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Experience the Excitement of Amsterdam’s Leidseplein and Red Light Pub Crawl 2 Night Pass

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Experience the Excitement of Amsterdam’s Leidseplein and Red Light Pub Crawl 2 Night Pass

Discovering the winding streets and canals of Amsterdam can be a thrill, but nothing beats visiting the nightlife entertainment in the Leidseplein and Red Light districts of the city. With so many options to experience from, it can be overwhelming to visit Amsterdam for short trips but with the Red Light Pub Crawl 2 Night Pass, you can make the most of your time in this dynamic city.

This two-night pass takes you on a tour of Amsterdam’s wildest clubs and pubs found in the Red Light and Leidseplein districts. The pass offers exclusive discounts on entry and drinks, as well as special access to some of the most popular clubs. With this pass, you can experience Amsterdam like a local and take in the sites not found on any tourist map.

What Is the Red Light Pub Crawl 2 Night Pass?

This two-night pub crawl is an all-access pass to some of Amsterdam’s wildest venues in both the Leidseplein district and Red Light district. You’ll find an array of bars, pubs, and clubs that are not available to the public without a membership. The pass allows you to enjoy exclusive discounts on drinks and entry as well as access to some clubs that aren’t even listed on Google Maps.

The pass is available at GetYourGuide, which is a trusted source that specializes in tours and activities across Europe. They offer experienced guides, who will take you along on your two-night journey as they show you all of Amsterdam’s hidden gems. With this pass, you’re sure to save money while still experiencing the city’s wild nightlife scene.

What Does the Pass Include?

The Red Light Pub Crawl 2 Night Pass includes:

  • Two consecutive nights of pub crawling.
  • Discounts on drinks and entry to thte pubs and clubs crawled.
  • Special access to some clubs that are not listed on Google Maps.
  • An experienced guide who will show you all of Amsterdam’s hidden gems.

The pass offers great money-saving opportunities as well as access to some of the most exclusive locations in Amsterdam. You’ll receive careful guidance from experienced tour guides while they show you all of Amsterdam’s hidden gems. Moreover, you’ll save thousands of euros without the risk of getting lost or spending more than necessary.

Starting Point: where Does The Tour Begin?

The tour begins at Cafe Bax, located in the heart of Amsterdam’s Leidseplein district. This is a great starting point, as it is near numerous attractions and activities. From there, you’ll head to other popular Amsterdam watering holes found in the Red Light district and beyond.

This pass allows you to experience Amsterdam like a local, take in sites not found on Google Maps, and save lots of money. You’ll travel in groups of up to 8 people and visit the most popular clubs found in the Leidseplein and Red Light districts. If you’re an adrenaline junkie or looking for an unforgettable night out, you can count on this two-night pub crawl to have something for everyone.

Experience all Amsterdam Has to Offer with The Red Light Pub Crawl 2 Night Pass

The Red Light Pub Crawl 2 Night Pass is the perfect way to discover the best that Amsterdam has on offer. With access to exclusive venues, discounts on drinks and entry, special access to some clubs that are not listed on Google Maps, and experienced tour guides leading you, this pass offers great value for money by allowing you to save thousands of euros without having to worry about logistics and planning.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable night out or an adrenaline-filled experience, booking the Red Light Pub Crawl 2 Night Pass is your best bet for a fun-filled evening in Amsterdam. With its variety of options, you’ll never be bored or have a dull moment during your two nights out in Amsterdam. Whether you’re a solitary traveller or group outing, this tour is a great way to get a taste of what Amsterdam has to offer without spending too much money. So don’t miss out! Book your Red Light Pub Crawl 2 Night Pass today with Get Your Guide and experience a night in Amsterdam like no other!

Experience the Best Hidden Gems of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is more than just its famous canals and picturesque neighborhoods. To get a true sense of the city’s vibe and charm, you need to explore some of the less traveled areas where locals go. Here are a few hidden gems to explore:

De Ceuvel: Amsterdam’s Sustainable Hangout

De Ceuvel is a sustainable hangout located on the outskirts of the city. The place is built on a former shipyard, and you can feel the eco-friendly vibe everywhere. Visit the area for some local street art, walk around the dry docks, enjoy food and drinks in a ship turned café, or just relax in one of the several hammocks amidst a green oasis.

