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Explore Hermanus – Whale and Dolphin Watching Boat Trip in Hermanus

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Explore Hermanus – Whale and Dolphin Watching Boat Trip in Hermanus

From July to November each year, a magnificent spectacle can be observed along the rugged cliffs of Hermanus – the migration of Southern Right whales occurs as they traverse continents to make use of the Whale Coast’s hospitable waters.

Welcoming these majestic creatures every year with their stunning antlers and stunning exhalations, their visits bring a kind of calm to the otherwise busy seaside town – and a truly unique opportunity for adventure seekers. One of the most popular ways to take advantage of this incredible phenomenon is to join a whale and dolphin watching boat trip in Hermanus.

What to Expect from a Whale and Dolphin Watching Boat Trip in Hermanus

A whale and dolphin watching boat trip in Hermanus is an incredible way to observe these majestic creatures up-close in their natural habitat. With the help of local experts, you’ll get exclusive knowledge about the marine life that you would not have found out yourself.

The adventure starts with a safety briefing, the correct gear and a wetsuit that you will need on the trip. While out on the water, you will get to observe the whales, dolphins, seabirds and other marine life that call this part of the world home such as seals, killer whales and sunfish. The expert skipper will ensure that you experience all that this part of the world has to offer, while getting close enough so you can observe and experience these sea-creatures.

You will get a chance to take some amazing pictures and videos of these incredible creatures. During the trip, you’ll get to learn about behaviours of these animals and the day’s sightings will be discussed at the end of the trip.

Where to Book a Whale and Dolphin Watching Boat Trip in Hermanus

When booking a whale & dolphin watching boat trip in Hermanus, it is important to ensure that you are booking with a reputable company. Look for companies that have been in operation for many years and have acquired excellent customer reviews. Such companies have a long-term relationship with local wildlife experts in Hermanus and have received recognitions for ethical practices and responsible tourism in their area.
A great option for booking a whale and dolphin watching boat trip in Hermanus is GetYourGuide’s boat trip, which is an ethical tour operator and offers an amazing boat trip experience with an expert skipper on board. The two hour boat trip includes stunning views of whales and dolphins off the coast, and also beautiful views of Walker Bay. GetYourGuide’s trips also come complete with a safety briefing and all the necessary safety gear required marked as checked on their checklist prior to disembarking.

Things to Keep in Mind When Booking a Whale & Dolphin Watching Boat Trip

When booking a whale or dolphin watching boat trip in Hermanus, there are several safety tips to consider:

  • Book with reputable tours such as GetYourGuide
  • Check what type of protection is available on board such as lifejackets or wet suits
  • Always follow instructions given by your tour guide on board
  • Keep children supervised at all times
  • Pay attention to the weather and plan for choppy conditions if needed
  • Bring enough hats, sunscreen, water amongst other supplies needed for a comfortable ride

Before booking your trip, always research safety information as well as local experiences by previous customers. Not only will it help you understand what to expect from your experience, but also help you make sure you are supporting responsible wildlife tours..


Witnessing whale & dolphin watching should be an unforgettable experience, filled with excitement, enjoyment and awe. By booking a whale or dolphin watching boat trip with GetYourGuide in Hermanus, you are guaranteed to get one of the best experiences available on the market. It comes with an experienced skipper on board, proper safety measures taken into account, as well as incredible views of the coast. So don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience – book your whale & dolphin watching boat trip in Hermanus today.

An Insider’s Guide to Hermanus

If you’re looking for an authentic South African experience, Hermanus is the place to go. This coastal town, situated on the Western Cape, is a haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. While whale and dolphin watching is undoubtedly the most famous attraction in the area, there’s more to Hermanus than meets the eye. Discover the lesser-known spots and hidden gems that the locals know and love with this insider’s guide.

Local Attractions

While many tourists flock to the well-known attractions such as the Old Harbor Museum and the nearby Fernkloof Nature Reserve, Hermanus has some hidden gems that only the locals know about. Take a stroll through the town and explore the street art that tells the stories of the city’s history and culture. Stop by the Hermanus Art Gallery for a glimpse of the local artists’ works or visit the Whale Museum to learn more about the incredible sea creatures that visit these shores. You can also visit the Saturday Country Market for some unique handmade crafts, organic products, and artisanal foods.

Dining Spots

Hermanus’s food scene offers a variety of international cuisines with a South African twist. Try biltong, a traditional salted and cured meat that originated in South Africa, at Sopiesek Restaurant and Deli, or enjoy some delectable pies at The House of Pies. For a more refined dining experience, visit La Pentola Restaurant for some exceptional Italian cuisine or Harbour Rock for seafood. Remember to pair your meal with some of the best local wines, including standout vineyards such as Creation Wines, Newton Johnson Wine Estate, and Ataraxia Wines.

Cultural Experiences

Hermanus has a rich cultural heritage with a fusion of different influences such as the ancient Khoisan heritage and the colonial history. One of the best ways to experience the city’s cultural depth is through attending cultural events. The Hermanus Whale Festival celebrates the return of the whales every September with a weekend of food, wine, live music and various ocean activities. For film and music enthusiasts, the Hermanus Arts Festival, which takes place annually in June, features art exhibitions, live shows, and film screenings.

Local History

Hermanus has a rich and diverse history, with stories dating back to early settlers and the fishing industry that put the town on the map. The town has numerous historical sites and museums, including the Whale House Museum, which showcases Hermanus’s intriguing history of whaling. Take a stroll around the Old Harbor Complex and learn about the fascinating sea-faring heritage and the town’s transformation to a hub for tourism.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Suggestions

To experience Hermanus beyond the typical attractions, you can explore the Walker Bay Nature Reserve, where you’ll find a plethora of wildlife, hiking trails, and fantastic views of the bay. For a unique and exhilarating activity, try your hand at sandboarding in the nearby Atlantis Dunes. You can also take a guided wine tour or explore the neighbouring Hemel-en-Aarde wine valley and taste the South African wines in a unique setting.

In conclusion, Hermanus is a delightful destination for those searching for adventure, culture, and history. From hidden gems to breathtaking scenery, there’s something for everyone in this charming town on the coast. So pack your bags, put on your walking shoes and immerse yourself in the vibrant and unique culture that is Hermanus.

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Explore Hermanus – Whale and Dolphin Watching Boat Trip in Hermanus

Experience Adventure Like Never Before: Book Your Tour Today!