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Exploring Las Isletas – Why a Boat Tour of Las Isletas de Granada is a Must-Do on Your Trip

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Exploring Las Isletas – Why a Boat Tour of Las Isletas de Granada is a Must-Do on Your Trip

Las Isletas is a group of almost 400 islands and rocks off the shores of Lake Nicaragua, near Granada. This collection of islands is the star of this city’s scenery, and its natural beauty has inspired people for centuries.

Many travellers make their way to Granada for the sole purpose of exploring Las Isletas, and it is easy to see why. From its wildlife and interesting history to its ability to simply take your breath away with its sheer beauty, it’s a place that is worth a visit.

But if it is your first time exploring Las Isletas, you might be wondering where to start. What is a good way to see the islands?

The best way to experience Las Isletas is by taking a boat tour, and here’s what you should expect on one.

The Perfect View: From the Water

The landscape of Las Isletas is picturesque and filled with flora and fauna. Everything from cormorants and large iguanas to colorful birds, monkeys, and even small fish inhabit the area. To fully admire it – and catch that perfect Instagram shot – you’ll need to experience Las Isletas from the water.

After you have chosen your tour and arrive at the harbor in Granada, you will be taken by boat to Las Isletas. On most tours, you’ll be accompanied by a guide who will point out interesting sights and provide interesting information about the area.

As you cruise through the area, you’ll slowly discover all its beauty: from the islands slowly emerging from the surface of the lake, to the tall volcanoes in the distance, and all the local wildlife. You will also be able to notice that some of the islands are home to houses, restaurants, and even small resorts, which makes for an even more interesting view.

The experience itself will last approximately two hours, and since it is usually done in a small boat, you will be able to get close to the islands and even cruise through some of them.

The Essentials: When To Go

Before opting for a boat tour in Las Isletas, it is important to keep in mind that there are both rainy and dry seasons in this part of Nicaragua. This means that depending on when you visit, you will have different experiences of Lake Nicaragua, as well as Las Isletas.

The rainy season runs from May to October is usually hot, humid and muggy. During this time it does rain quite often during the day and night, so if you opt for a boat tour during this time, keep in mind that you might get wet!

The dry season runs from November through April is when you will find blue skies, but quite a bit of heat. Usually during this time the temperatures reach well above 30°C, so be sure to bring plenty of water and sunblock.

The Different Tour Options

When it comes to choosing a boat tour in Las Isletas de Granada, there are plenty of companies offering different packages. Depending on what sort of tour you’re looking for, some popular ones include sunrise tours, night tours, private tours, sunset tours and even private cruising packages with meals!

Most tours depart directly from Granada with a short cruise across Lake Nicaragua before reaching Las Isletas where the boat captain will usually anchor in some calm waters before starting your tour so that you can go around the area on foot or by kayak (depending on your tour package).

Regardless of what type of tour you’re looking for, all boat tours of Las Isletas generally take place between 5 am up until 8 pm – so there’s plenty of time for an amazing experience!

A Visit To Las Isletas Should Be On Everyone’s Itinerary

At the end of an amazing boat tour of Las Isletas de Granada, many travellers come away with lasting memories. From spotting small fish right below the boat to catching sight of some local wildlife perched above, there’s no doubt that this experience makes it hard to forget its natural beauty.

I believe visiting Las Isletas should be on everyone’s Granada itinerary. If you plan on scheduling a boat tour on your next trip to Granada or in Lake Nicaragua, remember to book in advance for best prices and availability! You can book an amazing boat tour of Las Isletas de Granada here.

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