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Explore the Hidden Bars in Shinjuku: Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour

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Explore the Hidden Bars in Shinjuku: Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour

Going out for drinks in Shinjuku is a fun and exciting way to explore Tokyo Bar Hopping patterns and discover the hidden gems in local food alleys. If you’ve always wanted to experience traditional Japanese nightlife and sample some of the country’s freshest and tastiest dishes, then the bar hopping tour in Shinjuku is one to add to your itinerary. But, what does a tour like this involve, and where can you find it?

In this article, we’ll tell you all about the Tokyo bar hopping Shinjuku tour, and why it’s such a great day out in Japan. From insider tips on where to find the best hidden bars, to where to book the tour, you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable time on your bar hopping experience. So, without further ado, here’s what you need to know about the bar hopping experience in Tokyo.

What to Expect From Your Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour in Shinjuku

The Tokyo Bar Hopping tour in Shinjuku is a special nightlife experience that takes you into the always changing and unique Tokyo nightlife scene. You’ll explore downtown Shinjuku, a vibrant and lively district that boasts a variety of bars and restaurants. On your tour, you’ll visit some of Shinjuku’s most popular and cool hangout spots and experience something that no other city has to offer.

Your Tokyo bar hopping tour will begin at a nearby station where you will meet a friendly guide from the tour company who will accompany you on your unique night out. From there, you’ll visit a mix of bars, temples, izakayas, and food alleys as part of your exclusive tour. At each location you visit, you’ll be guided around by the knowledgeable tour guides and have time to sample food, drinks, and nightlife experiences as you go.

Things to Sample During Your Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour

The Shinjuku bar hopping tour gives you the chance to sample some of the finest local food and drinks that Japan has to offer. From Takoyaki and ramen dishes, to Japanese sake, you’ll get to try some truly unique flavors throughout your evening. Here are some of the highlights you can sample on your bar hopping excursion:

  • Traditional Japanese cuisine at a local izakaya
  • A range of top-quality sake and beers
  • Tasty Takoyaki and ramen dishes
  • Delicious local snacks such as Yakisoba and Gyoza

Alongside these delicious dishes, you’ll also get a chance to witness traditional Japanese culture in action during your Shinjuku bar hopping tour. Whether it’s dressing up in kimonos, watching a traditional performance at a temple, or taking part in Japanese ceremonies, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Shinjuku.

Where Can You Find The Best Bars In Shinjuku?

Shinjuku is home to some of Tokyo’s best bars and restaurants. From high-end dining establishments, to underground dives and hole-in-the-wall izakayas, there’s something for everyone here. Here are some of our favorite hidden gem bars in Shinjuku that you won’t want to miss out on:

  • Piccolo Pub Akasaki – An intimate bar with delicious dishes and drinks.
  • Rooftop Bar Kanda – A charming rooftop bar that overlooks the city.
  • 86bar Tokyo – A jazz lounge with an extensive selection of craft beers.
  • Analog Shinjuku – An old-school bar with a homely feel.

Of course, those are just some of our favorites – the good news is that the Shinjuku bar hopping tour will take you around several more such gems. From classic dives to speakeasies and hidden alleys jammed full of delicious food, don’t forget your camera (and wallet) as you explore around this unique district of Tokyo.

How To Book The Shinjuku Bar Hopping Tour

If you’re interested in sampling some of Japan’s finest bars and drinking culture, then booking a Shinjuku bar hopping tour is an absolute must-do. You can find plenty of tours run by various operators in Shinjuku itself, or you can book the activity online for convenience. For a great range of Tokyo bar hopping experiences – whether it be by day or night– we recommend Viator’s Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour in Shinjuku. Viator guarantees quality tours run by friendly and knowledgeable guides – perfect for an enjoyable evening out!

To sum up, the Tokyo bar hopping tour in Shinjuku is an excellent and unique way to experience the lively nightlife scene of Japan’s capital city. By sampling some of the finest local cuisine at various bars and lounges across Tokyo, this experience is guaranteed to leave an unbeatable impression on visitors who want to see the real cultural side of Japan. Plus, with dozens of hidden gems scattered across varying parts of town, it’s always exciting to see what treats await around the next corner!
So if you’re looking for an unforgettable night out, why not book yourself onto Viator’s Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour in Shinjuku? You won’t regret it!

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