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Explore Prague with a Tour of the Castle and Entry Ticket

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Explore Prague with a Tour of the Castle and Entry Ticket

Prague Castle, or Pražský hrad in Czech, is the ancient seat of Bohemian kings and the oldest surviving building in the Czech Republic. The castle was built as a fortification in 870, and has housed generations of dignitaries and today serves as the office of the president. It is also an important historical landmark and tourist attraction.The castle is situated on a hill above the Vltava River, and is the largest ancient castle in Europe. Visitors from around the world come to explore this breathtaking landmark and its many structures. This includes the church of St. Vitus, the palace, gardens, and a monastery. But for some visitors, what makes the visit even more special is a guided tour of Prague Castle with a local guide and entry ticket.A guided tour of Prague Castle with a local guide and entry ticket allows visitors can unlock the mysteries of this important landmark. They gain a unique insight into its long history and its meaning to the Bohemians and Czechs over centuries. The tour can be customized to meet the needs of any group, and typically includes visits to the castle grounds, St. Vitus Cathedral, Royal Palace, and other important sights. But, why should you opt for a guided tour of Prague Castle and an entry ticket? Here’s what you will learn!

What You Will Learn on a Guided Tour of Prague Castle with a Local Guide and Entry Ticket

1. The History of Prague Castle

The castle dates back to 870, making it the oldest surviving building in Prague. It is also one of the oldest castles in all of Europe, as it has been home to Bohemian kings for centuries. Visitors on a guided tour of Prague Castle can appreciate its long history, and gain insight into why it is such an important symbol for the Czech people. They can learn about the tumultuous times it has seen, including wars and occupations, as well as its role in both world wars.

2. Go Inside St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral is a spectacular Gothic cathedral located inside Prague Castle grounds. It is known for its impressive architecture and artwork and is also home to several of Europe’s most important relics, such as the Crown Jewels of Bohemia. Visitors on a guided tour of Prague Castle will be able to go inside this incredible Cathedral and learn all about its history and significance to the Czech people.

3. Go Inside the Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is another impressive element of Prague Castle. Built in 1215 and still intact today, it features a beautiful ballroom, chapel and private chambers that were home to generations of Bohemian Kings. Visitors on a guided tour of Prague Castle can learn about the history of this majestic palace and its rich architectural heritage.

4. Explore the Gardens

The gardens of Prague Castle are one of its most beloved features. Visitors can explore these stunning grounds, which have been home to some of European’s most beautiful gardens ever since Roman Emperor Charles IV planted them in 1340. On a guided tour of Prague Castle, visitors can learn all about these gardens, their plants and history, as well as gain insight into why they are so beloved by locals and visitors alike.

5. Enjoy “Kulmárna” Restaurant

Prague Castle includes a tourist attraction known as “Kulmárna” which is a restaurant located inside the Cathedral’s tower that serves traditional Czech dishes like goulash or fried cheese. After learning all about the history of this landmark, visitors will be able to enjoy a delicious meal at “Kulmárna” Restaurant before departing for home –the perfect way to end your tour!

Conclusion: Book a Guided Tour of Prague Castle with a Local Guide and Entry Ticket Today!

Exploring Prague Castle with a guided tour of Prague Castle with a local guide and entry ticket is an unforgettable experience that offers visitors an opportunity to appreciate this ancient landmark in a new way. From discovering its history to exploring its gardens to stopping for a delicious meal at “Kulmárna” restaurant, there are plenty of exciting things to do –all at an affordable price! So if you want to make your visit to Prague Castle extra special, why not book a guided tour with a local guide and entry ticket today? Book your activity here now!

Discover Prague’s Hidden Gems: An Insider’s Guide

Are you planning a trip to Prague? This beautiful city is known for its stunning architecture, charming streets, and vibrant culture. But there’s more to Prague than meets the eye. As a local, I know where the real gems are hidden. In this insider’s guide, I’ll take you off the beaten path and reveal some lesser-known attractions, delicious dining spots, captivating cultural experiences, and interesting snippets of Prague’s history.

Local Attractions: Discover Prague’s Hidden Gems

While Prague’s top attractions, such as the Charles Bridge and the Old Town Square, are breathtaking, there are several lesser-known sights that are just as stunning. One such place is Vysehrad, a historic fortress that sits on a hill overlooking the Vltava River. Another hidden gem is Letna Park, where you can take a leisurely stroll and enjoy stunning city views. Also, don’t forget to visit the Dancing House, a modern piece of architectural art that has become a Prague landmark.

Dining Spots: Savoring the Flavors of Prague

Prague’s cuisine may not be as well-known as its European counterparts, but it is delicious nonetheless. For a true taste of Prague, try the traditional Czech dish, Goulash. My recommendations for trying Goulash are Cafe Louvre, U Provaznice, and Kolkovna Celnice. Also, try Trdelník, a sweet pastry that is common street food, at the local market stalls. For a unique dining experience, visit the medieval-themed U Pavouka restaurant, where you can dine in a historical ambiance while enjoying hearty Bohemian dishes.

Cultural Experiences: Immerse Yourself in Prague’s Customs

Prague is steeped in culture and tradition, from art and music to festivals and customs. Attending a concert at the Municipal House, a beautiful Art Nouveau building, is a must-do experience. The Prague Spring International Music Festival, which takes place in May every year, is also not to be missed. For a unique cultural encounter, go to Absintherie, a bar that serves absinthe, the notorious green drink that was popular in the 19th century. You won’t find this experience anywhere else!

Local History: Unearthing Lesser-known Stories of Prague

Prague has a rich and fascinating history that is often overlooked. Did you know that during the reign of King Charles IV in the 14th century, Prague was the largest city in the world? Or that on a street in the Jewish Quarter, you can find Kafka’s birthplace and childhood home? You can also visit the Museum of Communism, which offers a glimpse into the life under Communism in Prague and the rest of Czechoslovakia.

Off-the-beaten-path suggestions: Unique Experiences in Prague

Want to experience something unusual that most tourists miss? Head to the Zizkov TV Tower and take the elevator to the top. The observation deck at the top provides panoramic views of the city. You can also test your bravery and climb one of Prague’s tallest buildings, the Zizkov Tower. Another unusual experience is the Beer Spa, where you can relax in a hot tub filled with beer, enjoying a cold one at the same time.

In conclusion, Prague is much more than its famous attractions and cuisine. It is a vibrant and nuanced city that will leave a long-lasting impression on your heart and mind. Venture out of your comfort zone, and discover Prague’s hidden gems, savor its flavors, and immerse yourself in its rich culture and history.

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Explore Prague with a Tour of the Castle and Entry Ticket

Experience Adventure Like Never Before: Book Your Tour Today!