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Exploring Belgrade, Serbia: Self-Guided Audio Walking Tours

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Exploring Belgrade, Serbia: Self-Guided Audio Walking Tours

Heading to Belgrade, Serbia and wanting to explore the city like a local? Well look no more because with self-guided audio walking tours you can experience the rich culture, beauty and history of Belgrade.

Self-guided audio walking tours are becoming a popular way to explore a new city without having to commit to a full day of traditional guided tours. Audio tours allow visitors to explore freely, while still taking in all the culture and history of the area- at your own leisure and in your own time.

These tours are not just a convenient way to see the city, but can provide an interesting insight into how the locals live and think; something which may be missed on traditional guided tours. Whatever your preference of travel, self-guided audio walking tours are well worth checking out- as this article aims to show.

What Do You Get On A Self Guided Audio Tour?

Self-guided audio walking tours provide an in-depth exploration of a city through the eyes of a local. Rather than traversing the city in one linear direction, audio tours take you around important landmarks, historical sites and cultural gems in Belgrade -all while providing interesting anecdotes and stories that are unique to the city.

You will also receive a map of Belgrade which will guide you on your journey. The advance step-by-step instructions allow you to get off the beaten track; helping you avoid the overcrowded tourist areas and uncover the true beauty of Belgrade.

Who Should Consider Doing A Self Guided Audio Tour?

Despite them being incredibly popular with students, self-guided audio walking tours are suitable for all types of travelers. Whether you’re a nature lover, culture fanatic or history buff – there are plenty of options available for all walks of life.

Getting out and about on foot is often the best way to discover hidden secrets in a new city. Plus, since each tour is tailored for your preferences, you can opt for sites that cater to your interests or just wander aimlessly and see what you find on your journey!

What Benefits Can You Get From Doing A Self Guided Audio Tour?

The obvious advantage that comes from booking a self-guided audio tour is the freedom. Prior to starting your journey, you can easily plan out an itinerary of places to visit using an interactive map; giving you maximum control over where you go and what to see.

Moreover, these tours also provide insight into Belgrade’s rich culture and heritage. With each site visited, interactive stories and anecdotes take you back in time, helping to contextualise centuries of history in a unique and engaging way.

Finally, self-guided audio walking tours are perfect for those who are on a tighter budget. Most companies offer a range of packages – meaning you can discover the city without spending too much money!

Which Companies Offer Self-Guided Audio Walking Tours in Belgrade?

When it comes to self-guided audio walking tours in Belgrade, there are plenty of companies offering these services and at a range of prices. Here is a list of some recommended companies offering some of the best audio guided walking tours in Belgrade:

  • VoiceMap – Offering GPS-guided audio city walks and bike rides for 20 different cities around the world. Tours are narrated by locals with each step providing rich insights into Belgrade’s history and culture.
  • One More Walk – Offering effective audio tours like “Surprises Of Belgrade’s Old Town’ which provides an exciting adventure across 25 locations over 3 hours.
  • BelgradeRTours – Offering tours around various parts of the city tailored for each user’s preferences. One of their most popular tours is “Belgrade Castle by night’.
  • Get Your Guide – Offering some great audio guided walking tours around some of Belgrade’s most iconic sites such as Kalemegdan Park, National Theatre and Zeleni Venac (Green Square)

Final Thoughts

Exploring new cities can be daunting but doing a self-guided audio walking tour makes it easy. By allowing users to explore freely and see the sights at their own leisure, these tours provide an immersive experience that traditional guided tours cannot offer.
Plus with most tours ranging from $10-$20 – you won’t break the bank either!
So if you’re headed to Belgrade soon, why not give a self-guided audio walking tour a go? It’ll be an experience that you won’t forget!

If this article has inspired you to explore Belgrade further head over to Get Your Guide where you can book some amazing self-guided audio walking tours around Belgrade!

harpal singh 0MPtSJfg9J4 unsplash 1

Exploring Belgrade, Serbia: Self-Guided Audio Walking Tours

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