Vietnamese Foldable Lantern Making Class?

The Vietnamese Foldable Lantern Making Class is an immersive workshop that provides a rare opportunity to learn how to make a traditional Vietnamese lantern. The workshop takes place in Hoi An, a charming city in Central Vietnam renowned for its traditional architecture and cultural significance.

The class will teach you how to make a foldable lantern that was traditionally used to light up homes during the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival. These lanterns have become an integral part of Vietnamese culture, and learning how to make them is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the local customs.

What does the tour involve?

The Vietnamese Foldable Lantern Making Class is a hands-on workshop where you will learn step-by-step how to make your very own foldable lantern. The workshop takes approximately two hours to complete, during which you will be under the guidance of experienced local artisans. They will provide you with all the necessary materials and teach you the techniques necessary to create a beautiful and unique lantern.

After the workshop, you will have a completely personalised piece of art to take home with you. Not only will you acquire a new skill, but you will leave the workshop with a stunning souvenir that you can display as a unique piece of decor.

What makes the Vietnamese Foldable Lantern Making Class unique?

The Vietnamese Foldable Lantern Making Class is an exceptional opportunity to learn about local Vietnamese culture through the creation of a traditional lantern. It is an immersive and interactive experience that allows you to experience firsthand the craftsmanship that goes into creating these unique pieces of art.

This workshop is ideal for all travellers, whether you’re going solo, in a couple or travelling as a family. It guarantees a fun and engaging activity that you’ll cherish for years and could even become a new hobby.

How can I book the Vietnamese Foldable Lantern Making Class?

Booking the Vietnamese Foldable Lantern Making Class is straightforward. You can book the activity through GetYourGuide, a popular online booking platform that offers a variety of tours and experiences.

Booking through GetYourGuide ensures your spot in the workshop and guarantees a hassle-free experience during your trip. With affordable prices and flexibility in scheduling, you can make the most of your trip to Hoi An without breaking the bank.


The Vietnamese Foldable Lantern Making Class is an opportunity worth taking, as it will provide you with invaluable insight into Vietnamese culture, art, and history. It is an activity that allows you to learn through experience and create something unique and meaningful that you can take home.

So what are you waiting for? Book now and indulge in an exciting and informative experience that you will cherish forever.

The Insider’s Guide to Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An, located in central Vietnam, is one of the country’s most charming cities. It is famous for its preserved Old Town, which gives visitors a feel for what Vietnam was like centuries ago. Hoi An is not just a place to admire the history and architecture, but it’s also a place to explore the culture, food and arts scene. Here’s our insider’s guide to making the most out of your Hoi An experience:


Hoi An’s got a lot of attractions to offer to tourists. The main one is the Old Town itself, a UNESCO World Heritage site where you’ll find beautiful ancient houses and temples. While you’re strolling around the Old Town, be sure to check out the Japanese Covered Bridge, an iconic symbol of the city that dates back to the 16th century.

Another popular attraction in Hoi An is the An Bang Beach, a pristine strip of sand located just a few kilometers from the town center. For adventure seekers, you can explore the countryside on two wheels with a bike tour or take a boat ride along the Thu Bon River to admire Hoi An’s natural beauty from a different perspective.

Dining Spots

Hoi An’s cuisine reflects the confluence of Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese flavors, which can be seen in its mouthwatering local specialties. Some must-try dishes include Cao Lau, a noodle dish made with pork and herbs, and Banh Xeo, a crispy pancake filled with shrimp, pork and bean sprouts.

If you’re looking for a local experience, head to the Night Market in the Old Town where you can sample a wide range of street foods while you’re browsing through the dozens of souvenir shops. For a more upscale dining experience, we recommend visiting one of the restaurants on the riverside to enjoy the peaceful view while savoring your meal.

Cultural Experiences

Hoi An offers a variety of cultural experiences that help you understand the local way of life. One of them is the Traditional Vietnamese Foldable Lantern Making, which is a beautiful way of creating a perfect souvenir to take home. It’s a fun and engaging experience, where you could make your own lantern under the guidance of a skilled local.

Another must-see cultural experience in Hoi An is the Cham Islands, which are a UNESCO biosphere reserve located just a few hours from the city. You can explore the ancient temples, pagodas, and ruins that date back to the 4th century, and learn about the land’s fascinating history.

Local History

Hoi An has a storied past, and you can learn about this by visiting some of the city’s museums. The Hoi An Museum of History and Culture is an award-winning museum showcasing the history and heritage of Hoi An’s people and culture. Another interesting museum is the Museum of Trade Ceramics, which showcases the ceramic trade in Hoi An between the 16th and 17th centuries.

For a more immersive experience in the region’s history, visit the nearby city of Hue, which was once the Imperial capital of Vietnam. There, you can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Citadel, which is a vast complex of temples, palaces, and tombs.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Suggestions

If you have extra time in Hoi An, we suggest exploring some lesser-known destinations for an authentic experience. Head to Tra Que Vegetable Village, where you can learn how to work the land and produce different vegetables using traditional techniques. You can also enjoy a cooking class, where you will learn how to prepare Vietnamese dishes with your freshly harvested ingredients.

Alternatively, take a bicycle ride to Cam Thanh Coconut Village, a village that is famous for its coconut trees. Here, you can take a relaxing ride in a traditional Coracle (a circular-shaped boat made out of bamboo) to catch fishes in the waterways and delve into local life.

In conclusion, Hoi An is an ideal place to explore if you’re looking for a mix of beaches, culture, history, and incredible cuisine. Follow this insider’s guide and make the most out of your visit!

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Experience the Art of Traditional Vietnamese Foldable Lantern Making in Hoi An

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