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Exploring Barcelona through an Authentic Tapas Crawl

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Exploring Barcelona through an Authentic Tapas Crawl

Are you looking for the ultimate foodie experience in Barcelona? Look no further than a tapas crawl in this vibrant Catalonian city. Tapas originated here in the 1800s and although this tradition could be found in other areas of southern Spain, nowhere else has the craft been perfected quite like Barcelona. This is your guide to experiencing the true taste of Barcelona, featuring the best bars and restaurants, unique eats and more.

Why an Authentic Tapas Crawl?

An authentic tapas crawl is a great way to not only explore Barcelona and its wonderful offerings but also to get an understanding of the local culture. Tapas is not only a meal that has become a part of the tradition of the city, but it is so much more than that. It’s comfort food created with love and care to provide a sense of community.

Tapas are small bites, each one with its own unique flavor. And while they may be small dishes, they are packed with lots of flavor. An authentic tapas crawl allows you to sample some of the best this city has to offer. From the taste of tapas to the vibrancy of the bars and restaurants, experience Barcelona the traditional way!

How Does an Authentic Tapas Crawl Work?

An authentic tapas crawl involves exploring Barcelona’s many tapas bars and restaurants, stopping at different venues to experience a variety of tastes and flavors. You can either do an organized crawl with a guide, as this can offer you great insight on the local culture and food scene, or you can stroll around Barcelona on your own.

When going on an organized crawl, you will typically visit 4-5 different bars and restaurants over the course of the tour. Each venue will include five tasting plates with drinks like wine and beers. A guide will make multiple stops throughout the evening for further explanations about the food culture of Barcelona and about the dishes served.

If you prefer to explore on your own, try out these places for some authentic tapas:

Best Tapas in Barcelona

  • Cal Pep: Located in the Gothic Quarter, this restaurant is famous for its selection of fresh fish dishes. Try their calamares fritos, squid cooked in a light batter served with a garlic mayonnaise as well as their popular bacalla, salt cod omelette.
  • El Xampanyet: This unassuming cava bar in the Barri Gotic throws back to traditional Catalan style cuisine with its air-dried meats, cheeses and delicious patatas bravas. Try some of their Sangria too!
  • Casa Calvet: Situated in a modernist 19th-century building, Casa Calvet serves delicious grilled meats and fish dishes like salmó cremosa, prepared on site from the freshest ingredients.
  • Bar Lobo: Located near La Sagrada Familia, Bar Lobo is known for its ensaladilla rusa, a seafood potato salad, as well as its bocadillos de tortilla, a traditional omelette sandwich.
  • Estimar: Situated off La Rambla, Estimar offers a wide selection of meat dishes prepared with exquisite care. Try their suquet de peix, a fish stew cooked with saffron, peppers, potatoes and tomatoes.

As you explore each bar, pay attention to your surroundings. Take time to chat with the locals who can offer insight into their culture, traditions and their favorite local spots for tapas. You may even discover new dishes along the way that are not on any menu!

What About Prices?

The cost of a tapas crawl depends on which tour you take but typically it can range from €80-€100. It is important to remember that the price is not just for food, but also for an immeasurable experience – experiencing authentic Barcelona culture and learning about it firsthand from a guide. Most tapas crawls also include drinks like wine and beer.

Those exploring on their own should budget around €30-€50 depending on which restaurants you choose to visit and how many dishes you eat. Keep in mind that each meal includes more than just one dish – each venue will offer five tasting plates between two people.

Whatever route you take during your tapas crawl, you can rest assured that you will be experiencing authentic Barcelona culture in some way or another through your tastebuds!

Ready to Book?

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Exploring Barcelona through an Authentic Tapas Crawl

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