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Exploring Savannah’s Dark Side: A Guide to the Savannah True Crime Pub Crawl

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Exploring Savannah’s Dark Side: A Guide to the Savannah True Crime Pub Crawl

Are you looking for a thrilling night out in Savannah? The Savannah True Crime Pub Crawl offers visitors an exciting and unique way to traverse the city’s streets and learn about the various crimes that have occurred over the years. This interactive tour is sure to give visitors a night to remember in one of Georgia’s most vibrant cities!

The Savannah True Crime Pub Crawl takes visitors on a two-hour tour, exploring some of the city’s darkest secrets. This unique experience allows guests to explore various sites associated with some of Savannah’s most notorious crimes and mysterious events. From unsolved murders to unexplained disappearances, the tour brings a range of fascinating stories to life.

Guests will get to visit a range of different sites, including some notorious locations associated with some of Savannah’s greatest unsolved mysteries. Enjoy hearing tales of Savannah’s dark secrets while visiting some of the city’s popular watering holes. Along the way, your knowledgeable guide can answer any questions you may have about the various crimes and mysterious occurrences during the pub crawl.

The Savannah True Crime Pub Crawl is an opportunity to explore Savannah in a different light, offering a devilish twist to the traditional pub crawl experience. So if you’re looking for a unique experience while visiting Savannah, this is definitely one that you won’t want to miss!

What Can Guests Expect From the Savannah True Crime Pub Crawl?

The Savannah True Crime Pub Crawl is a two-hour guided tour of some of Savannah’s most notorious crime scenes and mysterious events. During the journey, your experienced guide will provide you with an abundance of entertaining facts about the various stories and mysteries that plague the city.

During the evening tour, guests will get to explore various pub stops located throughout the city. You can expect to make at least five stops during your pub crawl, accompanied by your expert guide who will share even more savory tales from around town!

What Sites Will Be Visited on the Tour?

You can expect to make at least five stops on your journey, visiting locations throughout the city associated with some of Savannah’s greatest unsolved mysteries. Locations that you may visit during your tour include:

Your knowledgeable guide as well as tidbits of historical information provided at each location during your journey will allow you to paint a detailed, vivid picture of Savannah’s past – full of whispered tales, unsolved mysteries, and glimpses into the city’s deep and unique history.

What Should Guests Wear for the Tour?

Guests are encouraged to dress comfortably for their experience! Keep in mind that temperatures can drop low at night, so you may want to dress appropriately according to the weather conditions during your tour date. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes as there will be lots of walking involved during your pub crawl throughout beautiful historic downtown Savannah.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of the Savannah True Crime Pub Crawl is $40 per person and includes a two-hour guided tour, access to five different pubs for food and drinks (at guests’ own cost), and a variety of informative stories about some of Savannah’s darkest secrets over the years. Guests can book their tour online at GetYourGuide.

What Equipment is Needed for the Tour?

For safety and convenience, guests are encouraged to bring along a smartphone or device with them on the tour. This will come in handy when trying to capture photos of the various sights and to take notes on any interesting facts or details during your exploration throughout historic downtown Savannah. Additionally, guests may also want to bring along a flashlight and umbrella should rain occur during their tour date!

Is Food Available During the Tour?

Yes! Guests are able to purchase food and drinks from each stop during their pub crawl throughout downtown Savannah; however, food cost is at guests’ own expense. Additionally, here are various restaurants located in downtown Savannah within close walking distance from each pub crawl stop that guests may want to visit for dinner after their interactive experience with The True Crime Pub Crawl. Visit Savannah’s Eating & Drinking Guide for further information on nearby dining options!


In conclusion, The Savannah True Crime Pub Crawl offers an exciting and unique interactive experience while visiting historic downtown Savannah! This interactive journey will not only allow you explore throughout the city but also gain profound insight into its mysterious past and unsolved mysteries included within its tales! Whether visiting as a solo traveler or in a group this experience is definitely one you won’t want to miss; so if you’re looking for an unforgettable night out in beautiful Historic Downtown Savannah be sure book your tour today with GetYourGuide.

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