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Exploring an Alternative Pub Crawl in Bucharest

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Exploring an Alternative Pub Crawl in Bucharest

Are you looking for an unconventional night out in Bucharest, Romania? A pub crawl is the perfect way to experience the city’s vibrant nightlife. The traditional pub crawl starts in one of the city’s bars and hops from one watering hole to another. Many visitors to the city opt for this classic experience so why not explore unique alternative pub crawls and discover every corner of the city’s pulse?

This guide will take you through a thorough exploration of an alternative pub crawl in Bucharest. You’ll learn about the steps to consider when organizing your personalized experience, the best locations, and everything else you need to make the most of your evening. Plus, there’s a call to action at the end of the guide encouraging you to click a link and book this activity.

Tips for Organizing an Alternative Pub Crawl in Bucharest

Before you schedule your alternative pub crawl night out, there are a few things to consider. Check out these tips for making sure you have a safe, fun and enjoyable experience.

Goals and Expectations

Before you begin the crawl, identify your group’s end goal. Do you want to explore a variety of bars and clubs or learn about some of the city’s best-kept secrets? Do you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere or more celebration and clubbing? Set your expectations as a group and know what kind of atmosphere you want for your evening.

Group Size

Decide on the size of your group before you book your tickets. The larger your group, the harder it will be to navigate your way through the bars and clubs. Keep your group size manageable – no more than 6-8 people – so that everyone can fit inside the venues. It will also be easier to keep track of each other throughout your evening as well.


Identify your budget as a group before committing to anything. Are you planning on pre-booking or paying at-the-door? Figure out who will be responsible for each ticket and find out which venues accept cards or other payment methods like PayPal. This will depend on the crawl theme you’ve chosen so make sure to double-check this ahead of time.

You can also decide on a budget for drinks – some bar owners might offer special deals for parties, talk to the bar staff to find out what promotions are available when you arrive. Keep in mind that drinks in Romania are usually cheaper than in other European countries.

Start & End Time

Each crawl will have its own start time, typically at 8pm or 9pm before most venues reach full capacity. You should also decide on a start and end time for your group’s outing – it should be late enough to experience different atmospheres in several venues but early enough for all participants to be comfortable.

Transportation & Accommodation

You’ll need transportation from one venue to the next so make sure to arrange this ahead of time. You could take a taxi or Uber from one place to another but ensure that all members of your group are comfortable with the mode of transport beforehand.

If some members in your group are staying outside the city center, consider booking accommodation for the night so that no one has to travel too far afterwards. This is especially important if you plan on continuing the crawl into the early hours!

Best Locations for an Alternative Pub Crawl in Bucharest

When planning an alternative pub crawl in Bucharest, the key is to find locations away from the usual tourist traps – places that are locally known and offer an experience different from the typical night out. Here are three suggestions for places to include in your crawl:

Gestic bar

Gestic bar is a cozy spot located near Piata Victoriei, known for its relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. The bar specializes in gin and tonic drinks so if you’re a fan then this should definitely be one of the first stops on your crawl. Gestic also offers a variety of craft beers and beer cocktails that are worth sampling for any craft beer lover out there.

Dealer Club

Located near University Square, Dealer Club is one of Bucharest’s most popular underground clubs, catering to those looking for a wild night out with plenty of fun surprises along the way. Like any true club it is quite small inside but offers plenty of options when it comes to refreshments. From hard drinks and shots to craft beers, there is something everyone can enjoy here!

Salvation Club

Salvation Club is an intimate venue located in Old Town Bucharest. Here you’ll find a relaxed atmosphere filled with exposed brick walls, live jazz music and plenty of craft beers and wines on tap. This establishment caters more towards locals than tourists and is a great place to end a night of revelry – be sure to stick around until closing time!

Experiences & Deals Available

Now that you know where to go, it’s time to check out all the deals that are available when planning an alternative pub crawl in Bucharest. From discounts on drinks and special offers on entrance fees, to experiences tailored specifically for large groups – there’s something available for everyone!

Drink Specials

One of the best ways to save money during an alternative pub crawl is by taking advantage of drinks specials available at select bars across Bucharest. Some popular specials include discounts on beer towers and classic cocktails like mojitos and caipirinhas. You can also take advantage of discounts on shots and other unique beverages – just ask at each bar before ordering!

Group Deals

Many venues offer discounts for large groups, so if you’re traveling as part of a larger crowd then it’s worth asking about group deals when booking your tickets. Venues may offer free shots, discounted entrance fees or even free drinks depending on how many people are in your crawl!

Organized Tours

If you’re looking for an organized alternative pub crawl experience then there are plenty of tours available through local companies like Explore Romania. Their tours offer an all-in-one package with transportation, refreshment stops, professional local guides and great discounts at all venues included in your itinerary – so you won’t have to worry about booking anything else! Plus, they have vast knowledge on all things related to nightly entertainment – they will take you places with rich vibrant musicality and traditional culture vibes beyond the regular tourist traps. Book your Alternative Bucharest Pub Crawl Tour with Explore Romania now and make sure to get access to all their great deals!

Make Your Own Alternative Pub Crawl Night Out

Organizing an alternative pub crawl night out can be fun and exciting but it’s important that everyone involved knows what they’re getting into before committing to anything. Consider your goals, budget, group size and start/end times when planning your crawl and make sure all participants feel comfortable with their evening plans before moving forward.

Once everything is set it’s time to hit up some of Bucharest’s best pubs, bars, clubs and enjoy an evening filled with adventure! Take advantage of drink specials and group deals that are available at select venues, explore local gems off the beaten track and party the evening away!

If organizing your own alternative pub crawl sounds like too much work then don’t worry – there are plenty of organized tours available through local companies that can do all the hard work for you! Check out Explore Romania’s Alternative Bucharest Pub Crawl Tour. It takes care all aspects of planning – securing transportation between venues, negotiating discounts at each location and organizing refreshment stops throughout the night – ensuring that participants get to experience all that Bucharest has to offer without having to worry about anything else!

Whatever route you choose – independent or assisted – having great pub crawl night out in Bucharest is a guaranteed success. So go forth and explore!

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Exploring an Alternative Pub Crawl in Bucharest

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