Jordaan: Amsterdam’s Most Charming Neighborhood

Jordaan is one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Amsterdam that is often overlooked by tourists. Walk around the streets, and you will see a perfect blend of trendy restaurants, eclectic shops, and art galleries alongside traditional Dutch houses and hidden gardens. Be sure to explore the area around and grab a beer at one of the best bars in Amsterdam, Café de Tuin.

Indulge in Amsterdam’s Unique Cuisine

Amsterdam’s cuisine reflects the city’s history and cultural diversity. Here are three culinary experiences you cannot miss:

Stroopwafels: A Sweet Treat

If you have a sweet tooth, then stroopwafels are a must-try. These thin, waffle-like cookies with a caramel filling originated in Dutch street markets and are now found throughout the city. Take a tour of the city, and you will find many different versions of this famous snack, each with its own unique twist.

Bitterballen: A Dutch Snack

Bitterballen is a quintessential Dutch snack made with a crispy outer layer and a creamy meaty filling. Usually paired with a cold beer, bitterballen can be found in most bars around Amsterdam. Head down to Hannekes Boom to try a particularly tasty version of this delicacy.

Surinamese Food: A Taste of Amsterdam’s Diversity

Amsterdam’s culinary diversity is reflected in its Surinamese cuisine. Try some Surinamese roti, which includes curried chicken or potatoes wrapped in a flatbread, or nasi goreng, a fragrant, Indonesian-style fried rice. Be sure to visit Lalla Rookh for some delicious Surinamese food.

Discover Amsterdam’s Rich Cultural Scene

Beyond the coffee shops and red-light district, Amsterdam has a thriving cultural scene. Here are some must-see experiences:

Rijksmuseum: A Masterpiece of Dutch Art

The Rijksmuseum houses a vast collection of Dutch art, focusing on works from the Golden Age. This museum showcases art from some of the most famous Dutch masters, such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Van Gogh.

NDSM Wharf: Art and Creativity Vibes

NDSM Wharf is a creative hub located on a former industrial site that once served as the city’s shipyard. Today, it houses several cultural events and art festivals that showcase local creativity. Take a ferry ride to the wharf, and you will find street art, pop-up shops, and food stalls.

Discover the Hidden Stories of Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s history is nuanced, and there are many hidden stories beyond the city’s obvious landmarks. Here are some hidden tales:

De Wallen: More Than Just the Red Light District

De Wallen is one of Amsterdam’s most iconic neighborhoods, known for its red-light district. But beyond this common perception, De Wallen is also a vibrant and historic area. Walk through the area and explore the hidden alleys, where you will see historic buildings and winding little streets.

The Anne Frank House: A Window into the Past

The Anne Frank House is undoubtedly one of the city’s most famous and iconic landmarks. But beyond the obvious historical significance, visiting the house also gives you a glimpse into the lives of Amsterdam’s locals during the Second World War.

Unforgettable Off-the-Beaten-Path Experiences

To truly experience Amsterdam, you need to step outside of the conventional tourist destinations. Here are three unique experiences to consider:

A Canal Tour: From an Eco-Friendly Perspective

Skip the regular tourist boat rides and take an eco-friendly canal tour offered by Blue Boat Company. The tour is an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional tour and provides a unique perspective on the city’s waterways.

Bike Tour: Experience Amsterdam Like a Local

Amsterdam is a biker’s paradise, and touring the city by bike is an excellent way to see Amsterdam up close and personal. Cycle through the city’s picturesque streets and beyond. Not only is it cost-effective, but it also lets you experience the city like a local.

Amsterdam Light Festival: A Dazzling Winter Attraction

The Amsterdam Light Festival is a unique and globally recognized light art festival held every winter in Amsterdam. The festival showcases local and international artists’ work, and it is a magical experience to see the city in dazzling light displays.

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