Exploring Edinburgh’s Old Town Through a Private Tour: History and Murder

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by | Jan 27, 2023 | Activities, Edinburgh

Exploring Edinburgh’s Old Town Through a Private Tour: History and Murder

Edinburgh’s Old Town is one of the oldest and most historic neighborhoods in Scotland. The winding cobblestone streets and ancient buildings house a captivating history, rife with stories of royalty, warfare, and – more recently – murder. On a tour of the Old Town, you’ll get to explore this rich history firsthand and learn about everything from Edinburgh Castle to the Ghost Trail of Greyfriars.

If you’re already planning a trip to Scotland or Edinburgh, experiencing the Old Town with a private tour is an absolute must. So, in this guide, we’ll explore the history of the Old Town, share our top tips for booking a private tour and provide an insight into what to expect from a tour experience focused on Edinburgh’s charming Old Town.

What is Edinburgh’s Old Town?

Edinburgh’s Old Town is an area located south of the Royal Mile and encircled by a defensive wall known as the Flodden Wall. The section tours take visitors on could be compared to a footprint of the foundations of Edinburgh and has been around since at least the twelfth century. Edinburgh has changed a lot over time and much of the historical buildings have suffered a degree of decay, but Edinburgh’s Old Town has remained relatively unchanged over the centuries.

The tightly-knit wynds (small alleyways) and closes (enclosed stairways) are lined with historic buildings including museums, cathedrals, town houses, student flats and tourist attractions. On your private tour of Edinburgh’s Old Town, you’ll get to experience all of this and learn about the many secrets that have made Edinburgh so captivating for centuries.

What to Expect from a Professional Private Tour of Edinburgh’s Old Town

The best way to take in the captivating stories that make up Edinburgh’s Old Town is with a professional guided tour. By booking a private tour in advance, you’ll have a knowledgeable guide who can relate Edinburgh’s intriguing history in a passionate and captivating way.

Your tour guide will be able to tell you more about the unique architecture, the historical events that took place in the Old Town and even how life was like back then. You’ll also get to visit many of the iconic sites in Edinburgh, such as Holyrood Palace, the Royal Mile, Greyfriars Kirkyard and Princes Street Gardens.

Private tours of Edinburgh’s Old Town typically last between two and four hours, so make sure your budget allows you to take your time. A two-hour tour is perfect for a first-time visitor looking to get an overview of the fascinating history of Edinburgh.

However, if you plan to visit any specific sites on your tour, you can customize your tour to meet your needs. Your guide will be able to answer any questions you may have about any of the historical sites and explain their importance in enriching the area.

Apart from your regular walking tour with your guide, you can also book additional experiences, such as a private whisky tasting inside an old religious school in Edinburgh or a private dinner at an authentic pub or restaurant in the area. These additional experiences give you a deeper understanding of the culture and lifestyle that created these fascinating places.

One specific experience we recommend is a private tour that focuses on both history and murder in Edinburgh’s Old Town. If you like true-crime stories and want to explore the area with a forensic eye, then this is definitely the right tour for you.

What You Can Expect From A Private History And Murder Tour Of Edinburgh’s Old Town

On this type of tour you will get to explore all kinds of interesting stories related to some of the most notorious cases discovered in Edinburgh’s crime annals. From individual stories such as Burke and Hare murders to unsolved cases like that of Madeleine Smith, you will get to immerse yourself in some spine-tingling tales shaped by true Scottish heritage.

As Edinburgh’s most famous graveyard – Greyfriars Kirkyard – is full of secrets and stories that continue to fascinate visitors from around the world, your guide will have no trouble entertaining you along one of its winding paths. During this time, your guide will also share stories about Scotland’s most famous criminals as you learn about their brief lives, unlikely demises and eventual burial sites across Edinburgh’s famous graveyard – macabre for sure, but also something amazing to experience!

Furthermore, your guide will point out all kinds of historically-relevant architecture as you explore some dark and mysterious corners of Edinburgh’s cityscape. This tour is perfect for those who are fascinated by history and curious about how crime existed within it.

Top Tips For Booking A Private Tour Of Edinburgh’s Old Town

When it comes to deciding which private tour suits you best or booking one from a reputable provider, there are several things to consider:

1. Do your research.

Find out about all the different tours that are available and make sure that they cover all of your interests before you pay for any type of activity or tour. Make sure that the tour has experienced guides who can provide enough details on each part of the journey while also making sure that everyone is engaged throughout the entire experience.
Read reviews from satisfied customers who have taken similar tours that you are interested in so you can get a better feel for what each tour features and create an expectation before booking.

2. Consider timing.

Another important factor when booking a private tour is timing – some activities may take longer than others or run for specific times throughout the day or even week. Also make sure that your tour company abides by social distancing regulations and all safety measures are in place throughout your journey with them.

3. Book online.

When booking any type of tour always book online either directly through the provider or via online agencies such as GetYourGuide – it has become easier than ever to book tours online hassle-free with simple payment options such as credit card or PayPal utilised for many providers – quick and secure! Booking online also means that activities are taken seriously – with details such as start times being revealed near enough immediately once they are booked.


The history-rich neighborhood of Edinburgh’s Old Town remains relatively unchanged over centuries, making it one of the most fascinating areas in Scotland to visit. While it’s certainly possible to explore the area on your own, booking a professional guided tour – either privately or in a group – allows visitors to get an in-depth understanding of some rare gems tucked away within its walls that they wouldn’t find out while wandering around by themselves.

In particular, a private history and murder tour of Edinburgh’s Old Town provides an interesting way to uncover some key facts about the area through captivating tales conveyed by an experienced guide. When booking any type of tour or activity we suggest researching online for reviews from previous visitors to get an understanding for what options are available for each location prior to committing to any purchases – GetYourGuide offers one-stop shop for comprehensive information on all types of attractins and activities available while also offering helpful payment options such as commencing payments with credit cards or Paypal ensuring safe payments without any hassle! If you are interested in exploring some dark stories shaped by true Scottish heritage then click here and book your own private tour now!

Exploring Edinburgh’s Old Town Through a Private Tour: History and Murder

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