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Exploring Durban’s Waterways – A Guide to Canal Cruising

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Exploring Durban’s Waterways – A Guide to Canal Cruising

Durban, the 3rd most populous city in South Africa, is renowned for its vibrant energy and laid-back culture. It boasts an array of natural attractions, with kilometres of golden beaches, lush rolling parks, coral reefs and exciting wildlife adventures – but for a truly unique experience, eight kilometres offshore in a sheltered lagoon awaits the narrow waterways which make Durban one of the world’s most popular canal cruising destinations.

Canal Cruises offer a leisurely yet entertaining way to explore the city from a very different perspective. The boats, meandering along winding canals and inlets surrounded by lush subtropical vegetation and overhangs, offer the best opportunities for close-up views of abundant birdlife, crocodiles and spectacular Indian Ocean sunsets.

The trip itself is quite straightforward – simply board the boat at agreed pick up points and take off on a journey that can last anywhere from an hour to four hours, depending on your chosen route and package. From relaxing canal cruises to guided tours filled with information on the culture, history and wildlife of Durban, there’s no shortage of choice – making Canal Cruises in Durban an easily accessible yet exciting and potentially educational experience for everybody.

Some of the most popular routes are:

1. East Sun Cruise

The East Sun Cruise is a popular choice for Durbanites wanting to experience the beauty of their city from the water in comfort and style. This two-hour cruise takes visitors along some of the oldest ports of Durban, cruising along nine tranquil canals as you take in the sights. Birdwatchers will be treated to swans, ibises and kingfishers, whilst also getting an early glimpse at the wildlife of KwaZulu-Natal such as crocodiles and hippos lurking in the water. Keep an eye out for the historical landmarks, like the old Durban Marina that has been transformed from an industrial site into a modern playground for sailing and boating enthusiasts.

2. La Lucia Canal Cruise

The La Lucia Canal Cruise is another popular choice among locals and tourists alike. This one-hour cruise takes you along a 10km canal which starts at La Lucia and ends at Ushaka Marine World, Durban’s world-famous aquatic theme park. You’ll discover numerous species of migratory birds and indigenous wildlife, see Aboriginal settlements, surfers riding the waves and boats large and small making their way through narrow gorges. Your knowledgeable guide will provide interesting snippets about the history and culture of Durban as you go – and you also get to enjoy a complimentary glass of South African wine whilst on board.

3. Umgeni River Cruise

The Umgeni River Cruise offers you a chance to explore some of Durban’s most picturesque inland waterways. The river, which flows serenely through the Umgeni Valley before spilling into the Indian Ocean, is home to abundant wildlife – hippos , crocodiles , otters and many species of water-birds are often spotted along the way. This one-hour cruise also gives you great views of some of Durban’s famous landmarks such as Queen Elizabeth II Bridge and Moses Mabhida Stadium.

Sitting aboard a canal cruise vessel, passing through charming canals set amidst lush vegetation and surrounded by diverse wildlife – there really is no other experience like it in Durban. But just how do you go about setting up a canal cruise in Durban?

How to Book a Canal Cruise in Durban

A canal cruise in Durban makes for a perfect daytrip or weekend getaway – but organising your own can be tricky or even impossible if you don’t know where to look. Luckily, help is at hand! Booking a canal cruise can easily be done online via travel websites that have specialised in arranging local canal cruises across South Africa. So if you’re looking to take your friends on an adventure along Durban’s inland waterways, here’s what you need to do:

1. Find a Reliable Travel Website

There are numerous travel websites online that specialise in organising private canal cruises in Durban – so it’s essential that you find one that you can trust. It’s best to find a website that has a good rating from other travellers or can provide you with an unbiased opinion or feedback from previous customers.

One such reliable website is GetYourGuide, which offers hundreds of local tours, adventure activities, sightseeing tours and much more in more than 80 countries across the globe – including South Africa! GetYourGuide provides customers with expert advice and info they need to make informed decisions when booking activities and experiences, as well as direct bookings with local companies as well as private individuals – so you can be sure that your canal cruise will be carried out by experienced professionals who know exactly how to deliver an impeccable service.

2. Choose Your Route

Once you’ve found a reliable travel website, you’ll need to decide where exactly you want to take your canal cruise. As noted above, there are three main routes to choose from – namely East Sun Cruise, La Lucia Canal Cruise and Umgeni River Cruise – each offering an alternative way to explore the city from a totally different perspective. You might also find additional routes on GetYourGuide, with various itineraries tailored to specific interests such as birdwatching or wildlife tours – so d it’s worth taking some time to browse through their selection before making your decision.

3. Decide on Your Package

Once you’ve chosen your route, it’s time to decide on what type of package you want to get. GetYourGuide offers several different packages – ranging from one-hour packages ideal for those who want to experience the canals without too much commitment, to more extensive packages that include meals or additional activities like fishing or yoga classes, which makes for even more exciting memories on board!

4. Make Your Booking

Once you’ve chosen your route and package, it’s time to make your booking – something that can easily be done via GetYourGuide’s straightforward booking process. All you’ll need to do is select your preferred date and time, input your payment information and click “Book Now’ – it really is that easy! GetYourGuide will then liaise directly with the private operator for your set trip and let you know via email when your booking has been confirmed – so within just a few clicks you could be experiencing canal cruising around Durban in no time!

So why not take a break from life on land this week, grab some friends or family members – or even just have a little romantic getaway – and enjoy an unforgettable experience aboard one of Durban’s beautiful canal cruises? Featuring stunning views of both urban and natural landscapes all around you – it really couldn’t be simpler with all the help available online, so what are you waiting for? Pack those sun hats and head on out! Book your canal cruise today!

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Exploring Durban’s Waterways – A Guide to Canal Cruising

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